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  1. Making a game engine is REALLY hard!

    Make a game. Really. It need not be big or elaborate. I mean, look at the piddly iPhone garbage that passes for entertainment these days. People love it, but it didn't necessarily take team of 100 people 5 years to cook up. Just make something light, fun, and polished. It needs to be something YOU enjoy. [quote]What can I do as an individual that would make you interested in the project?[/quote] Nothing. That's really the issue. I've got my own set of interests, personal projects, and demotivaters. Make something YOU enjoy. Unless you have money for a startup team, its just you. * I'm saying this as someone who spent the better part of 7 years working on an "engine" and who finally made a game in 4 months (A complete game, not a tech demo. Included all graphics, sound, UI, transitions, input, menues, and special effects). It went surprisingly easy and i enjoyed doing it. Working on a game let me know what remaining work the engine still needed to be useful.
  2. [web] PHP warnings...

    When you grab variables from POST, REQUEST, or GET (or really, any array, but especially these ones), you need to check to see if the variable you re looking for was actually sent by the client. Get into the habit of doing this: $foo = isset($_POST['foo']) ? $_POST['foo'] : NULL; // or some sane default This avoids array index warnings. NEVER assume incoming data is what you would expect or that it is even present at all. PS - and yes, 95%+ of PHP tutorials are awful.Everyone is an "expert"!
  3. 4X: in a seeking of the fifth "X"

    You might consider playing board games instead of computer games. There's a lot of really great "4X-y" board games out there that produce a similar experience, but in a more social environment. (Try "Twilight Imperium III" for the ultimate 4X-like experience in table-top format, but there are plenty of others.) Aside: If MoO3 taught us anything, it's that complexity does not make a game more fun. I'm all in favor of keeping it simple. Aside #2: Your poll did not list "strategy" as one of the obvious options. Too many games have to little strategy and that turns me off. If i don't know what i can possibly do to influence my personal victory, i'm bored already.
  4. [web] PHP bug?

    Long story short: static is useful when you need data or functions that pertain to the class as a whole but not to any particular object. For instance, let's say i've got a database app and a class called "Thing". Let's say the Things have a "rank". I can have a static class function that does something like: [code]class Thing { static function GetHighestThing() { // database looks up highest ranking Thing and returns Thing object } }][/code] You can then use it like so: $highest_thing = Thing::GetHighestThing(); I use static functions all the time. They are definitely worth knowing about!
  5. [web] PHP bug?

    [quote name='Cygnus_X' timestamp='1298300399' post='4777033'] There are no hard feelings. I am not a CS major, juts a hobbyist. I've never needed to differentiate between public and private methods in php. [/quote] i'm not a CS major either This isn't about public/private. It's about static/non-static. [url="http://php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.static.php"]See here for a quick lesson[/url]
  6. [web] php termination

    Also: it is wise to contain all of your output in one final function so that nothing is displayed if there is an error. It also makes future maintenance much easier because your "rendering" is now separate from your logic. In anything larger than a single script, putting anything outside of <?php ?> tags becomes a no-no.
  7. You also have to add an isset() call to the variable because if it is not checked, it isn't sent either and will not show up in the POST array (this is checkbox specific behaviour). Not checking for isset() will produce an error on most configurations. Something like this works: if ( isset($_POST['foo']) && $_POST['foo'] ) { /* got foo */ } In fact, you should get into the habit of doing that for all incoming parameters just in case. Saves headaches later.
  8. [web] PHP bug?

    @Cygnus_X: I hate to tell you this, but all of that is incorrect. This has nothing to do with inheritance. Also: you do not need an instantiated object to call a static class function. It's just like C++. [quote]Also, I've written tons of classes this way and have never had a problem. [/quote] Now I'm worried for you . Make sure you understand static class functions versus regular class functions called on objects! No hard feelings, ok? @Supah Fly: No, this isn't a bug. Change this line: [b]if (!v1($k[/b][b]))[/b] to: [b] [/b][b]if (!Test::v1($k))[/b] Explained: v1() is not a defined function. It is trying to look in global scope and it obviously doesn't exist. Simply add the correct scope operator.
  9. Coder or Programmer

    [quote name='Milcho' timestamp='1297631608' post='4773806'] Every time I read that someone is looking for a 'coder' - I think, ok, they're looking for someone to create a php script, or a website, or something on that level [/quote] Hey, now. I'm sitting on 100,000 lines of PHP that i wrote myself, and it works great. So you be nice! Every software domain has it's own set of bugs, problems, gotchas, caveats, pros, and cons, whether it's javascript or ASM. One is not necessarily better than the other. I wouldn't make a game in PHP and i wouldn't write web software in C++. For what's it's worth, my cards say "[b]software developer[/b]". That way i can write PHP and turn around and hack somebody's C++ and still be true to the title
  10. What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    [quote name='Lode' timestamp='1297759674' post='4774397'] There's a problem with the profile dropdown menu. It is always initially visible when the page loads. It used to disappear after a few seconds. Now GDNet is loading slow and the menu remains visible forever. I think it should be set to visibility: hidden initially. [/quote] It's already been documented. I proposed a fix, but it hasn't been addressed yet. It appears to be a javascript order-of-execution thing. If your page loads slowly, you are probably on older hardware or using a slightly out of date browser (like me on both counts). I have the problem at home (Athlon 2500, Firefox 3.0), but not at work (Athlon 3000+, Firefox 3.6).
  11. Quit my job today

    [quote name='wicked357' timestamp='1297815667' post='4774728'] ... since you are taking a role of might have to move to Portland, why not make the move to Seattle 3 hours north ... [/quote] Because it's an ugly old stinktown, that's why! Yay Portland!
  12. Academia stretched thin (rant)

    [quote name='frob' timestamp='1297291986' post='4772107'] You can choose to attend a school where lectures are held in auditoriums with 500+ people and multiple TAs are responsible for the work. Or you can choose to attend a smaller school, such as a small state school or community college, where 15 people is considered a huge class and the professors are available all the time. [/quote] For perspective: consider that quite a few teachers at small schools [i]are[/i] teachers at small schools because they can't find sufficient work in their field. [an observation, not a hypothesis]
  13. My linux desktop machine at work is ~5 years old. Runs like a champ for doing design and development. I have no real need to upgrade. Virtually any computer that isn't using vacuum tubes would be fine for doing LAMP development.
  14. Yes, just experiment with different stress-tests. You'll learn pretty quick where the sweetspot is. Every case will likely be a bit different.
  15. The GD Coding Typo Dictionary (TM)

    I find that if syntax highlighting is on, typos like FASLE don't properly highlight and it tips me off pretty quick that something is wrong.
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