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  1. Thanks for the fix :) I was thinking of doing the content copyright, but what about the font? We bought it all ready so it is okay to still put that there right? (and it says commercial license, vague but I guess it means you can use it commercially) Yeah, my client is ok with it too. EDIT: and does anyone happen to know what license serif, arial, georgia, sans, bitstream fonts are in? Can you use those to make titles for commercial use? (thought you could since they are defaults but just making sure. ) Thanks [Edited by - HTML on March 24, 2005 12:39:49 PM]
  2. For a business site, could I do this: Site design © Copyright 2005, <your name>. © Copyright 2005, <business name>. Or is that improper because there are two copyrights? and does "All rights reserved." means you payed the $100, right? Just wondering because I saw that a few times. BTW: someone asked what website I am getting the fonts from: link Thanks [Edited by - Sander on March 24, 2005 10:07:27 AM]
  3. Oh ya, one more thing (I think), those gimp-plugins (aka: Script-Fu): Can you use those on images and still copyright a site? I am not sure since I think they were made by people and sent to gimp. Although it is a feature in the program so I am not sure. Thanks
  4. Cool, thanks for the info. Much appreciated :) Cleared up a lot of stuff about all that tricky law copyright stuff.
  5. What does GNU and FDL do? And what is the difference between buying a copyright for $100 at U.S. Copyright and putting it on there because all the work is yours? Thanks
  6. Quote:You can copyright the design and/or the content. Do you happen to know the form in which you would write a copyright to do this? I only found copyrights for everything which is: Copyright name year, but no way to just do it for the design of a site. Thank you for the detailed post.
  7. Thanks for the info. for #5, say you wanted to learn about dogs. You go and research loads of information for a few weeks. Then you make a site about dogs. That's where I am confused. - Also, can you just copyright the design of a site instead of the content on it? That would be best if you are able to do that. Only really want to copyright the site design since I am making them. - Another, say you copyright your site and then someone emails you an article and says you can put it on a website. How would you keep the copyright to your website and still give them credit? Or would the copyright no longer be valid since someone's article is on your site? Thanks.
  8. Hi, A few questions on copyright: 1. If I buy a font from an internet font store and use it on my website, can I still put Copyright (name year) on my website, or would I have to buy the copyright in this case? the license for the font I want to use says: License: Commercial 2. Example: game cheat code sites, they all have the same codes. If I were to make one and copy the codes from another site, is that copyright infringement? I wouldn't think it would be seeing that the codes are from games..but just want to make sure. 3. Is it ok to have links to different pages based on your topic? Say I had a book review site and I said go to www.amazon.com to buy books, would that be ok? 4. Example: game sites with smaller games. Could I put a description of a game and then say where you can download it? 5. Also, if you go to multiple sites to learn a topic, then rewrite stuff in your own words, how would copyright work with that ? Thanks, very much appreciated :D [Edited by - HTML on March 20, 2005 2:40:54 PM]
  9. Quote:Original post by flukus If you want ideas for your sight, how about a cooking wiki or something? get other people to write the content. What do you mean by this? @Fuzztrek, I do the same thing...so I need to find something to actually put up this time :D
  10. I have all ready created a few websites, but I don't know what topic I want on there. Things like a gaming site, tutorials, reviews, or even cooking would be good to have a site on, but I have as much knowledge as anyone else on these things. Any topic ideas? I was also going to put google adsense on it. So,what did you make your first site on? Thanks for any input :)
  11. hehe, sorry about the guessing game. I'll try float, but I don't think it is what I am looking for. I'll try to explain it better: Let's say the whole browser is white. I have a image that has the text: Web design that is 200px height and 500px width. Now, say I already moved the image to right side of the screen so that only 300px (width) are showing on the right side of the screen. So "Web d" (and part of an "e") would be showing on the right. How do I get the other 200px to continue on the left (this has "(half "e")sign" ? So part of the image on the right and continues on the left (kind of like dual monitors, but the image continues on one monitor and to the other side of it) the monitor splits the image but the image continues on the opposite side. Hope I didn't confuse you too much :D Thanks
  12. Sorry, I don't know the correct term for this. I have some images that I want to put on the right side of my browser in CSS and I want it to run over to the left side of the browser but it is the same image. So, one image half on the left side of the browser and half on the right I am not really sure how else I can explain it, but thank you very much for any help :)
  13. So, it is just a once a month analysist tool? Hmm, I will try it and see if it works for more than one month. Make sure to get the newest version. I can always print out each months results if needed I guess. Knowing the info it gives each month would still help me in my case even if it is only once a month. But, hey, it's free. :)
  14. Try the new version, I looked at the demo and saw resolution and color, or I am just remembering it from another tool. I won't be modifying it or anything of the sort, just using it for commercial sites to gather information for future sites. Thanks for the info. Answered my questions perfectly :)
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