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  1. Have you rebuilt the library with the new runtime library settings? (And do the other build settings match?)
  2. You're never using the results of your matrix multiplication, so the entire benchmarking loop will be optimized away in release mode.
  3. I don't know if it's a big enough part of the game for your project, but Stardew Valley definitely has these themes.
  4. When I solved this problem I used maps and benchmarks from to find any bugs in my implementation. These are nice because you get problems and the correct minimal path length with them. If there's nothing wrong with the pathfinding, it might be something about the output format, IIRC that was somewhat tricky to get right for all cases. Make sure the output is still correct if you search for multiple paths without any additional cleanup in main().
  5. Eternal

    Custom world editor?

    For tilemaps you could try For more free maps you could use an image editor to define various map layers, that is what games like Europa Universalis use.
  6. Eternal

    Biome based map generation?

    Cell noise (aka Worley noise) used with a Manhattan distance metric should be a relatively fast way to generate regions that look a lot like what your screenshot shows, without any border issues.
  7. Eternal

    sort list

    I think you ignored Alberth's most important point:   You are creating an array of 30 lists, pushing a single item to each list and then sorting the individual 1-element lists. Instead of 30 lists you probably want a single vector or maybe a fixed size array. Otherwise you need to give a better description of your problem.
  8. Eternal

    If statements are all you need

    Lines of Code are a terrible metric, as we all know:
  9. Eternal

    Object Space Lightning

    As I understood it they are just blitting from the source textures to the shading buffer in the first pass, no explicit rasterization.
  10. Eternal

    no good way to prevent these errors?

      you could still have getters/setters for locations in your entity structs and do the necessary copying there. No individual member assignments everywhere and your old code keeps working. or a union in your entity types might work for you.
  11. Eternal

    Debugging this Vulkan crash

        The SDK actually ships with the debug versions of the validation layers in the Source\lib folders. The docs say:     So if you have VS 2013 or the VS 2013 redistributable package installed stepping into the validation layers should still work when you point VS2015 at the right .pdb and source files. I had to replace the release version dlls in the Bin fold with the debug ones to make them load, not sure if there is a better way. If there is a problem with using the VS 2013 binaries with VS 2015 you could also build the debug layers yourself, but I have not tried that yet...  
  12. Eternal

    Determine whenever box is visible in frustum

    You should only reject a box if all vertices are "outside" the same frustum plane.
  13. Eternal

    Vulkan Resources

    I liked Vulkan in 30 Minutes as a short overview of Vulkan concepts.
  14. this->lookAt = DirectX::XMVectorAdd(this->position, this->lookAt);   It looks like you're calling this every frame, without resetting the lookAt vector in-between, so the lookAt vector should be increasing every frame with a correct assignment operator.
  15. Eternal

    GUN ownership, Killings - a US epidemic

      And yet, Chicago has some of the strictest guns laws in the nation with the highest rates of murder and gun crimes in the nation. This isn't a gun issue, it is a people issue. If we abolished gun ownership and somehow managed to confiscate all guns and melt them down, there would be mass stabbings or bombings. If someone is intent on causing this level of harm to others, they will find a way. You cannot legislate away evil, no matter how hard you try.    
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