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  1. Cacks

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    @_Silence_ I want to convert my selected game object world position to screen position I then want to add my mouse movement coords to that position Project the updated screen position into the world Then make a ray
  2. Cacks

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    I'm using gluProject & gluUnproject atm but it would simplify my code if I could use the correct matrices
  3. Cacks

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    @Green_Baron good point, there might not be a matrix which holds this info, the windowing api might do this behind the scenes
  4. Cacks

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    @Green_Baron after the Perspective Transformation there is a Viewport Transformation using a 4x4 matrix to map the coords to screen coords The reason I want the 4x4 Viewport matrix is because I need it to convert world coords to screen coords GL_VIEWPORT just gives the viewport position & size not the 4x4 matrix
  5. Cacks

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    @Zakwayda if the matrix had loaded using glLoadFloatv the viewport would have resized when I changed the window size but didn't I need the viewport matrix because I want to project objects positions onto screen positions & screen positions into object positions
  6. Cacks

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    @Zakwayda, I deleted the code because it didn't work but it was something like this: float matrix[16]; // Entered viewport matrix from book glLoadFloatv( GL_VIEWPORT, matrix) when I resized the window the viewport didn't change size. Any way to get the 4x4 viewport matrix?
  7. Cacks

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    @Zakwayda if I say glGetIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT, &matrix) this gives the viewport position & size not the 4x4 viewport Matrix If I use glLoadIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT, &matrix) this doesn't load a 4x4 Matrix in
  8. Hi, I'd like to get & set the OpenGL View Port Matrix but it doesn't work I'm using the "GL_VIEWPORT" parameter any ideas?
  9. Cacks

    Torque Force Mass Question

    @D.C.Elington how would I calculate angular impulse when 2 objects collide? Would I convert the angular momentum at the collision points to linear momentum, use linear impulse math & then convert the linear impulses back to angular?
  10. Cacks

    Torque Force Mass Question

    @D.C.Elington cheers, I'm going to note those down, I couldn't find them in my books or online, I can see why now
  11. Cacks

    Torque Force Mass Question

    @D.C.Elington do you know how to convert linear acceleration to angular acceleration & vice versa? α = r.crossProduct(a) a = α.crossProduct(r) ?
  12. Cacks

    Should I drop my partner?

    Change the game plot - make it about dropping partners & he might take the hint?
  13. Cacks

    Torque Force Mass Question

    If I want to add joints & composite objects I'll need to be able to calculate the Inertia Tensor at points which are not the Centre of Mass?
  14. Cacks

    Torque Force Mass Question

    @D.C.Elington But if I want to calculate the Inertia Tensor I will need a point the axis of rotation goes through?
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