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  1. Hello Sir,


    I hope you're good.

    So, I was basically planning to implement a simple 2d physics Game Engine in C++.

    I have read many articles related to it and I had no problem in grasping the concepts of physics and maths but when it comes to implementation i badly fail at it, although, i have made a couple of games on c++ like Arkanoid and Pong but both of them don't use real physics. I just need to multiply the velocity by -1 to respond to collision.

    It is further getting demotivating as no one around me can help me out in this.

    So, I am using SFML and I am first planning to do very basic i.e, making a circle bounce in a window with perfect elasticity and no gravity.

    I have covered topics of circle-rectangle collision detection etc. 

    I have covered collision response too but it's hard to implement in a program.

    What would you suggest me to do so I can build a simple physics simulation?


    Thank You

  2. That google transcript is hilarious.. honestly if I remember back Google was so different that it was hard to initially take seriously. The name was silly and the look was something straight out of a toy company. Man.. how things have changed. The site is looking great by the way. Getting it over to this version had to be a hell of an undertaking for one guy. Great work!
  3. Note that these ads are targeting mobile resolutions Kevin.  Double check the Google setup for all leaderboard resolutions
  4. Right now we have to trim back certain features in order to move to IPS version 4.   We're in the process of discussing the path going forward but it looks like we will be moving the site more to focus on maintaining a public forum for discussion and making sure that our discussion software encompasses what people need the most.   The monolithic version of gamedev.net that contained books, articles, etc etc is going to be trimmed back to favor community discussion.
  5. Yeah it's crazy.. somebody is either doing a security test on the site or trying to hack the site.   All these reports come from automated attempts to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities.  It's exhaustive but should be done now.. I'm not sure how many emails got sent out of the queue but it could be a bit.
  6. Easton snow day with my boys
  7. They said the problem was on their end and fixed it so.. all good now!
  8. We're checking with Invision Power.. our license is up to date so this doesn't make sense.
  9. I deleted that image.   Right now we're in the process of figuring out just how the heck we're going to upgrade to new software.   We're going to end up having to almost revamp the whole site and cut out a lot of cruft.
  10. This should be hard to top.. Easton Area High School on national TV!
  11. I'm thinking it may actually be disk IO related.   I removed about 80 GB of files from the server that were old and crusty and never accessed.. 
  12. Made some upgrades and cleaned up the server a bit.. time to see if it makes a difference.
  13. I'm working on it.. hopefully the malware issue is gone for good.
  14. The decision came down to an integrated suite of components more than anything (IP.Content for articles, the forums were quite good, blogs, etc).   It provided a lot of flexibility and was more up-to-date than our old ASP technology.   Migrating our custom database to this software took a ton of work figuring out what table was responsible for what.   At some point Invisionpower switched over to use CKEditor, an example of an open source editor coming to the rescue in lieu of their own in-house editor.   What a total nightmare that has been and CKEditor still continues to not behave as well with IPB as we'd like.   They tossed it for the newest version of their software.   To be honest, we looked for a total package rather than parts because cobbling together a system with a lot of parts that weren't originally intended to work together can get messy very very quickly.   The editor is such a small example but the more parts you have that come from different vendors, the greater the potential problems that can creep up.   There are certainly downsides to a single vendor (like when they completely rewrite the software from the ground up) however.. but the nice thing is that someone else goes through the tough job of making all the "stuff" work together.
  15. Yahoo Pipes discontinued their service, which is how we aggregated all the RSS feeds.   We're going to need a new aggregator that provides a similar service.   I'm looking into a replacement now.   It's not a bad time to revisit the RSS feeds we aggregate as well.. what do you think we should include in the list?   http://feeds.feedburner.com/GamasutraNews http://forums.indiegamemag.com/external.php?type=RSS2&forumids=75 http://www.gamesindustry.biz/rss/gamesindustry_news_feed.rss