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  1. How do you pronounce 'ptr'?

    Pu-ter would be consistent with how CDR is pronounced.
  2. 99 bottles Challenge thread 2

    Shortest I could manage in Powershell (251 chars): function n($n, $c) { $s = 's' $( switch ($n) { -1 { '99' } 0 { $c + 'o more' } 1 { $s = '' "$n" } default { "$n" } }) + " bottle$($s) of beer" } $w = ' on the wall' 99..0 | % { "$(n $_ 'N')$w, $(n $_ 'n')." $( if ($_ -eq 0) { 'Go to the store and buy some more' } else { 'Take one down and pass it around' }) + ", $(n($_-1)'n')$w.`n" }
  3. "unofficial" programmer rant thread

    Last steady job had me doing a JPA web app with a JSF frontend and Android client. Code was stored on SVN, built by Maven, all from inside Netbeans/Eclipse.   Sometimes I think the universe is out to get me.
  4. Sample Collada Animation

    Tree.js has a Collada loader. They had this among their examples:   http://threejs.org /examples/models/collada/monster/monster.dae  
  5. Super Planet Crash ... scores?

    Two brown dwarfs close to the sun no problem  3M pts.   Edit: wrong link. I'll try again.
  6. Super Planet Crash ... scores?

    Fun little app. Was fooling around with something like this back in the Delphi days. Does anything like this exist for phone/tablet? Scores: Earth is habitable but influenced by single outer dwarf star. Fast forward for cool corona-like effect of Earth's orbit. 17,734,857 points. http://www.stefanom.org/spc/?view=6569923 Earth is habitable but with strange orbit caused by inner dwarf star causing the Sun to wobble. An outer brown dwarf completes the pretty picture. 16M pts. http://www.stefanom.org/spc/?view=6575182 Wonder how crazy these systems can get without causing instability? Also wonder if they could be cheating in anyway in their calculations, since we are dealing with a "simulation" game. If you were doing the exact measurements, and modelling and simulation of a distant star system, how long a simulated stability period would you consider "ok for settling"?  
  7. Mars-One

    Get your ass to Mars.   Seriously though, even if your expertise in reaching childhood dreams is both right for you and highly inspirational to others, don't you think you'd be better off taking care of your ass here on Earth? Cancer from vegetable abstinence would surely occur decades before you could actually get out there.
  8. Problem with Netflix while using VPN(payment)

    Call Netflix.   Dunno what went wrong, but I wonder why you didn't just register on your local Netflix site (assuming you have one), or another than US (since they are special), then just use VPN or even cheaper/easier: use something like hola.org to access US Netflix repo.
  9. Feeling a bit conflicted

    I've been working on a similar game, and while it's been fun - I'm also struggling with the detail level. If you try and start out with some very basic lives scetched out, and some sensible parameters of life, you actually get something up and running pretty quickly (provided you have thought a minute or two about the size of game world and population to simulate in relation to your average PC memory!)   For one thing, I find that no matter how more complex you make the life simulations, they still end up either boring and mondane (unrealistically so), or simply totally unbelievable.   You need both time-relative statistics of lots of complete areas of a real world, and a proper AI (which is in skunk labs, but far from those of science fiction and not suited for our needs) to make a simulated life really realistic. But you could simulate parts of lives that are running in a "controlled simulation", where the user would choose individual persons or familys to open and control (like in Sims).   If leave you with some old pseudo-code from an earlier venture, before it got very complex and messy. It illustrates the game loop for a world simulation, where people live basic lives, get born, married and even go to war and die... void world_sim() { for (int year = 1750; year <= 2100; year++) { for (int day = 0; day < 365; day++) { // people for (int p; p < people.count; p++) { if (!p.is_in_coma()) p.wake_up(); // fix: prevent people in coma from waking up every jan 1st if (day == 0 && p.age == 0) { p.get_born(); } // here you can plug in your behavior p.have_breakfast(); if (p.has_job() || p.age() > SCHOOL_AGE) { p.goto_job(); if (p.is_lazy() && p.fucks_up()) if (random < 0.1) { if (p.is_child()) { p.get_teacher().give_detention(); } else { p.get_boss().warning_or_fire(p); } } p.go_home(); } // plug in behavior p.do_random_stuff(); // plug in behavior p.have_dinner(); if (p.is_married()) { p.argue_with_partner(); } if (p.get_partners().count() > 0) { p.have_sex(); if (p.is_having_unprotected_sex()) { p.make_baby_with(p.current_partner()); } } // plug in behavior p.sleep(); if (rand() * p.age > 100) { p.die(); } // plug in behavior } // days // world events if (year % 100) major_catastrophic_event() if (year % 50) industrial_revolution(); if (year % 25) major_war(); if (year % 4) summer_games(); // plug in behavior // for expansion // if (year && 20000) ice_age(); // if (year && 500) new_religion(); } // years end_of_world(); }
  10. Restore Windows Fonts to default

