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    Two computers, lots of code

    I just started a Dropbox account for experiment because I have a couple projects that could use a bit of synchronization between work and home. I have to say it is a fantastic service, extremely simple, which is a plus. I think it goes through port 80 because it has no issues with my work firewall, which was my main concern. I don't know why I didn't do this a long while ago.
  2. LiyonDR

    Jack Thompson disbarred!

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=26607197 I searched and did not find this news anywhere. I know this tool annoyed me. This should make plenty in the industry pretty happy. Del
  3. LiyonDR

    Need help with paper

    Here is what I would do in your situation since the only games I have ever played on included a central server of some kind. Find the name of games that have a server set up you are looking for and browse the forums/archives of said games and see what people talked about in relation to connecting and finding people. For some games forums may have been the only method of server distribution. Either way the information is out there on the internet, just not in a nice little bundled package that I know of.
  4. LiyonDR

    bullets exploding

    I would assume there would be a lot of shrapnel deployed by a case of bullets hit by a grenade blast. While likely less dangerous then the shrapnel of the grenade itself it would likely still cause injury.
  5. LiyonDR

    getting weird songs stuck in your head

    Ever since I clicked on the link from this site I randomly have this song pop in my head from time to time.. Kind of annoying. What can I say, thank you Gdnet.
  6. Doing heaving data input is never convienient using almost any PDA without a bluetooth keyboard. I have an Axim X51v and an HTC hermes(cingular 8525). I use the 8525 mostly because it has a slide out keyboard which makes normal input of text for IM/SMS/Email usage a breeze, but it doesn't do special characters very well and would be extremely clunky doing more then a paragraph of code at a time. The difference between the axim models are various features, the v at the end of the name indicates a 640x480 vga display opposed to the 320x240 QVGA display. If you want clarity and/or large quantity of text at one time VGA is the way to go. One of the differences between the 50 and 51 is Windows Mobile 2003 vs Windows mobile 5. Some of the non VGA models are also sporting 312mhz xscale processors vs 624mhz for vga models and higher end non-vga models. I'd recommend the X51v + bluetooth keyboard for coding however and if you find the right buy both could probably be had for less then 400$.
  7. LiyonDR

    LCD monitors

    I also have a Dell 24" widescreen. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone, price as a bit steep but it was worth every penny. I do believe the panel is a Samsung panel though so one more for good quality from Samsung. I will likely purchase another monitor soon but I will probably get a cheaper brand 22" wide, Hard to justify 2 Dell's.
  8. LiyonDR

    Your keyboard and mouse setup

    Currently I own a Logitech Wireless MX duo set. I am waiting for Microsoft wireless entertainment desktop 8000 to be released before I upgrade.
  9. LiyonDR

    New Year's Resolution

    1920*1200, 1 24" Dell 2407, Should hold me off for a while.
  10. LiyonDR

    Happy New Years

    I am at work tonight. Shortly after midnight apache crashed on a bunch of our virtual hosts ... I thought the world was ending slowly ...
  11. LiyonDR

    Noob Test

    Yea that hack.net thread was awsome. I only got this because I tried the examine command, which look didn't seem to do. I didn't try Look at....
  12. LiyonDR

    Noob Test

    Ok I guess I am in both groups :( .. I stared for a while then I figured out one command and it was trivial...
  13. LiyonDR

    lcd advice

    About a month ago I bought a 24" dell. It was one of the best purchasing decisions I've made. If it was reasonable to do so I would buy a second one.
  14. LiyonDR

    My metal rendition of an FF7 song

    Sounds great. Could use a little more cowbell though!
  15. LiyonDR

    Spore looks amazing

    I must buy this game after watching that. I've never heard of it before but I think it would be amazing to populate a planet then cause chaos on others etc and be able to swap elements/styles frequently.
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