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  1. Run_The_Shadows

    Vista Ultimate Problems

    Doing a Vista install like that will simply put the new Vista bootloader onto the old boot drive and add a "Previous Version of Windows" option to the boot menu. It will do this even if you installed the actual OS onto a separate hard-drive from the boot drive.
  2. Run_The_Shadows

    Hijack #3 - MY FULL CONFESSION!

    Quote:Original post by _Sigma Quote:...WTF is up with this thread?! The original post has been modified, so everything seems wonky now. I think it's because Run_The_Shadows keeps putting pictures in place of his posts...O.o Trust me, it's better this way.
  3. Run_The_Shadows

    Duke Nukem Forever Screenshot

    I'm personally of the 'action figure' theory. It doesn't look a whole lot like any CG style to my senses.
  4. Run_The_Shadows

    The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

    Quote:Original post by Way Walker Wikipedia isn't the best source, either. [wink] Yeah, but it at least provides brief explanations that are many times more probable than 'aliens'. It's also easier to find quick facts, rather than randomly searching the internet for quicksheets of at least an attempted factual basis. In fact, /everything/ is more probable than 'aliens'. That's the leap that destroys any bit of honesty in the so-called science the paranormal community reports. Their answer makes no more sense than 'Zeus' or 'Purple Unicorns'. Anything not immediately explainable to the paranormal community immediately becomes 'aliens!' or some other such nonsense. Look at the Antikythera Mechanism. It's not a new discovery, it's been around for a while, and in the interim the paranormal community hefted it up. Recently it's purpose has been discovered, it's completely terrestrial, and it's not impossible whatsoever. In it's case, we look at it's complexity and argue about how the ancients couldn't have made anything that complex, but there is genius in many things from that far back. It's immediately inexcusable and ignorant to examine anything of human creation and bestow upon it a nature derived from anything other than human creativity and genius.
  5. Run_The_Shadows

    The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

    You know, if you Wikipedia search these items you pretty quickly find them to be bad science or pure fiction. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything else from an article that begins by dismissing science as being equal to biblical fundamentalism when it comes to history. In order, see: Klerksdorp Spheres Dropa Ica Stones Antikythera Mechanism(this article having up-to-date information since we've discovered what it is and how it works within the last month or two) Baghdad Battery Coso Artifact Saqqara Bird Stone Spheres of Costa Rica I'm afraid I'm having difficulties finding info on the fossils or the metallic objects. Their description is obviously extremely generic which makes searching difficult. However, the general idea should be clear to anybody of rational and logical thinking: do not trust anything that comes out of the 'paranormal' community. They're bad scientists at best, and intentionally misleading in the worst of circumstances.
  6. Run_The_Shadows

    help: games I haven't played

    Dawn of War is probably the best RTS of the past few years. You'd be doing yourself a disservice not to give it a shot.
  7. Run_The_Shadows

    Let's see... How original can you be?

    So basically you signed up to: a) announce that you want to make an MMO and want to know which engine to use b) beg random internet strangers for ideas about MMOs, probably so you can hope for a good one to use. 2007 is going to be a good year for membership on this forum, I can tell already.
  8. Run_The_Shadows

    Game of Life

    Quote:Original post by JohnBolton I feel inclined to answer, but this is homework and homework questions are not allowed. This is the correct answer.
  9. Run_The_Shadows

    Tech Support Forum

    I, for one, think this would be quite nice. I'm really quite tired with the Lounge being covered, daily, in either "HELP COMPUTER BROKED" or "HEY GUYS I"M GOING TO BRAG ABOUT MY SWEET NEW COMPUTER'S SPECS".
  10. Run_The_Shadows

    Saddam to be executed tonight

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Well he's hung. Anybody feel vindicated?? Geez. Well hopefully, this brings some Iraqis some peace. But I doubt they'll have any time to enjoy or reflect on that peace. Thank you for letting me know that they hanged him without pants.
  11. Run_The_Shadows

    Quicklaunch Utility Bars (Windows)

    I have a CustomBar license that I got for free a long while back. I don't use it because it doesn't play nice with bblean, but it's a pretty nice bar utility.
  12. Run_The_Shadows

    Discussion on Robert Heinlein

    Heinlein's best is pretty inarguably The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, followed closely by Stranger In A Strange Land. Starship Troopers is sometimes included with those two, but is more of a short story than a full novel and doesn't have the same scope or impact of the previous two. Beyond those three, you either tend to get into his young-adult sci-fi: The Door Into Summer, Friday, Glory Road, etc; or you get into his full-on philosophical preaching: Time Enough For Love, To Sail Beyond the Sunset, I Will Fear No Evil, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. A great author, master of his craft, but the young adult novels can really feel lacking for adults, and the more preachy novels can easily scare off a vast majority of sci-fi readers.
  13. Run_The_Shadows

    Time Person of the Year 2006 - You

    This thread is no longer for silly politico bantering and arguing about how George W. Bush paid the Saudis to bribe the New World Order to make YOU the Person of the Year. Please. To distract you from furiously flipping through your nineteen copies of Che's biography, here is an image from Troika(You know, the Game Developers)'s never-got-a-chance-to-be-produced post-apocalyptic RPG: And before any of you even complain, I'll have you know that I'm PERSON OF THE YEAR and that gives me the right to post this. P.S.
  14. Run_The_Shadows

    I need present suggestions

    Why don't you collaborate and make a baby? They make people very happy!
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