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  1. You have a point there I have registered with the alias Wasmetjou?!, so I hope more gamedev people will follow. Lets cross our fingers!
  2. Yes I am! I already peeked at your board and it had some interesting discussions, am currently peeking inside the old Horizons Design Docs, very very nifty! But to keep things concentrated and local I would rather see Gamedev.net put up a special sub forum for this topic. But imo the boards are a little bit quiet these days.
  3. Cheezy game concept

    Nothing cheezy about this little concept, dont say that ;) Oke its done before but 9 out of 10 games have been done before. I think its a neat tiny idea that you should definatly work out, for the practice the fun and I am 100% sure there is at least a handfull of people who would like to try it out for you. Crawlers can always be fun especially if they are diverse, hence the popularity of Roquelike games. I need graphics but even I like them, so that is saying a lot. If you can come up with a great random system for map lay out, item drops, and maybe even monsters and such then it will compliment the design greatly. Add to that some original as possible classes and games like this can easily turn into that type of game you just cant put down because of the unpredictability of it all. Rant on?!
  4. No HUD in a Fighting game ?

    Quote:Original post by The Shadow Nose Perhaps you could have some Sports Commentators who comment on the fighters health during the battle. For example, if there are two fighters, there could be two commentators each of which comments on a fighter (Commentator 1 talks about Fighter 1). The respective commentator then comments on the fighters health ("Ow, Mario is really taking a beating in this match!" or "Oh No! Mario's arm is broken!") or they could get get hyped when they do special moves ("Look at that folks! He just pulled off the Toadstool Tornado" or "Wait, are they ALLOWED weapons in this match?"). Another option might be to have the screen shake a little when fighers take damage, and it shakes more the more damage they have taken. Or if there is force-feedback then have the controller shake a little. If there are two players on a console system like a PS2 then the injured players controller could rumble and would rumble harder the more damage is taken, theoretically it would be a guage that only the damaged player would feel (though, I don't play that many fighter games so I don't know). Though, it might be best to include the option of a HUD in your game but allow the player the option of using it or not. So if they want, they could use the Health Bar, Bruises, Crowd Cheering, or Commentators to measure the fighters health. Some might want the health bar for when they first start out and then remove it for a bigger challange. Yeah hey that aint half bad , thats really nice for a fact, its a simple tourny fighter setup so commentators would be a nice touch to that, fun:D And I love the screen shake idea so that the punches and kicks have even more impact, cause I really want it to look like your really bringin the hurt :D To make it optional im not sure about that I want it to be a trademark of this game about the way it incorperates the hud in an invicible manner, so that it is different from the rest. But your still kind of right so I have to think about that some more thoug, THANKS for your input allot ! Hey Gyrthok glad you like it, and espescially the idea of diffrent stances when being hurt is perfect for a fighting game, much appreciated ! :D Vampyre ghehe, yeah I know those kind of matches theyre really fun but it can be TO long sometimes so I have to balance that. Wrestling games are so much fun against friends haha. Thanks for all the ideas yall, what about my other ideas about the block and sway systems, any input about that aswell perhaps ? Thanks in advance...
  5. No HUD in a Fighting game ?

