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  1. I dont know coding much ..yet but it looks like the model hashidden polys. Did you model the stairs in a program like 3DSM or Blender? If so make sure you dont have any extra vertices where the light is rendering odd. It looks like it's trying to render an extra face behind the other. I hope I am making since.
  2. Nexus Console: A console free to develop with!

    Wow sorry to hear about that. OUr hearts go out to Bryan and his family.
  3. Nexus Console: A console free to develop with!

    Blew is right. Ever open a Xbox? Custom PIII/Celeron mobo depending on the model. With a tweaked GeForce 3. I think a system like Nexus Console wanted to make would do well. I mean if you look at the current-gen systems and more then likely the Next theres alot of good games yes but theres also about 5X as many crap games. Yay killer graphics...oh wait..wheres my game play? If you have a game thats simple 1: it allows you to add ALOT more due to the fact that 2D/3D Sprites take up ALOT less that normal mapped charactors with a low poly model thats like 7k with a 2+mill mapp. 2: Who here doesent play NES/SNES/Genesis games once in a while? WHO? I still play them to this day. Yes some of the people on this board might not know much before the 32bit era >_> but I rember the good ole 8Bit classics. Hell I remember Atari >_> I personally think a "Low End" system would do good in the market. Shame he doesent want to work on it anymore..
  4. Nexus Console: A console free to develop with!

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster >_> you know..you dont need to cancel it man. I have been down the road of bumpy turns and so on. Trying to run an indie game company aint easy. If you need help just ask. If some people are asses owell let them be one. I was actually kind of interested in this project. Well I hope you do better in life and your family does as well. Damn thing dident log me in...that was me..>_< urg. Though personally I think you should relax..and not go from making detailed and well thought out plans and 8 hours later Poof gone.
  5. Nexus Console: A console free to develop with!

    Well everyone has bsicly said what I could/would have said..though for a processor i would go with a SH-4. Same CPU that powered the Dreamcast. Might be slight overkill for 2D alone but it would allow you to do some killer 3D if you wanted as well. Also I dont think there that exspencive. Not 100% on that though. Then you need to ger developers for making the SDK which will be the hardest part. I have a hard time trying to find people to help code for a demo so ya. Best of luck. Also...if you guys need help in the 3D department for making your system...I could help I have to much freetime atm and I do 3D Modeling. MSN if Keiyentai@comcast.net anywho goodluck. Happy holidays ect ect ect. EDIT: http://america.renesas.com/fmwk.jsp?cnt=sh4_features.htm&fp=/products/mpumcu/superh_family/sh7750_series/child_folder/&title=About%20SH-4 all the info you could want on the SH-4 [Edited by - Keiyentai on December 27, 2005 9:10:37 AM]
  6. Well theres the page. You can look for your self. They seem like new systems but could be refurbs. Who knows. I think it's kind of cool though. Always been a fan of the DC
  7. Back on to the topic kind of lol. I think the OP would be better off trying to code for like the Dreamcast or PS2. Rumor has it Japan is going to be re-releasing the DC with comercial/homebrew games in Feburary. Could be his best bet.
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