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  1. clum

    Which linux distro is right for me?

    I also got my distro I've been using for the last while (Gentoo) on the test. If you're just doing it for learning purposes, then every distro has its advantages and disadvantages. But if you're actually using as a normal operating system that you actually want to do stuff on, Debian and Gentoo are the only ones with normal package management - essential for normal computer use.
  2. clum

    wings3d head

    Those are great pictures. In order to get the render to save to a file in wings, click on the strange little picture next to the OpenGL render button to change options and select Render to File instead of Render to window. Or something like that.
  3. clum

    RPM bad for linux?

    Quote:Original post by bobstevens Funny how an "Isn't Gentoo better than any other Linux distro???" post shows up on every message board, occasionally thinly veiled. Am I forced to post a http://funroll-loops.org/ link? Debian's package management is fine, although occasionally annoying on the human level. I didn't have much of a problem with RPMs when I used RedHat like four years ago, at least not after I started using rpmfind. I don't think I've seen a logical reason yet for compiling everything... it's a waste of time and bandwidth if you have good binary packages available.Gentoo is better than any other distro. I do admit that I found that http://funroll-loops.org/ funny, though.
  4. clum

    cheking keyboard buffer

    Search google for ncurses.
  5. clum

    How do I get the CDROM working?

    chgrp cdrom /dev/hdb chgrp cdrom /dev/cdrom0 chgrp cdrom /dev/hdc chgrp cdrom /dev/cdrom1 I would find it difficult to believe that hda is your cdrom.
  6. clum

    RPM bad for linux?

    Debian and SuSE both have package managers almost if not as good as distributions. Being binary or source-compiled has absolutely no relavency to the package database. Gentoo has an amazing source database, and debian (and SuSE, to a lesser extent) has an amazing binary package tree. Of course, technically, most Gentoo programs can be installed mostly from binary (though I think it still does the linking) and most Debian packages allow for retreiving the source.
  7. clum

    slow system clock

    There's a program (I forget what its called, I never needed it) for if your clock is also consistently slow at the same speed, to run a cron job which updates your clock at a regular speed. That's a really unusual speed difference, though. Also, I seem to remeber there being an option somewhere deep in the kernel settings to use the hardware clock or something all the time (not sure).
  8. Quote:Original post by BBB Quote:Original post by NoahAdler Are you sure your hardware is solid? I've seen the read-only file system errors before as a result of bad RAM. You may want to reboot and run memtest86. Can you touch some file on the partition in question and see if the error occurs? A reboot might help, and you should be able to simply pick up where you left off, for the most part. I like to keep a Knoppix disc around for this type of thing, but a Gentoo LiveCD should do just as well. But how do i pick up where i left off? Do i simply have to #mount /dev/hde3 /mnt/gentoo , #mount /dev/hde1 /mnt/gentoo/boot , #chroot /mnt/gentoo /bin/bash and env-update after the rebooting with the gentoo livecd? Is there anything else i have to do?You also have to mount proc. You may also which to do source /etc/profile at the end (recommended by the Handbook). I've done this successfully, you needn't worry about loosing anything. You can only install in the same terminal as where you ran the chroot from (you can do that in more than one), just chroot, env-update, and source /etc/profile.
  9. clum

    Red Hat Help?

    wsftp is an ftp program.
  10. clum

    Red Hat Help?

    Post the command you're using to check the ISO.
  11. clum

    Define this forum

    Quote:Original post by Squirm If I want to post a question about raknet I will post it in the networks forum, because the people who use it probably spend more time reading that than reading this one. Similarly physics and graphics and any other library specific to one section of a game. Things like Allegro, Ogre, SDL, crystal-space and Torque - general all-round game engines - I would post here. How about "Game Engines"?You call Allegro and SDL (the libraries this forum was originally made for and is used most for) engines?
  12. clum

    Red Hat Help?

    Fedora is the sequal to RedHat, if you're looking for that. I recommend Debian, Gentoo, or SuSE, though (because of their great package managers). I personally use Gentoo, but you may want to try one of the others if you're new to linux (I think there was a debate recently about whether Gentoo is suitable for beginners, no need to bring that up again).
  13. clum

    Is there a Linux IDE that...

    Quote:Original post by Magmai Kai Holmlor Quote:Original post by bytecoder You could try creating soft links to the src and media directories from inside the IDE-specific folders. Don't do this, it confuses most IDEs; Anjuta truncated some of my source files when I tried. BuilderX either cost money or requires a registration, and I am so sick of registering on every site I visit. I'll check out MinGW Studio.It definitely doesn't cost money, and the short registration is well worth it. I can't comment on MinGW Studio, because I've never used it, but I was very impressed with C++BuilderX. I don't use it any more (I use Emacs now), but it was debatably the best IDE I've ever used.
  14. clum

    Some Openbox related things

    Quote:Original post by bytecoder Quote: I wanted a key which would start some sort of minibuffer which would allow me to enter any command I wanted, not just a specific program. If you make a hotkey that runs fbrun you'll get exactly that. Maybe you should try using your brain before dismissing something, it might help you ;)I know that, the reason I dropped OpenBox was because I didn't like the general feel of it, not because I couldn't get that particular feature. The reason that I replied that that's not what I wanted is because I thought he had misunderstood me, not because I didn't have a solution to that particular problem.
  15. clum

    Some Openbox related things

    It can. That's not what I wanted. I wanted a key which would start some sort of minibuffer which would allow me to enter any command I wanted, not just a specific program.
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