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  1. Landsknecht

    So.. i want to programm games for smartphones

    @markr But why limit yourself? If you have a solution that works for all three platforms, why not release on all three? More potential users equals more potential sales...
  2. Landsknecht

    Beggining Qs and help on understanding a few terms

    For these types of questions you need look no further than the top of this page. See that tab labeled "Resources"? Click it and choose "For Beginners" Some of the content there may be a tad bit dated, but overall it will have articles that answer all of your questions and many more. Good luck!
  3. Landsknecht

    A* with multiple moving agents

    Quote:Original post by MidgardSerpent I particularly like the one in "AI Game Programming By Example" by Matt Buckland. Actually, I can strongly reccomend that book to anyone interested in game AI. I have to throw my vote behind this fantastic book as well. I recently borrowed it from the library and was *very* impressed with it as a whole. From it's coverage of FSM's all the way through to fuzzy logic systems it's fantastic. I particularly liked the section on emergent behaviors.
  4. Landsknecht

    Computers are the suXXors...

    Found a *possible* solution. Seems that my mobo combined with my particular version of BIOS had a bug. But ONLY with the particular configuration of RAM that I had plugged into the board... Seems that there was a patch release earlier this month to address this exact problem. Just flashed the new BIOS, hope it works. :)
  5. Landsknecht

    Computers are the suXXors...

    Nope, they are matched sticks. Mushkin 3200's. Bought em as a paired set.
  6. Landsknecht

    Getting things started...

    Just a note to say, I'm a GDNet member now!
  7. Landsknecht

    Computers are the suXXors...

    Well, after trying everything and anything under the sun, I've finally got my problem narrowed down... Looks like a bad RAM controller. I was using 1gb of ram, in the form of 2x512. I'f I yank EITHER of the sticks, the machine works like a top. Either slot, either stick, makes no difference. As soon as I plug in the second stick, the machine starts exhibitting weird behavior. Random lock-ups, random program crashes, corrupted installs, corrupted DL's, you name it. Well, looks like a new mobo for me. Any suggestions? I'd like to keep my CPU, its a P4, 478 pin. Thanks in advance.
  8. Landsknecht

    Help with overloading operators.

    Um... Let me think. I believe you would need to do something like this. ClassInstance ClassInstance::operator += (ClassInstance foobar){ //whatever you are actually adding here return ClassInstance(); } ClassInstance ClassInstance::operator * (GLdouble foobar){ //whatever is actually being multiplied here return ClassInstance(); } // Note, this is MUCH better done with constant references // but I'm tired.
  9. Landsknecht

    Tech question

    Well, not the hard drive either. Replaced it last night and still doing it... That leaves only the CPU and the motherboard itself. :( This is getting stupid.
  10. Landsknecht

    The old SF masters: Any stand the test of time?

    The Starchild Trilogy... Absolutely love this series. It's composed of the three books, "Reefs of Space", "Starchild" and "Rogue Star". Granted, it uses some dated concepts. Teletypes are a prime example, but it is a very viable and believable world outlined. By Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson btw.
  11. My two cents about playing "quality" games = good designer. Frankly, I fail to see how good selling equates to quality. I've played a lot of games that, in the end, totally sucked. They sold a zillion copies, but the game sucked. It happens all the time. Big name publisher X puts out enough hype and advertising, the game will sell. It doesn't have to be good, it just needs the proper label. Then again, I've played several no-name games that were never even published that were absolutely amazing. The raw pinacle of design. And if you really want to call me a fanboy, yer welcome to it. I've played nearly every mmo around and find WoW to be the best entertainment for my dollars.
  12. Landsknecht

    Tech question

    Dusted the case last night, and just checked the caps. Didn't see anything unusual and no bulges. Grrr. Thanks for the tip though, hadn't thought about the caps.
  13. Landsknecht

    Tech question

    Spy/Adware it aint. I've done a complete repartition and reinstall of a different version of windows just to make sure it wasn't something stealthy... If it just crashed hard on me, I'd be happier, I swear. This slow freeze drives me nuts, for a few seconds it leaves me wondering if it's just another windows program locking up or not.
  14. Landsknecht

    Tech question

    This is driving me nuts. My comp is doing a Sloooooow Freeze at random intervals. What I mean is, I can be browsing and the client window will freeze. The start button still works, I can close the window, open task manager, etc. Then over the course of a minute or so, everything else starts to freeze up and not respond until the only thing that I can do is reboot the system. This happens at random intervals, with random programs running. I've swapped out my RAM, no good. Checked all my temps, all good. Sometimes it goes a day or so between slow freezes. I'm starting to thing my HD has a blown sector somewhere in the OS. :( Any ideas folks? PS: I tried using Active SMART and it keeps telling me that I have an issue with "TA Increase Count", but I can't figure out what the heck that means... [Edited by - Landsknecht on September 12, 2005 4:10:40 PM]
  15. Landsknecht

    Can Divestiture Bring Peace To Middle East?

    And not to mention that killing the head of a governing body does NOTHING to that body. Someone else will step up to take their place. Pure and simple.
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