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    PC. Mobile. Console. Web. VR. AR. IoT. SynaptixGames is a contract software development firm founded in Colorado in 2010. SynaptixGames focuses on games, simulation, visualization, and virtual reality. We have experience developing on mobile, desktop, and web platforms. SynaptixGames is an authorized developer for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. We have developed virtual reality projects for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, OSVR, Google Cardboard, and Microsoft HoloLens. We have plans for projects for the Google DayDream, PlayStation VR, Google Pixel, and upcoming line of Microsoft VR headsets. SynaptixGames has created games in almost every genre including massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, platformers, match-three, hidden objects, time-management, endless runners, simulations, survival, construction, strategy, adventure, puzzle, and first-person shooters. We have created 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality titles. We have used a variety of commercial and proprietary game engines including Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, Marmalade, Torque, Game Maker, XNA, Dark Basic, Lumberyard, Flash, HeroEngine, and Game Salad. SynaptixGames uses Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Services for our primary development platform. However, we also use XCode and Android Studio when required. SynaptixGames has developed over twenty titles that are available via the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Steam, and Oculus store. We have created games to entertain, train, and motivate. We are leaders in Gamification, Educational Games, Serious Games and Games for Change. We have created professional simulations used in the scientific, financial, and sports sectors. We have created visualizations used by the information technology and geographical information systems industries. We are driven by technology, passionate about quality, and absolutely dedicated to delivering software on the cutting edge to solve, entertain, and inspire. Finally, SynaptixGames is dedicated to the community. We volunteer at the John McConnell Math and Science Center and Mars Desert Research Station. We are members of the Mars Society and Planetary Society promoting the future of space exploration. We are involved with Computer Science department at Colorado Mesa University, serving as judges for the annual Student Showcase. We are actively involved in the tech and startup community, providing leadership and direction for co-working, gigabyte Internet, and other essential initiatives. We regularly speak to elementary, high-school, and college students. We support the robotics and maker community. We raise money children in need by taking part in Extra Life and Child’s Play events. We participate in the Game Education, Serious Games, Game Accessibility, LGBTQ+, Serious Games, and Women in games special interest groups of the IGDA. We contributed to the Quality of Life, Credit Standards, Employment Contract Fairness, Internet Freedom and Privacy, Sexism, Discrimination, and Diversity advocacy groups for the IGDA. We strive to be positive role models to students and our business and professional colleagues.
  2. rmadsen

    Day of Destruction

    Album for Day of Destruction
  3. rmadsen

    Day of Destruction

    Album for Day of Destruction
  4. rmadsen

    Day of Destruction

    Album for Day of Destruction
  5. rmadsen

    Day of Destruction

    Album for Day of Destruction
  6. First of all, great name. Now what am I going to call my vlog? Great point and very applicable, especially to people who are reaching out trying to either get into the industry or perhaps trying to market their goods or services. The extra time is definitely noticed. As studio director, I get a lot of emails from people asking me to check out their stuff and I try to respond to everyone, which brings up my point. If you are in a position where people are seeking your advice, try to at least take the time to respond, even if your response is essentially, "Thanks but I don't need these services right now...good luck!" I have had several people tell me thanks because I just took the time to respond. One person told me that I was the only studio who even took the time to do so. I know that we are all crazy busy. If you are already making your living in the game industry, it may be hard to remember the time when you were the one sending out hopeful emails. Take a small part of your day to respond to and encourage others. Robert Madsen Studio Director, SynaptixGames
  7. Check out our new game on the iOS App Store! All Your Rush Are Belong To Us!   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/minecart-rush/id850876074?ls=1&mt=8       Rush through a gold mine collecting coins and avoiding obstacles that lead to certain death!   Take a wild ride through the mines as your cart speeds through tunnels, around curves, and down treacherous paths. Avoid obstacles as long as you can and loot all of the gold you can collect in this fast-paced endless runner!       Game Features Endless gameplay High speed adventure Avoid obstacles Collect gold Upgrade your cart Explore the gold mine
  8. Answer by @robertmadsen to Which topics (languages, engines and other things) are taught in top game programming ins… http://t.co/vWE5i4VIXm
  9. IndieSpective: So You Want to Go Indie? | Perspectives http://t.co/eW202GuXiJ via @igda
  10. rmadsen

    Is the Game Industry a Bad Place to Work?