    Quote:Original post by PlayfulPuppy You could make the fighters become more sluggish (You could do this by having 2 or 3 sets of each animation and blending between them depending on your characters state) but it would be hard to identify by the players and it would give an unfair advantage to the winning player. As a result, only the first 10 seconds of the battle would be important, as by that time one of the players is going to be at a distinct disadvantage. As another problem, you'd have to do 3 versions of each characters animations, which would be very painful indeed (Unless you used a complex IK system to animate the characters, but this would probably be even more difficult). Hey I love this idea, its cool to use that and it is very logical. Once your battered and buiten heavily your body responds more slower to what you want to do , that idea is PERFECT thanks ! About that technical side I will worry about that later one step at a time, cause im already getting a headache when I read that :P Quote:Original post by Morkai1 Depending on your control interface, this question strikes me as similar to Silent Hill's approach: they have the controller start to vibrate mimicking the heartbeat of the character, and it gets faster and harder as you get closer to death. Very nice indeed ! But this would only be possible if this would be to become a console title which at this point isn certain yet, it may be cross-platform though. So this is a neat idea I will certainly keep in mind. Thanks ! Quote:Original post by Captain P In a chaotic fight, changing characters may not be a very quick and obvious indicator so perhaps you could do something with the screen here as well. A hazy and reddish look is something you can't really ignore... :) Or another sort of outside indicator, like the crowd going wild as when they see one of the characters is struggling to keep it up, or the opponent shouting some intimidating words when he knows his opponent is nearly finished. And another nifty idea I like the crowd yell idea, and the idea of the opposition noticing it and making some kind of remarks to the other one. This is a nice and not to big of a notification. So that it will still be subtle, and it still needs you to pay very good attention to notice it, thanks ! Well thanks for your input yall these are great ideas that I can work with and you have really already helped me here, thanks ! And ofcourse more idea are always welcome, I have decided to stay with the method of bruising up my fighters and make them look more weared out in the way they move and behave to depict how far beatn up they are though... I also have three parameters, body endurance and willpower. Body will depict how much your body can handle, torn muscles, broken bones etc etc. Endurance is how well your condition is, if you behave like a tank and non stop attack your opponent with your strongest punches and moves, you will wear your self out soon, so you have to use tactic and planning to find the rythm of your fight. Willpower is your mentality, it acts like your morale, if its high you will fight better and can endure more, if its low it will do the opposite. These 3 factors decide the overal state of your fighter, and using these three to your advantage will promise the outcome of your fight. Would this be to much or would it be cool, this question is more for the Virtua Fighter oriented players out there that like depth and such in a fighting game. In manouvering you have the choice of left,right, back and forth sways, this speaks for it self ofcourse. If you were to use a double back sway you will move yourself away from a safe distance from your opponent, to recover or plan your next move more carefully, or just as a overal strategy. When you use a normal backwards sway it will act as a duck or evase if the enemy throws a punch or kick at you and you will still be fairly close to your opponont for a swift counter or so. A double forward sway will place yourself behind the opponent so you can attack him from behind if you are fast enough and the opponont permits this. Well I have more but I would love to hear your input on my ideas and on the ideas from the previous posters, thanks and sorry for the long post !
  6. No HUD in a Fighting game ?

    Quote:Original post by PlayfulPuppy You'd need something that would work as a good indicator even if the characters are moving all the time. Different idles and skin changes (Bruises, blood) will probably be next to unnoticable when the characters are flying around the screen doing moves. What could work, however, is armour flying off when a character gets hit a certain amount of times. 3 hits, and shoulderpads come flying off and breastplate cracks, 3 more hits and helmet/sunglasses break off, etc. Make sure it's fairly consistant (An average of 3 standard hits per state change or whatever) and that the items flying off can be clearly seen. Maybe scale them up slightly, add a particle effect, a white 'flash' and a loud sound when they break and make broken parts of the items bounce around the arena for a while. This way, the player can see items missing from their character and they can have a good mental gauge of how damaged they are. Hey those are lovely ideas, but what if they are not wearing any armor, thinking your average tekken/virtua fighter character here, would clothing rips do, and that eventuall they will lose parts of that , not everything wouldnt want them fighting in there PJ's ofcourse. You are both right this is very hard to do, but I really want to play with the idea here and think of as many things as possible. I will add ideas when they come up, thanks for your input ! Any more ideas :D ?
  7. No HUD in a Fighting game ?

    im not very opposed to it, but I am a little bit youre right there haha. Well I think its a bit weird that your taking a beating and you keep looking good and fit and all, but then when your bar is almost empty one hit and youre falling to the ground like a sand bag all of a sudden. And its also that when your health is low your enemy can see this as well, so your at a big disadvantage here you cant bluff your way out of that he knows that 1 good punch and your gone, so he will and can use to his or hers advantage. The other thing is that when you hide this a fight becomes a bit more exciting you never know how much you or your enemy of a beating still can take , maybe it adds a bit depth and excitement ?
  8. Heya I was browsing some ideas and one of em was this one. What if I totally removed any kind of HUD in my fighting game and left it over to the players to see how in a bad or good state you and your enemy are. I can depict this with bruising up the players when they are serverly beaten, and changing the way they are moving around and breathing and such. When theyre beaten up theyre body will hang low allot more and breathing will be heavy when theyre dead tired and bruised and such. How would this work, well or not ? And what visual things can I use to let it show even more how the players are feeling and such ?
  9. Free roaming organized crime...

    I dont want to be rude or something but a web browser game that resembles the idea I had isnt exactly the same, its all in text, and imo its a totally different thing. And such a link to a game aint really usefull input to me I dont understand ? What exactly are you trying to say ?
  10. Free roaming organized crime...