    Think there's a button for resetting font settings.   On color calibration, here's an answer from MS on disabling loading of your screen calibration: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-desktop/restore-default-display-color/7553a387-0965-4639-94c0-b21af6ab1e8c
  11. Open Gundam Stye

    [quote name='3DModelerMan' timestamp='1351385002' post='4994593'] I think it may be the same as Monty Python. I absolutely LOVE Monty Python, but lots of people I know insist that it's just dumb. For the record I also really like Gangnam style, but I've always been fascinated by Asian culture anyways. [/quote] How can you compare the two? Seems like you're saying if someone don't like it, they just don't understand it. I bet this video cost way more than a Flying Circus episode, and Monty Python's got satire, social criticism, hilarious characters and bizarre jokes and events. I can understand some folks not liking it (or not understanding it - there's lots of references to topics of the day), but as an estimation of the value in creativity and workmanship, there's simply no comparison. I think MP is disliked because a) it's old, and b) it's brainy. Gangnam style is liked because a) it's new, and b) it's dumb as shit.
  12. Quick Political Survey For Class

    [quote name='Shippou' timestamp='1350425124' post='4990894'] That popped up as the title of the survey. It's since been changed. [/quote] That's awesome though, LOL!
  13. Quick Political Survey For Class

    [quote name='Shippou' timestamp='1350419874' post='4990870'] I won't bother answering such a blatantly biased "poll" as this [quote] [i]""The history of the American Continent since its "discovery" by Western colonialists in the late 15th century, has largely consisted of cultural extinction, mass genocide and environmental destruction, in the name of profit, progress and the domination of Christianity.""[/i] Do you feel that the United States is a militant nation? * Do you believe that the United States is imperialistic? * Should the United States spread American ideals to other nations? * Does the spreading of American ideals benefit other nations? * Should the United States act as a global police force? * For statistical purposes, do you live inside or outside of the United States? * [/quote] [/quote] Looks like a perfectly fine poll to me, what's wrong with it? This is how all polls should be - clearly stating upfront which ideological, political or economical motivation they have for manipulating public opinion. Seems I inadvertently fixed the poll. @David: Seriously though, the questions are poorly formed in places, to make them seem laden or ambiguous. Say someone answer yes to 1) and 2). 3) then becomes: "should the [militant] U.S. spread American ideals to other nations [through imperialism]?" If the preceding questions had been sane, or the concept of American ideals explained, you'd get completely different results, which invalidates the poll.
  14. Quick Political Survey For Class

    The history of the American Continent since its "discovery" by Western colonialists in the late 15th century, has largely consisted of cultural extinction, mass genocide and environmental destruction, in the name of profit, progress and the domination of Christianity. The claim of the OP survey is that a sole country, that rose above the others largely through these same means, to become the leader of the so-called "free world", represents an entire continent and its "American values". I think that the survey will get quite skewed results, simply based on the fact that what is really referred to, is the idealized values of Western democracy, entrepreneurship and free-thinking, not the politics of governments in North and South America in modern history. I like Western values, but over here we're doing fine on our own, thanks.
  15. [quote]This.[/quote]This.
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