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  1. leiavoia

    Re-igniting the publishing engine

    You might consider having the content that is submitted via the ADD ARTICLE button go directly to the forum instead. Then you can work with what is already provided by the system instead of working against it. Perhaps there is some way to display articles that are in limbo for community review instead of using the forums (?) I'm saying this because the whole submission process via the ADD ARTICLE button was very smooth and i'm sure it is already nicely integrated with the whole publishing pipeline. Seems a shame to totally ignore it.
  2. leiavoia

    Re-igniting the publishing engine

    Glad to hear there's progress! The articles section has an ADD ARTICLE button on it. I don't see this in your post. Should it be used? If not, i suggest removing the button. If so, please explain what to do with it. I already submitted an article via the button, complete with teaser paragraph and front page image. Should it be reposted to the articles forum? (It's already been reviewed and edited many times over the years. It's not a newly written piece, but is an unpublished piece.)
  3. leiavoia

    The Road Ahead

    [quote]We are aware that a lot of people jump straight into topics from pages like "Active Content" and "View Latest Content" so we will need to enable a way for you to mark a post as read from within the topic page rather than making it necessary to go out of the topic to the forum to mark that topic (and any others) read with the rest of the forum.[/quote] There's a link at the bottom of virtually every single page that says "Mark board as read"
  4. no, seriously, what is this status update business? Space would be better served with "most recent posts" or something.
  5. i also like pie
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