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  1. djurens

    screen grab

    Thanks guys, exactly what I needed!!
  2. Hi! I want to grab a portion of a window (or maybe all of it) and save it as a picture. I know how to do this within a program I myself have done (C++), but I cant figure out how to grab a screen from other window programs... Can anyone help my on my way? Regards Mattias
  3. djurens

    rts controlwindow

  4. Hi! I am writing a rts game with a map and the standard "controlwindow" or what it should be called at the right end of the window. The game is in 3d, so I thought that i could use a sprite for the controlwindow and just draw it to the screen, instead of making it a quad and always positioning/rotating/translating it in front of the camera. However the sprite seems to be bigger then it should (resolution).. Any ideas why? Or should I use another technique for the controlwindow? Thanx for any advice!
  5. Hi! I just installed the directx sdk 9.0c over the old 9.0 version and the program I play around with increased its frames-per-second from 66 to 96! Is the new version really that good? (by the way I also had to re-install visual c++ net 2003 because it lost the dynamic help due to the directx installation).
  6. djurens

    maya exporter

    Thanks for the tip but I have already downloaded it. It is for an earlier version of Maya and I dont have the time to modify it for the new version (I havent got a clue on what have changed). I think there should be support for this without oneself having to do the work. With the price of maya in mind I think it is alias job to do it
  7. Hi! I am using a directplay-class i have written and from which I create an object whenever the game is set to multiplayer mode. When the game is set to singleplayer mode the object is deleted. The thing is that for every time I create this object I get one more of these lines in visual c++ output debug window: The thread 'Win32 Thread' (0xblabla) has exited with code 0 (0x0). I guess it is the DirectPlayMessageHandler thread that is created one time for each directplay object but then escapes deleting? Or does it? Is the messagehandler thread deleted along with its class or does it keep running? How do I correct this? (I am initializing a static messagehandler to be able to get the thread to work from inside the class: pDP->Initialize(this, StaticDirectPlayMessageHandler, 0) static HRESULT WINAPI StaticDirectPlayMessageHandler(PVOID pvUserContext, DWORD dwMessageId, PVOID pMsgBuffer) {return (reinterpret_cast<cDPlay*>(pvUserContext)->DirectPlayMessageHandler(pvUserContext, dwMessageId, pMsgBuffer)); } HRESULT WINAPI DirectPlayMessageHandler(PVOID pvUserContext, DWORD dwMessageId, PVOID pMsgBuffer); Thanks in advance!
  8. djurens

    maya exporter

    I have searched that site already but found nothing but an importer (3ds)..
  9. djurens

    maya exporter

    Hi! Does anyone know of a exporter plugin for maya 6.0 that exports to .x or .3ds? I have searhed for hours on google but only come up with .x exporters for earlier versions of maya.. Thanks in advance!
  10. djurens

    DirectPlay createplayer

    hmm! Embaressing! "maybe" we got the ip-number wrong because our supplier has changed them without any notice.. Sorry... ;)
  11. Hi! I have created a directplay class which I use in a in-game chat. (I have not written the mp-game code yet, just the chat-code). I have only tested it one time with a friend, and then something strange happens: It works fine when my friend is hosting and I is joining, but when I host and my friend tries to join it fails. It is the following code that catches the failed connection attempt: // Connect to the session hReturn = pDP->Connect(&dpnAppDesc,pHostAddress,pDeviceAddress, NULL,NULL,NULL,0,NULL,NULL,&hConnectAsyncOp,NULL); if(hReturn != E_PENDING && FAILED(hReturn)) { lstrcpy(szlog, "*CONNECT_FAILED* "); return -1; } Anyone have any ideas what can be the problem? I mean we both have the exact same version of the game, why dont it work alike each way? I tried to shutting down firewalls but no changes. Any idea would be higly appreciated! Thanks in advance! [Edited by - djurens on July 22, 2004 6:06:46 PM]
  12. djurens

    writing a bmp-file

    Yes that did it! Thank you for your help guys!
  13. djurens

    writing a bmp-file

    Ahh! Thanks! so that why my width==16 works and width==18 fails! But I a really wants to have a bmp-file with 18 pixels width: should I then write two "dummy"-bytes at the end of each row?
  14. Hi! I have a program that writs a bmp-file and everything SEEM to end up well. I have checked the bmp-header and "BM", width, length, bitplanes(1), bits (24) and filesize is right - i have watched this in a hex-editor and when a read the file later in my program all is well. The file is 54+width*3*height bytes. However, sometimes (but not always) windows xp can not preview the file or open the bmp-file. Paint and paintshop pro can but then the file is corrupted. any ideas what the problem can be? Thanks in advance
  15. djurens

    cunfusion with classes

    Thank you very much! I use the (2) approach and the program compiles. This gets rids of any "circular" including.
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