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  1. Tim Cowley

    Picture in a C++ Application ?

    Quote:Original post by samuraiboy Perfect, I don't even have make a new thread - What about displaying images like JPGs and GIFs, from what I've seen BitBlt can only handle BMPs which are a little lacking on the options for color. Am I correct about that? GIF and JPG are storage mediums; they become irrelevant once the image is loaded into memory. What you need to do is find an image library that supports these formats and loads them into device contexts, at which point you can BitBlt them exactly the same way you would a BMP.
  2. Wouldn't packet numbering pretty much solve this?
  3. ShellExecute is standard Win32. Stop Capitalizing Every Damn Word O_O
  4. Tim Cowley


    Quote:Life is about getting ahead and making money I feel truly sorry for you if this is your view of life. Quote:and if I want to go ahead and sell my game for 10 bucks a pop to 750 students, I'll do it. With an attitude like this, you'd be lucky to sell candy bars for a dime a pop.
  5. Tim Cowley

    I'm scared

    Safe mode didn't work, but Copy Lock did the trick. Cheers [grin]
  6. Tim Cowley

    I'm scared

    Recently, I created an empty text file on my desktop, filled it with random junk (a very long LOOOOL) and renamed it to sasser.exe. I sent it to a friend as a joke; he declined (surprisingly). Next day, I booted my computer, noticed the file on the desktop and decided to get rid of it. Left click, shift+delete... "Cannot delete sasser: It is being used by another person or program." O______O I tried rebooting; no effect. I tried simply renaming it. Wouldn't let me. I shut down everything on my computer...same message. To this day (about a month later) I have been unable to delete the file. I have no anti-virus software installed, so that can't be the problem. I think I just created the best virus evar, and managed to infect myself with it. HELP!!11
  7. Tim Cowley

    Guess the Celebrity!

    EDIT: Let's pretend I got that one right...
  8. Tim Cowley

    help with listboxes

    Why would you have return characters in a listbox? Use a listview if you need more flexibility in how your information is displayed.
  9. Tim Cowley

    Must you be a programmer?

    Quote:Must I be a programmer to start a team? Nope, but you must be a leader, and a damn good one at that. Keeping a team working over the internet is hell. It's also important that you are skilled in some area; preferable several. Quote:And what makes less sence to me is how complete begginers can manage to scrape up a professional team in weeks, this is just beyond my knowledge. They don't, unless they have money.
  10. Tim Cowley

    HardCore Gamer the Game

    Quote:Original post by DogCity It could be a sim.. but all you'd have to do is sit there while your character plays on the computer all day.. oh my.. MS Train Simulator* sold :| [Edited by - Tim Cowley on September 2, 2005 6:19:51 PM]
  11. Tim Cowley


    Quote:Original post by Jemburula Press Print Screen on your keyboard then paste it into paint and cut out your cursor, or just do a google search for "cursors" and you get 1,310,000 results... Print Screen doesn't capture the cursor :p Control Panel->Mouse->Pointers - Print Screen. Congratulations! You just saved yourself 17 seconds!
  12. Tim Cowley

    Build system

    Don't all those options come down to compiler switches? In this case, you could simply create a batch file. EDIT: I think I misunderstood your post entirely :P
  13. Tim Cowley


    You took Armadon's post too literally. You have a IDirect3DDevice9 pointer, correct? Use it like this: yourD3DDevicePointer->SetRenderState( D3DRS_ALPHABLENDENABLE, true ); And although I'm the last person that should be complaining about forum etiquette, please don't quadruple-post [grin]
  14. Tim Cowley

    Quake 3 Source Code...

    Quote:Original post by SippyCup There is some interesting Windows API code in win32/win_syscon.c and win_wndproc.c, including code about the mousewheel, and a function that maps Windows keys to Q3's keynumbers (int MapKey, line 147). From what I can tell, the Sys_CreateConsole function (line 295 win_syscon.c) is initializing member data of the WNDCLASS structure and registers it as a class, so apparently the console is a Window class by itself. There is also some code in that function about the fonts used in the console, stuff like that. Pretty interesting. Perhaps this refers to the console that shows as you start the game?
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