    Wav you busy man , great to see you reply in my topic thanks ! :D Quote:I think a lot depends on how much work you want to do in setting up the virtual world. For instance, for the bank, do all the guards have a schedule? Or is it just brute force run and gun? You understand exactly what level of detail I have in my mind. Every person in the virtual world wil have a life, they have families connections, schedules, work, places of interest they often hang out and etc etc. So the guards would have schedules and diffrent shifts, and personalities for example one is this brave gunner and the other one is a coward who would be very afraid in dangerous situations. Quote:What it sounds like you're talking about is having several forms of crime strategy, with stats and resources. If so, then how far do you want to take it? Do you have to create a witness system that works off of lighting, or intimidation? Or what about social systems like bribery, or the fence that sells you out? Again totally right, I want many systems within systems. It would have a witness system where people remember faces sometimes, people would be influencable like when you try to scare a witness so he wont talk to much about something he has on you and so on. Relationships are very imoprtant here and would have to be very well thought out and very deep and complex, just like in real life. I do think this is much work and the A.I. would be a difficult task to do this ? I am at school at the moment I will write a walk through of a day in the life of one of the criminals in my game idea when I get home. Wav thanks for the input man, I always still have much fun reading your topics. It is really hard to create an interestic topic and give valuable feed back for further discussion and debate ive found out... Cya ! Danny...
  11. Free roaming organized crime...

