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  1. Bingo! Nailed it on the head, works like a charm now... thanks for the super-quick responses, guys.
  2. Okay, that title was a mouthful, but hopefully it's self-explanatory. Basically, I'm getting a coredump/seg fault/what-have-you-it (under Solaris 9/g++) while trying to iterate over a list containing pointers to member functions. Does anyone know what may be the cause/ how to fix it? Here's some relevant code, hope it helps: class Foo{ list[int(Foo::*ptr)()] getList(){ return bar; } int baz(); int bat(); Foo(){ bar.push_front(&Foo::baz); bar.push_front(&Foo::bat); } private: list[int(Foo::*ptr)()] bar; }; main(){ Foo f; typedef int(Foo::*ptr)(); for(list[ptr]::iterator i = f.getList().begin(); i != f.getList().end(); i++){ (f.**i)(); //code fails here on the second time through the loop (first function is called successfully) } } (edited to put code in codebox, note: replace occurences of [ ] with < >)
  3. Odoacer

    Evolving Text

    Thanks for the replies, both serious and tongue-in-cheek. :) I had a copy of the Age of Spiritual Machines but loaned it to a friend before I was finished reading it... he never gave it back, argh! But yeah, Kurzweil is a good resource now that I think of it. I'll have to look into his 'language model' a little more. Thanks for the help! Anybody have more ideas, let me know!
  4. Odoacer

    Evolving Text

    Hey, This isn't exactly related to games but this is the best forum I know of so here we go. I know how girls like getting poetry and stuff. Problem is, I can't write poetry for jack, so I did the next best thing - I wrote a program to write poetry. My current implementation uses a Markov chain model to 'write' poetry. It works okay, but its output usually doesn't make much sense. A lot of this has to do with the fact that poetry is free-form and doesn't neccessarily follow the same structural and grammatical rules as written English. (my program actually works better on prose, but whatever.) I was thinking of a few different approaches. The best one I can think of is a genetic algorithm to evolve the text as I go along. Problem is, I'm not sure what to use for the fitness values and stuff like that - I have no experience with GA's (or AI programming in general), just pent up hormones and a desire to impress. I've read a lot of tutorials and stuff, but I'm still not sure how to apply all that to text. I've been looking into other methods that might be useful, including neural networks to 'learn' word usage, structure and grammar or Bayesian filtering if I decide I need to classify text for some reason. I don't know how these will be able to help me, though. One thing I definitely DON'T want to deal with are using predefined grammars - I don't have the time (or the motivation) to create an exhaustive word-list and its associated semantics. I just want a program that can basically 'work on its own' given a set of input poems to work off of. Anybody have any ideas?
  5. Odoacer

    Webcam development

    A-ha, yes, DirectShow. Don't know why I hadn't thought of that before. Thanks!
  6. I have a Logitech webcam and I'd like to see what kinds of fun stuff I can do with it code-wise. I was wondering if there was a SDK floating around - I checked the Logitech developers website, but it's pretty threadbare and only seems to offer support for mice and "game technologies" (controllers and stuff), not webcams.
  7. Odoacer


    Snow is supposedly late here. I'm a California import spending my first year of college at Rochester IT in NY. It's already snowed a couple times, but has melted off. It's already cold enough here, I don't want to know how much worse it's gonna get.
  8. Odoacer

    Man, HL2 binks always look so damn fantastic

    Binks have been around for a while. I remeber extracting Smackers (bink's precessor) from StarCraft MPQs. Ah, the good old days...
  9. Odoacer

    Acoustica's Animal Planet (56k watch your step)

    Heh... those are some pretty good pictures there, Acoustica. Not just the quality (which is excellent!) but the composition also. Awesome pics, brought a smile to me... must go down to San Diego again sometime soon.
  10. Odoacer

    quake-con 04, carmack key note script.

    Hey... the link doesn't work for me.
  11. Odoacer

    Getting Some.

    Okay, maybe you can live without it for now. But once you do, you won't be able to get enough for the next 6 months.
  12. Odoacer

    Serious problem

    Are you SURE it's not there? I just checked myself, it's right where it's supposed to be on the back of the 3rd disk. Is absolutely nothing there?
  13. Odoacer

    $400 Video Card

    Quote:Original post by Spoonster Quote:Original post by Odoacer Now I just wish I had time to wait for PCI-X. :( I have to order my parts probably tonight if I want them ready for me when I arrive at college. Add another Power Supply to a list of things to buy... sad thing is I just bought a new one but it's a 300watter. Ohwell. First, it's PCI-Express, or PCI-E. :) PCI-X is another standard, used (as far as I know) in servers. :P Second, I'm not sure you'll need a new power supply. It's really only if you want an overclocked 6800 Ultra that you need lots of power. Woops, thanks for the heads up. I thought they were the same thing... PCI-X sounds so much cooler [smile] For anybody that's interested, I just placed my order for my new rig from NewEgg. Here are the specs: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ - Retail MSI K8T Neo-FSR - Retail 2x512 MB PC3200 Kingmax Memory - OEM 74 GB 10,000 RPM Western Digital Raptor - OEM eVGA GeForce 6800 GT, 256 MB - Retail PowMax 480 watt Powersupply - Retail Albatron 729A-ABN 17" LCD monitor Leadtek TV2000XP Deluxe TV Tuner All in all came out to just over $1400. I'll be plugging in a DVD-ROM, CD-RW and my old 40 GB IDE HDD. I just hope the Powersupply doesn't crap out on me - it was a cheap one ($25.50), but was rated highly so I'll take my chances. I may have enough left over for that GDNet+ account after all! [wink] So yes, I got the 6800 GT. *crosses fingers* Hopefully everything should be all ready for me to assemble when I get there on Sunday...
  14. Odoacer

    $400 Video Card

    A note to all. I currently have a Radeon 8500, which I'm VERY satisfied with - couldn't have asked for a better card. For this I was prepared to go with another ATI card but I did some research and the 6800 GT came out ahead. Honestly, the 6800 GT is an excellent card for what it offers. Yes, it's relatively expensive, but then you get 6800 Ultra-caliber performance for a third less. You can't match that with a $200 card. And it'll remain on top for at least another year, so this WILL be a solid card for at least three years. Now I just wish I had time to wait for PCI-X. :( I have to order my parts probably tonight if I want them ready for me when I arrive at college. Add another Power Supply to a list of things to buy... sad thing is I just bought a new one but it's a 300watter. Ohwell.
  15. Odoacer

    character reactions

    Well I guess from a design/organization standpoint it'd be easier to have a base Character class then all the derived characters can build off that, each adding code specific to that character's type.
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