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  1. Anri

    where did you start to make a game?

    Your primary skill is going be programming, so don't leap into this games development thing without being familiar with at least one language. Even using Unity, you won't get far without some programming knowledge. Make Columns, Space Invaders, Asteroids - all simple games - before you attempt anything "big" that involves "a cast of thousands"...
  2. When you have made the first of these masterpieces, please do share. As for great game ideas, I've had loads over the years but never the skill nor "breathing space" to realise them. When I was about 20, I was so sick of FPS - basically all of them were Quake-wannabies - and I really wanted to play a game more inspired by Alien than Aliens. I could visualise the chase, ambushes, fending the creature off with a flame thrower and surviving by being resourceful. When Creative Assembly released Alien Isolation I felt deep regret with not having stayed the course and not having made that game I had dreamt up, but I was very proud of CA efforts, even though it was flawed( rubber-banding is a crime against humanity ). And with Isolation being in the Alien franchise too one could not ask for more. Although I screamed "F&%£ OFF YOU %&$!" at the Alien for pulling me out of the air vents for the upteenth time, I really wanted to hug the CA team for making the game a reality. But thats the thing, you'll find that many people have great ideas for games but not the resources to make them, nor the audience that will appreciate them in their time. If Alien Isolation had been released back in 2000, it would have been ripped to pieces by the gaming media for being too frustrating, complex and repetitive in a landscape of death match mania. Only two games I can think of off-hand that paved the way for Isolation were Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. They werent the first of their genres but they were the ones that captured the attention of the gaming community in their day...and suddenly we didn't want to be a one-man-army, but more cautious...and vulnerable! I think in the end, we all see that game we want to play. If that game has already been made, then for some its a case of simply putting it in a different setting or making adding a feature they feel is important. Its easy to debbie-down them for lacking originality, but at the end of the day, its the game they want to make that is important...
  3. Anri

    Should I depart from my game project group?

    Being loyal is admirable, but there is always a limit. What you are giving to this person is beyond the point where he should be paying you. Example; I have a friend who absolutely loves Doctor Who, and wants to make a fan-film. I could see he was struggling with making 3D assets and so I surprised him by delivering him the Tardis. He was delighted, yet asked if it could be changed to the mid-70s Tom Baker Tardis. I then said to him "let me see what I can do" and spent a few more evenings on it. The final piece wasn't 100% authenthic but his appreciation was 100%... My "payment", like yourself, was sharpening my rusty art skills, but it came hand-in-hand with appreciation. If one of those are missing then I start looking to get paid for wasting my time. Anyway, Clark, you seem a nice person and I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do.
  4. Anri

    Noobie in need of guidence

    Wayne, It seems you have all the core skill you need and so long as your models are clean and tidy then you shouldn't have a problem.
  5. Anri

    Should I depart from my game project group?

    You are not compatible with this fellow nor his project. Having worked with you before on the previous project he should have known if your style and quality of work was what he wanted. Basically he just wanted you to tag along because you were willing to give up your free time and most likely the only one he could get hold of. Basically, when its a hobby, the expectations of you can only be casual and the atmosphere should be fun. If he wants professional services then he should damn well pay for them. I agree with the others here; do not let this person waste anymore of your time. If he gets shirty about it then just don't reply to him and move on.
  6. Anri

    Noobie in need of guidence

    It sounds like a reasonable project, Wayne. Definitely go with Unity as it will do a lot of the donkey work for you - even the 3D stuff, and you'll be able to make proper android/ios games. Are you comfortable with 3D apps such as Maya or Blender?
  7. Anri

    Do you still play video games?

    Not nearly as much as I used to as a youngster, but I'm trying to fit sessions in on a regular basis. I've currently got my eye on getting Fire Emblem Echoes for my 2DS to play during lunch breaks. Actually, Guntmods' Dune2K has made its way onto my desktop and I really need to curb it. But what the hell...long live the fighters! o_O
  8. I hear it makes big bucks these days, and also that the Olympics might be including "esports" sometime in the future.
  9. Definitely agree that Nintendo is pursuing the mobile market. The Switch is a good thing for Nintendo, but I doubt it will replace the 3DS as the Switch is too expensive and not really small enough to fit in our pockets. If Nintendo can whip out a reduced "lite" model at £150 then...maybe. Ultimately the Gameboy / DS lines have been their bread and butter over the years so I can't see Nintendo jeopardising that while still testing the mobile waters. Personally, I hope they will continue with the 3DS for a couple more years, but if not then just release a new one with better hardware and battery life. VR seems to be in the realm of PC gaming, but AR is definitely here and with Pokemon Go having led the charge we should see more in the future. Not sure about the XB1 or PS4 as I don't play much on my XB1( I do enjoy it though ), but I think somewhere down the line Sony and MS will have to see sense in that they offer nearly identical products and perhaps should go on a venture together. Against all better judgement...I forsee a Sony/MS machine sometime in the future. There are games on both systems I'd like to play, but owning both systems is just plain silly. Personally, like the 3DS, I think the XB1 is still the bees knees and don't see the point in a new machine just yet... Then there's the retro side of things. "Minis" of classic consoles and home computers of yesteryear, and even new games being released for the originals, like Matt Philips' TangleWood for the Megadrive, or Krautbuster for the MVS/Dreamcast. FPGA technology is playing a big part of this revival and even the ZX Spectrum has the "Next" seeing its way into the hands of backers of crowd funding. Development for these older machines is surprisingly more accessable than I was led to believe. The Megadrive especially seems an ideal machine to bring back for games development, and if Atgames had gone the extra mile with sound and compatibility then this could have happened much sooner. Android and IOS seem to just go from strength-to-strength. Not much to say nor predict on that front...
  10. Anri

