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  1. Playing your own game

    "In days to come, I shall stand here and think 'I did that?'." It would be like writing source code, and then returning to it in a years time( or longer ). Yes, you will still remember the highlights, but there are moments when you fail to remember writing that object, or piece of code.
  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Yes, and in December 2016. The Last Jedi wrapped up shooting before that. They'll probably take scenes intended for Last jedi and put them in Episode 9 to make it stretch due to her unfortunate passing. They'll probably resort to some digital trickery to fill in the odd scene where it just cannot work without her. I dont mean to be rude, but...what is your point? So far your communication with me is "Oh holy f****** s***" and "f***", and some misunderstanding that I was unaware that Carrie had passed away in late December of 2016.
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Hello, Apoch. I'm trying to understand what your reply was in aid of, but I have come to the conclusion I have either offended you because it was Carrie's last performance( or will it be in Episode 9? ) or you simply do not agree with my opinion... ...oh wait. Hang on, "took the pay-check"...then "invested" in her role...BOOM! BOOM! I'm sure thats in Basil Brush's joke book!
  4. The best first game engine to try as a beginner

    Hello Toby. As you have little experience of programming and already introduced to Python, I would have this following "game plan" ( no pun intended )... First, focus your efforts on learning Python and programming in general. It really is the most important skill you can develop, as you can then move onto two things; "PyGame" and a GUI( "Graphical User Interface ) toolkit, of which there are more than one to choose from. PyGame will be what your game will be using to put graphics on screen, take control of user input( keyboard, gamepads etc. ) and sound/music. A GUI api( "application programming interface" ) will allow you to develop applications seperate of your game, for which you can develop tools such as sprite editors, level editors or even your own scripting language which can be used in the running game. For now, I would stick with Python as you are already familiar with it and the community support out there is massive. A 2D platformer is still quite an involved project - even for a beginner. Scale back just a bit, to say Tetris or Space Invaders - something simple that involves just a single screen. On a final note, I recommend "Python for the absolute beginner" by Michael Dawson, as its audience is beginners, but also does this with example games. These range from text-based applications to an Asteroids clone. Game Maker is another option, but it still requires some coding skill so you might as well go the proper programming route for now. That said, I found it to be a LOT of fun to use, which is probably more important than being a "part of the industry". Now, go forth Toby, and have fun!
  5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I saw it. Yes, I watched the last jedi... ...IN GLORIOUS 4DX! AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! Ahem. Last Jedi made the effort to be its own film this time, and the result is something like a melding of Phantom Menace( A rather pointless road trip ) and LOTR: The Two Towers( the last remaining pocket of resistance is about to be exterminated when cornered into a dead-end ). The latter is the saving grace of the film. There are a lot of "disappointments" in this one, but I have a strong feeling they are meant to be resolved in Episode 9. Rey was far too powerful in Force Awakens to be just "nobody", and Snoke is too god-like to not have noticed Rey's lightsaber... It was nice to have Luke back, and Mark has a lot of fun with the role. Carrie Fisher put in a much better performance this time too. In Force Awakens, she obviously had taken the pay-check and just played along. Here, she is actually invested in her role. The newcomers were quite welcome too! Rose and Admiral Holdo are quite fun and interesting, respectively. "DJ"...shades of Hondo from Clone Wars and Rebels, and I look forward to more of him in Episode 9. Rey and Kylo are force-texting each other, and Finn is still having issues with his boot-camp bully, Captain Phasma. Quite frankly, they deserve their own spin-off movie, as I was more interested in their showdown than the actual Jedi stuff! As for Snoke he is well performed, but its hard to care about a character we know nothing about besides hes super-dupa-mega-powerful in the force. My hat off, once again to Andy serkis and the team bringing him to life...but...hes just "supreme leader" to us the audience, just because he is. Overall, the Last Jedi is the longest episode so far and feels like a Peter Jackon take on the Star Wars saga. Unlike Force Awakens, I actually liked it and came away looking forward to the home video release in May. Not a patch on Empire, Sith or Rogue One, but where its own trilogy is concerned, its an improvement over the previous "episode". So yes, thumbs up! Oh! And you will never look at your ironing in the same way again!
  6. Never used Spine but it looks good. I wouldnt be surprised if Blender could do it, but then again I doubt it would be as streamlined as a dedicated package. If you are comfortable with Spine 2D then stick with it. And don't worry about the price - so long as you aren't going for the full-blown Enterprise edition. Go for Essentials for now, and then upgrade to Professional later on.
  7. Just out of curiosity, what animation software are you dependant on?
  8. Hello there. Unless this is paid contract work, you should just walk away. And do not feel bad about it because after putting in at least two years of your life, you have got very little in return - and they are still expecting more. While I understand all too well that games require some room for experimentation, when its your free time you are giving up, you dont want to have to bugger about redoing things just because your best friend is trying play George Lucas. Sounds like they have no respect for your time and effort, and taking the piss if not paying you for the insult. As you have already figured out for yourself, a small team needs to keep it small and slim. Get out of there and make space invaders or something more suitable. Bring back the fun! Team up with a programmer who is struggling on the art side( and just grateful to have another soul to work with ) and you'll most likely do far better.
  9. cim_02.jpg

    Love the diorama!
  10. Favorite game genres

    MetroidVania and Space Combat sims. I do enjoy other genres but it depends on the game.
  11. I'm dreaming too high?

    Assuming you have no programming experience nor skill in art or music...I would say you could make a rather nifty Asteroids, Tetris or Space Invaders style game. It would take you six months to learn a language and basic skills with MS Paint and a sound/music package. A further three months gettting to grips with a media api and the remaining three months to actually make it. That, at least, can be done.
  12. For such a young mind, I would recommend Python or Javascript. I've not used Scratch before, but from what I've seen it looks a safe choice. I throw Python into the mix because its most likely to be supported by schools, and will be a useful language for when they become an adult. From a parent's point of view, you can easily find a good book written with children in mind - walk into a news agents and you'll probably find a "get started in computing with python" magazine book.
  13. What is your Game of the Year for 2017 and why?

    That is a shame, my friend. It seemed interesting!
  14. What is your Game of the Year for 2017 and why?

    My apologies, Kavik, but I seem unable to track down your game Territories - would you mind posting a link? I found a board game under that name but it was made in 2007. I have always had a fondness for tabletop gaming, though sadly not enough time to make nor play them. It would be nice to see your efforts!
  15. What is your Game of the Year for 2017 and why?

    Good gawd man! Thats a damn bwwwaaaaaaaardddd-game! Put it away before the mods see it!