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    Lightweight GUI for opengl app

    Thanks for the ideas guys. I'm going to investigate them when i get home from work! Had a quick look at the cegui, it looks quite neat really. Not sure about its size yet thought. Has anyone here used it and have any comments on it? I had expected the QT, GTK etc suggestions, i'd not thought to look at purely opengl implemented GUI's. Are there anymore? cheers ched
  2. Hi folks, Search is disabled, so I’ll post a question. Probably been asked a million time, so apologies in advance. I’m looking for a simply light weight GUI to add to my openGL app. I want something that will just let me spawn dialogs etc, not turn into an MFC clone. The base of my system will be SDL/openGL, I do not want to let a GUI framework handle the updates, the GUI should only handle its own updates (happy to multi thread, long as I can communicate with the framework somehow). Cross platform is a must to. I like FLTK (not sure it suites my needs yet), GTK looked a bit heavy. Any other ideas I could look into? Cheers ched
  3. chedburgh

    Makefile dependencies

    I've got the makefile method working now, but i think i'm going to move to scons soon (soon as i've learnt enough about makefiles to keep me happy). Thanks for the replies and advice :) cheers ched
  4. chedburgh

    Makefile dependencies

    Thanks for the reply oddbot. They both look good, especially scons. I’m going to read up a little on scons myself I think. I’ve found a Makefile rule on the net today that produces a .d dependency rule file for each source file. These .d files are then included in the Makefile to provide the rules and keep dependencies up to date. It works ok, looks like: %.d: %.cpp $(SHELL) -ec '$(CC) -M $(CPPFLAGS) $< | sed '\"s/\($*\)\.o[ :]*/\1 $@/g'\" > $@' Do many people use this approach? Cheers ched
  5. chedburgh

    Makefile dependencies

    Hi folks, An easy question, i hope. I'm converting my project to linux at the moment, currently writing the Makefiles. I want to auto generate dependencies because i have a large number of source/headers. I've seen a number of scripts, and read about doing it with the gcc compiler (-MM,-MD etc). I am curious to whats the most common way to auto generate dependencies (the gcc method seems the most portable as it does not rely on outside programs). What do you folks use and why? Cheers ched
  6. chedburgh

    Dev enviroment setup

    Hi folks, I moved all my systems to linux last year, and its now time to move my development projects across. I wanted to ask for a few ideas for a development environment setup. I’m not after ultra detailed replies, just hints, tip and ideas I can research and make my own decisions with. I use MSVS at work, but I’m not wanting to replicate that. I’m looking at using vim as my editor (having used vi for unix development in the past), but I would like a couple of features I’ve found handy. These are the ability to highlight a compile error and be taken to the offending line, and possibly some form of auto-completion. Are these both available in vim via plugins or configuration? Are there any other plugins, configurations or applications that are particularly helpful in this environment? Apart from gdb and gcc :p Many thanks chedburgh
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