    Noobie in need of guidence

    With a previous game under your Belt, Wayne, I think you'll do just fine. Speaking of Unity and C#, I've just started learning it myself and I think you have chosen wisely there. C# is quite the professional language these days and Unity certainly puts the fun back into making games. It sounds like you are trying to do a parent-child relationship( no pun intended! ) with the two circles. Is it just a case of when moving the first( parent? ) circle that the second( child? ) circle moves exactly with it - like an offset - or kinda "catches up" with it in a more graceful manner? Oh, and are these two circles represented in a 2D plane or a full 3D space?
  11. Anri

    Noobie in need of guidence

    Hello, Wayne and welcome to the GameDev community. Games development can seem easy at first, but so many issues creep in and if expectations are not kept in check, they can overwhelm one. Being the proud father of five is quite an undertaking in itself, so adding games development on top of that is going to be quite the challenge! With that in mind, start small and look at simple games such as Space Invaders or Tetris, and depending on what language or engine you go with, I recommend giving yourself about three months. Its not so much the game but getting to grips with the development environments, sdks and of course the graphics and sound software to go with it. As for meeting fellow "geeks", theres a site called "Meetup" and for the London area there appears to be plenty of groups to join. Cheers. Steve.
  12. While companies and developers have their own sinister plans in motion and we can only guess at what they are playing at, we still have our hopes and expectations for the future. No matter how silly, and being honest, what would you wish to see from your favourite games companies - hardware as well as software? In contrast what do you expect to see in the near or "near-ish" future?
  13. Anri

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    To be fair to this topic, this is in the "lounge" which segregates the unrelated topics from the rest of the site. This appears to be a common feature on many sites, so there is no escaping it... That said...I do sympathise with you, DangerMoose. I've had similar issues with hearing about Brexit, fanboys crapping on Last Jedi and...apparently late 90s Brit-pop was musical genius and better than todays offerings. I won't comment on Brexit nor 90s Brit pop, but unless Mark Hamill exposed his tackle and slapped Kylo Ren to death with the wet end in a scene I wasn't paying attention to...IT WAS A GOOD FILM PEOPLE - DEAL WITH IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! But yeah, I reach you bro...
  14. Anri

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Trump becoming the President of the USA felt like bad comedy. Back in the days when he presented the Apprentice, I got the impression he was a decent man. But over the years things came to light ( forcing people out of their homes in Scotland just to build a sodding golf course ) and now I can only see him as a greedy child who found his daddy's shotgun( the Presidency )... That said, I think he has bitten off more than he can chew, and hes not as mouthy as when he first entered the role. From the first day he was like "I'm in charge and you will all do as I say because I WILL shut you up", but now hes eased up slightly as the world of politics is pushing back, and its clear to anyone that he is trying to catch up with the role he was not qualified nor prepared for. That said I'm from the UK and not in a position to judge the American people for voting him in.
  15. I think its disgusting and pathetic that anyone could even think of sending a death threat over a sodding game. We had awful quality control back in the early days of gaming that made us rage until the neighbours started banging on the walls, but we just accepted it as a shit game and got on with it. Probably have a laugh about it with our mates while the more passionate ones would send a letter of displeasure to one of the gaming magazines... I've gotten upset over a lot games over the decades - most recently that !£$&ing Diggernaut* from Samus Return - but I honestly could not bring myself down to that level of childishness. For anyone here who has received such bullshit in the post - you do not deserve any of that crap, but they most definitely do deserve a visit from Robert McCall. * If you are the individual responsible for the Diggernaut in M:SR...go and stand in the corner of the room you currently occupy...and think about what you have done! But thanks for bringing Metroid back to us all the same...
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