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  1. Cyber-Ace

    Ground Control = 100% Free

    I didn't fake info. I just gave (undisclosed) as my name... Still got my copy and CD key... ;)
  2. Cyber-Ace

    Ground Control = 100% Free

    Ground Control has been released for free download from fileplanet. Not sure of the details, I played one game and the community seems kind of small. Considered some may be interested in the game, and it will help me out if I do decided I like it to promote it so I'll have more people to play with. ;) It's not something I would pay money for having seen it. But it's preaty good for a casual gammer who simply likes to have a little fun from time to time. http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/groundcontrol/ Enjoy!
  3. Cyber-Ace

    Bad Speaker or Bad Sound Card?

    Oh my... I had a nice message, but there was a error before I posted it. I tried a few more times (I hope it didn't double post, I didn't check?) but the same error message kept comming. Anyways, Fruny was able to figure out what I ment anyways. :) Thanks.
  4. Cyber-Ace

    Photography Forums?

    Anyone know a place where you can post and receive tips/crits on photographs? I think of places for 3D art like... what's the name... CGTalk and was wondering if there is a place like this for photography that anyone knows about. Thx! :)
  5. Cyber-Ace

    Guess what it is...

  6. Cyber-Ace

    Guess what it is...

    Nope, not a gas stove... LOL! Those are 2 more pictures of the lawn mower, they're not new objects. ;)
  7. Cyber-Ace

    Guess what it is...

    Quote:Original post by Wolfmanyoda Part of a lawn mower? ok, that's my last guess. Ding ding ding! :D It's a lawn mower. More specifically it's a lawn mower engine part, I guess it could be attached to a go cart, or a trap, or a bomb or something - gota love lawn mower engines. In this case though, it's just attached to a simple lawn mower... zzzZZZzzz... These are the other two pictures I was going to post... Fun stuff, maybe I'll do it again sometime. ;)
  8. Cyber-Ace

    Guess what it is...

  9. Cyber-Ace

    Guess what it is...

    No... and no.
  10. Cyber-Ace

    Guess what it is...

    Not a toaster... Not a car hood latch or mechanism...
  11. Cyber-Ace

    Guess what it is...

    I'm bored stiff... Took some extream close ups of this object and the goal now is to see who can be the first to identify what the object is. I'll start with a part that probably isn't real significant, but it should be difficult at first. :) If nobody gets it I have a few more shots of parts that are more likely to give away what the objects truely is. First picture: What is it? Any ideas? PS - I nearly uploaded all the images, but figured someone might decide that if the first clue is named "Part1.jpg" the next clue might be named "Part2.jpg" - so I didn't! MWA HA HA!!! :| Where else could you find something like this but the GDNet Lounge? Somebody here knows no doubt...
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