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  1. Need help with my army researchs
  2. Questionable subject matter

    I think that the idea is excellent. I think it would be best if you were in a city-like setting in present day, on earth. As for the whole 'who you are actually killing' contraversey, I'd say that you might be able to use that for the story. Maybe if the character every relizes it, you can have an emotional cutscene where the character looks around himself/herself and sees that he has killed men, women, boys, and girls. Take that idea and build the emotions in the player for a sequel in which you try to get back at the old man (whether or not he really exists) while avoiding the reach of the law (after all you are a murderer).
  3. What colour is your hero?

    I think everybody takes races too seriously. At this point in time there is usually very little difference between people of different races. From everybody that I know, I know hardly anyone that acts any different due to their race or faith.
  4. [web] Why is PHP so painful?

    I see that everyone here is mentioning "PHP scripts are chunky and overly complicated" and similar comments. I don't quite mind that, I really just look for functionality and the only functions that I love that aren't in PHP are javascripts which PHP can output with the HTML. (although I would like a simple way to pass the PHP and javascript variables back and fourth) When I look for a good language I primarily look at the amount of learning resources (PHP has plenty), functionality (a lot of that too, if you don't believe me I can get an example), and the price to learn, maintain, and run the code (free). So PHP is good for me. Then again maybe Python is SIMPLER than PHP, but I'll never know that and to me simplicity doesn't really matter. I came to PHP after beginning my C/C++ and assembly, so it's actually a relief to me. The only thing that I like more about ASP than PHP is the ability to write your code in jscript.
  5. Thanks everybody! I attempted to reply before but the was an error and I lost the message.
  6. I used to use PHP, but stopped for multiple reasons. Now I am re-teaching it to myself. Right now to test my memory I pulled out an old project from the "to program" area (everything, but the code it done). The program is a P2P chat client to be used to communicate with my game development team. The one part that won't work is reading from the files. I don't quite remember how to do this. The code that I used is: while (!feof($f)) { $x=fgetc($f); $uo = $uo + $x; } All that I am trying to do is get the content of the file stored as a variable($uo).
  8. [web] Do u like pop up ??

    Something like this works on my computer. I changed a few things as I went along. When you click the button, the new window will pop up then after a delay the main page attempts to retrieve the new page's name. If it can, then it concludes that the page exists. Otherwise, it will redirect. It's all javascript.
  9. In need of the "Good"

    Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS...there's an appealing title. Of course you don't have ghosts, but something maybe similar to the ghostbusters would do it.
  10. [web] Do u like pop up ??

    I'd say that you should go with the pop up and if you are nervous that it may be blocked, then simply have the pop-up page send back a conformation if it loads correctly and if your original page doesn't get a return it'll just open in the same window. It's a bit of extra work, but that would work best.
  11. Sound effect creation

    Yes, creativity is all that is necessary. I am a musician and before I was able to afford it, I created the drums for my songs using a guitar! I just hit the strings and then ran some effects through it. The average person would just think that it was badly recorded drums.
  12. The majority of people that I know (many of which are gamers) still use 800x600. It is just a matter of where you are talking about because in different areas, people have different amounts of money. I am very serious in technology, but I have plenty of troubles in affording nice things. Personally, the absolute last thing in my computer that I'd spend money on is my monitor. Right now I have a 15" monitor from about 1993, which I run at 800x600 and occaisonally I'll lower the refresh rate and set it to 1024x768.