    I am a little surprised by some of the feedback.  It's not that I can't take constructive criticism.  In fact, even after I accepted the criticism, I was still attacked by two more members who didn't like the fact that I didn't fight back.   So, since you asked, here is my feedback.   First, play by your own rules:  The text at the bottom of my screen reads:   "Note: Please offer only positive, constructive comments - we are looking to promote a positive atmosphere where collaboration is valued above all else."     Well here is some of the positive, constructive feedback I received:   "This seems less like an informed assessment and more like a knee-jerk reaction with a few links tacked on for percieved validity.  "Maybe they should have had male exotic dancers as well!" is a clear indication that you had your mind -- and rant -- made up before doing any research." Yes, "links tacked on for perceived validity"...in other words "research".  And I was serious about having male exotic dancers...if having female exotic dancers makes an event sexist against females, then it seems by the same argument that having male exotic dancers would alleviate the bias. "this 'article' is 100% erroneous and nothing but fluff on a hot topic." "You purposely posted an 'article' with erroneous information" Since I cited at least two sources, it is pretty fair to say that my article is not full of erroneous information.   "Isn't that basically posting an article just to troll the site at that point?" "If that's what you're looking for, why not just create a forum post? That's what it's there for..." I didn't know that posting an article that sparked open discussion was trolling.  And refusing to get petty and defend myself is a sign of maturity (ma·tu·ri·ty (noun) : the state, fact, or period of being mature. "their experience, maturity, and strong work ethic").   As to whether this should be an article or forum post, I responded to an invitation to submit content to the site.  If the members of this site don't want controversial articles, then I can accept that, but how would I know exactly without first submitting an article?   "Indeed. It's not cool to defend the state of the industry by saying "we're as bad as everybody else," which is what the article seems to be doing. Perhaps the absolute state of things is poor, but we want to be *better*." This was actually a very constructive remark but let me clarify:  I am not trying to absolve the game industry of sexist practices.  The claim that the article I was making was that the game industry is worse than other industries, and my argument is that it is not.   "You're saying, don't try to fix a known problem? By turning a blind eye that will somehow make things better?"    No, I am saying don't moan and groan about how terrible it is in the game industry and then go spend $15 seeing a movie that exploits women.  That is called "hypocricy" (a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess)   "That's a no true Scotsman fallacy...,It is stupid to expect people to accept such crap in a professional developer gathering." Yes, this is VERY constructive.  And since you bring up logical fallacies, look up Ad Hominem   "The whole article is a waste of time, I would call it a blog entry at most. At worst, it is a defecation exercise." Given the guidelines for providing feedback, why was this entry even allowed.  Wow! "Defecation".   So, I will no clarify my original remark.  To those of you who commented on my article, but couldn't even follow the guidelines posted for providing such feedback, why should I listen to you?   For the rest of you, I applaud your comments and critiques.   Robert
  11. rmadsen

    Is the Game Industry a Bad Place to Work?

    As the author of the article, I applaud all of your comments and critiques.  And yes, this is actually more of a blog entry as I tend to write editorial articles rather than technical articles, I wasn't sure if this is the kind of content that GameDev.net is looking for and loosely categorized it under business.   I am not going to try to defend my points of view because I did not intend to write an article and then defend my point of view. I DID intend to generate the kind of intelligence and diverse commentary that was generated here, and thus my thanks!
  12. My answer to How many hours a week do you spend watching TV, playing video/pc games, or sitting in front of your pc … http://t.co/H6V8JVdlPI
  13. rmadsen

    Check out our re-designed web site

    Thanks so much DiegoSLTS for taking the time to provide this excellent feedback. I am adding everyone of your suggestions to a list of fixes for the site.  Not sure how long it will take me, but once I implement them I will post again.   Robert
  14. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share our newly re-designed website with everyone.  Check it out at http://SynapticSwitch.com.    
  15. Hey friends. Check out the new website for my game studio at http://t.co/u3MZmq8Mpj.
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