    Vopisk thanks for your valuable input man greatly appreciated ! Quote:I think, although it has been done in more... closed scope projects before (Mafia, GTA, Hitman) that a game like this is fun and will always be fun. It is (as evidenced by the games mentioned above) completely feasible to work out. Thanks im glad you feel about it that way, and indeed it has done before it has been done till death as a matter of fact haha... But I was worried because those games mentioned are of a smaller scope, cause it still remains very arcade. My idea is more indept and would require a full living and breathing world, with fully working high A.I. citizins and such, and seamless exteriors interiors. I dont know if hardware one year from now can already cope with that ? Quote:However, the pitfall that I can imagine is the "free-roaming" aspect falling short. What I mean to say is that you would have to design engines for the planning and pulling off aspects of every type of profession, to allow every "job" to have rewards such as notoriety (the more edgy the job, the bigger the fame). So you would need to send the players to a "job creation" system where it would allow them to lay out the basic framework of the job they're planning, for example, heisting the bank. You hit it right on that one. This is a big task like you said every proffesion has to be worked out just as deep and coherent as the other one. You would have to make it feasible from the planning to the stage where u actually pull of the job, be it a heist, simple robbery, a hit etc etc. This will require a lot of effort and thought and has to be done very very well to be done right. And it is allot of work cause there has to be alotta freedom to do it how you see fit in maybe a 20 or so different ways, to keep it interesting every time around... I like the idea you have kind of a schematic like "der Clue" has, in this way you can make this system fit for every type of job, kind of a contract with a game plan on it already or so, would love to hear diffrent ideas about this one a well ?! Quote:I think that a game in this sense, provided the game world was large enough so that after a day's worth of playing you haven't heisted every shop/bank/etc... in the city, would be extremely fun to play. Then you could also provide means for the players to launder out their ill-gotten gains, setting up residences as "safe houses" and "hideouts" and whatnot. Perhaps the system could also be added to here in a "police notice" sort of sense. That is to say, if you're a joe nobody and all of a sudden you're driving a brand new, imported sports car, eyebrows will get raised. Yes indeed it wouldnt be possible because if you would rob that many the cops or what ever authorities would nail you in a day or two. You have to plan and pick your places and times carefully or else you wont have a long lasting career ahead of you. Like in "bandits" when theyve robbed a bank they waited a week or two before they would go the the next state and rob the other bank they picked. This has to be possible in the game to. Search up the bank director, knock at his door , keep them hostage for the night and go with them to the bank at the morning and rob it and get out of there, was done brilliantly in the movie. I want it to be that you can be as creative as you want in the way you approach the job at hand in any manner you see fit, so every person would develop his own style of doing things, this is espescially interesting for online play when co-oping or taking eachother on for the numer one spot.. Ive chewed allot on what you had to say man thanks for your input, it is fun to brainstorm about an idea this way, it keeps me motivated, the name is pending a trademark and copyright search as of now so the title is still on hold. I am going to put the ideas I have in this topic as I go on and I hope that people like you and many others hopefully like it and would like to discuss and exchange ideas and opinions on this together ,THANKS :D
  12. Hello gamedev, I was wondering something which I have been working out for some time. Games like Grand Theft Auto are very popular, its because of the mix of criminal acts, violence and such woven into a nice story, and the freedom and huge gameworld the game offers I suppose ? What if : You were put into the shoes of a (sorry going to use stereotypes here dont want to offend anyone here) : ghetto thug, yakuza member, italian mobster, russian maffia, or any other types of organized crime there was to be. The idea here was in short to be dropped into a huge tightly woven gameworld as a person whos aspirations lie in the criminal world. Im not talking solely about just the typical things like in SA you are a gang person taking over territory and liquidating other gangs of the map and such. Ofcourse in GTA you had side jobs like courier jobs, and breaking and entering which were really fun, and because the GTA series have a complexity but still are able to remain simple its a very attractive game. But I was thinking about deep proffessions here and working them out in a complex yet pick up and play manner. Like bankrobber, gang banger (the usual), proffesional hitman/woman, catburglar, organized crime ( think mafia like bootlegging, drugs etc etc, and more of these proffessions. Yeah I know it has been done a thousand times before dont even mention that haha ;) The difference would be here that every proffession would be more complex, for example: Imagine your a litte petty thief you start robbing peoplese pockets purses and other small things, but eventually you want to get bigger, or maybe you dont. Then youre thinking about robbing your local supermarket ? Here is when it kicks in (nothing revolutionary but here goes). First, ofcourse you have to case certain places, you start to look how heavy police activity is there, how much cameras and how is the security, what are the opening and closing times, when is it the most busiest and so on. You as a thug really have to plan this, are you doing this alone or with a friend in crime, you have to work everything out be it on paper or in your head, and have to get the proper tools and such for the job. Then you have to commit the act itself, everything will happen in real time im thinking here so you pick a time and place and you hope you have cased the place well enough to rob this place without to much of a hassle. You have to think about almost everything cause you dont want to be recognised and you dont want to be caught and you dont want this heist to be your last one. This is how I want to do it with every proffession be it a burglar or a hitman, every crime or what so ever has stages , preperation and planning and committing the act itself, erasing your tracks along the way, and so achieving a high tatus in the underworld. Meaning people will know who to turn to if they want a hit, a heist to be done right. All of this will take place in a big random created state/province and ofcourse you will have total freedom in what carreer to pursue and how you want to get there. It doesnt mean that when youre american you cant join the yakuza or another faction, think like the move "American Yakuza". In my imagination it would be great to relive movies like this in a game and create your own criminal legacy and such. The other possibilty would be online co-op play, there is nothing more fun then robbing and stealing places with some real friends, would create moments not to be forgotten. But this is a very very later stage of planning and developing. Examples would be : Italian, Russian mafia. Yakuza/Triads, Mexican Mafia Le Eme, Maori groupings/gangs, etc etc (anyone knows some not so obvious gangs and such?)... The setting would be very grimy, semi-realistic and so on, where free roam is an option. And there are pre made characters with each their own story that will be told through their eyes ,it is still a free roam mode but just with a coherent storyline. My question is : is this idea a bit feasible is it fun do you like it or not, and why dont or do you like it, I would love to hear your opinions about this idea. Sorry for the way to long post thanks for reading and thanks for all the help in advance ! [Edited by - Jamaludin on October 1, 2005 5:07:03 PM]
  13. Hmm dont know if it sounds any good, but maybe planets at that time ar unstable and it needs special buildings that maintain the balance of energly flow and such of that planet, to keep the planet at ease. Keep it from going all BOOM and all ;) ?
  14. Wow, the one after the other cool idea pops out. And like most of the others it sounds like music in my ear. And I hear others say making it more realistic takes away the fun, this aint entireley true, it all depends on how the creator of the game implements the idea he has. I can imagina this being a great feature for being more immersive and making the experience more fun, and it creates again more situations the player can strand in and making the game more diverse, by adding options like this. In one word : Saweeettttaaa !!!
  15. Well IMO really simple, there would be no heroes without them, in every game Ive played, MMO's for example, supportive classes are the backbone of the group. Tending to everyone, making sure they get out of the fight or any other problem with so little as possible scratches and such, and I find it interesting to play them as well, its an interesting role to play as are many. From a gaming perspective and a role playing perspective...