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  1. OK, cool. I'll advise my users they may have to use two keyboards. Thanks for all the help, folks!
  2. Hmm.. alrighty, I guess I'll check into using two keyboards. I know I have a few old ones sitting around, so hopefully my users will too.
  3. Well, thanks a ton for your help everyone. It's not the answer I was hoping for, but I can now make a decision on what to do. I might as well try the alternating keyboard idea and I'll post it if it works for me. Thanks again! Rajiv
  4. Hello- I'm making a 2d DirectX 9 game where two players use the same keyboard. My keyboard seems to only allow 4 keys to be pushed down at a time, and then it disregards the rest. Other keyboards allow even less to be pushed down at a time. This is a huge problem in my game and neither me nor my users won't like the inconsistency between keyboards. Has anyone run into this before or have a possible solution? Thanks! Rajiv
  5. rajivtm

    Corrupted Bitmaps Problem

    Wow, that's very generous. But I guess I should fiddle with it myself, maybe it will help me learn more about exactly what's going on too. Thanks though!!
  6. rajivtm

    Corrupted Bitmaps Problem

    Thanks for your input, ace!! Nope, nothing that resembles that brown color. And when they start looking like that, they don't stay one color for long, they just look all staticy and change colors randomly :( If it is my fault, I have no idea where to look for my mistake.
  7. rajivtm

    Corrupted Bitmaps Problem

    Thanks for your reply. It's kind of weird that it always happens after about the same amount of time though, no matter what's going on in the game. It seems if it was a problem with the texture coordinates, it would happen after a specific animation occurred or a specific even in the game occurred. After a lot of study, there appears to be no such event. It almost seems like the video card is storing bitmaps and referencing them, but when it runs out of room, it writes over bitmaps it's still referencing. I don't really know how all of this works, so that's a very novice guess after experiencing this for a very long time. Is anything like that possible, or can you think of any other possible cause?
  8. Hello- I'm making a game with C# and DirectX 9, but I can't figure out why I'm getting these corrupted-looking bitmaps. When the game runs for a while, about 10 minutes on a high-end computer and about 2 minutes on a low-end computer, the graphics just kind of get staticy, as if they are corrupted somehow. The bitmaps are stored as resources and I am using DirectDraw. Here's a before and after example: Before: After: It only seems to happen to the bitmaps that move. Has anyone run into this problem or does anyone have an idea as to what it MIGHT be? Thanks for any help you can give me, Rajiv
  9. Awesome. Thanks for your assistance!!
  10. Thank you very much for your reply; It sounds like that will solve all of my problems. But what's a bootstrapper?
  11. I am making a game with C# and DirectX 9. It's getting very close to being finished, but I'm having a heck of a time trying to get it working on all computers. As far as I understand it, each computer needs only DX9 and the .NET framework installed and it should work, but it rarely does. Placing all of the .dll files that it uses in the root directory of the game has also helped in the past, but isn't working very well anymore. Has anyone else had problems like this and found a sure-fire solution to get it working? I want to be more confident it will work for everyone before I distribute it. Thanks for any help you can give me, Rajiv
  12. rajivtm

    SetDisplayMode Error

    So you think I should set the refresh rate to 60 and that might solve the problem?
  13. Hello- I'm making a game in C# and DirectX9 which works on about half of the computers on which I try to run it. It always seems to work fullscreen if the computer has the DX SDK installed, and it sometimes runs in fullscreen if the computer does not have the DX SDK installed. It always works in windowed mode though. The error that comes up when it doesn't work fullscreen is: Unexpected exception: Error in the application. -2146232832 (Unknown) at Microsoft.DirectX.DirectDraw.Device.SetDisplayMode(Int32 width, Int32 height, Int32 bitPerPixel, Int32 refreshRate, Boolean standardVgaMode) This is my GraphicsHandler constructor: public GraphicsHandler(Control RenderControl) { = RenderControl; graphicsDevice = new Device(); #if DEBUG graphicsDevice.SetCooperativeLevel(, CooperativeLevelFlags.Normal); #else graphicsDevice.SetCooperativeLevel(, CooperativeLevelFlags.FullscreenExclusive); graphicsDevice.SetDisplayMode(800, 600, 16, 85, true); #endif this.createSurfaces(); } Any idea what might be causing my problem? Thanks for any assistance.
  14. rajivtm

    2D Animation Problem

    Awesome!! Thanks for your input!!
  15. rajivtm

    2D Animation Problem

    That might work. So you're saying if the animation I use most often only has 6 frames, I could create 6 surfaces at the beginning of the game and just switch between them during the animation? Has anyone tried this before? Is there another alternative?
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