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  1. GodlyGamr

    which comedian should i see?

    Jim Gaffigan performed at my school recently. It was a great show (Beyond the Pale) and I definitely recommend seeing it if you get the chance.
  2. GodlyGamr

    Recommend a fab, less well known guitarist

    Herman Li (Dragonforce)
  3. GodlyGamr

    Interesting headline on yahoo.com

    Seems ok to me. Pending the Dems already had a majority in the House, this win gives them majority in the Senate and therefore in Congress. Unless I'm missing what you're trying to point out. -Jeff
  4. GodlyGamr

    best media player?

    I've been using JetAudio lately. It's nice because it has a number of different options for appearance. In normal mode, it's a bit bigger than Winamp, but it also can be minimized so that it's the same size as the start menu/taskbar. Worth a look I'd say. -Jeff
  5. GodlyGamr

    Laptop auto-click

    I have an Inspiron 9300, and on mine, this is how to set it up: -Check your taskbar for the touch pad. -Right Click on the touch pad icon -> Mouse properties -Go to the "touch pad" tab -Uncheck "tapping" -Apply Changes (There is also an option on mine for "tap off when typing") Should work. If the touch pad icon isn't in the task bar, I'm not quite sure where to find it, but I'll look around for it. -Jeff
  6. GodlyGamr

    Enumerating Desktop Windows

    Thanks everybody! So far so good!
  7. GodlyGamr

    Enumerating Desktop Windows

    Not all processes, just windows of open programs, whether they're minimized or not.
  8. Hey All, I'm using C++ and EnumWindows to attempt to get the handles of all of my open programs. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the perfect combination of tests to get only the windows for open programs. I'm either getting too many or not enough. I'm using a combination of: if (!IsWindowVisible(hWnd)) return true; if (!GetParent(hWnd) == 0) return true; if (!GetWindow(hWnd, GW_OWNER) == 0) return true; to only grab the windows that are programs (I read somewhere that this was one way of doing this). If the window fails all of these tests, then it should be a program window and the function will continue. For some reason though, I'm not getting windows that are minimized, or even obstructed by other programs unless I bring them to the front. I was under the impression that the IsWindowVisible() function only checks to make sure that a window has the VISIBLE flag and not that it was actually visible. Any idea how to make this work? Thanks, Jeff
  9. GodlyGamr

    Where are you going to school? What classes are you taking?

    I'll be attending Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) for my 2nd year. Taking: CS300 - Applied Symbolic Computation CS281 - Systems Architecture I (As long as they open another section) CS380 - Artificial Intelligence MATH300 - Numerical Analysis ENGL102 - Persuasive Writing and Reading CHEM230 - Quantitative Analysis Another 20 credit term for me. -Jeff
  10. GodlyGamr

    Clipboard contents [possibly 56k unfriendly!]

    I think from a lounge post earlier this morning (just got back from work)
  11. GodlyGamr

    Help me quick.. (Hosting problems)

    Works here in Philadelphia. -Jeff
  12. GodlyGamr

    Connected but not?

    Nothing seems particularly out of order there with the exception of the failed pings and traceroute. Is the computer you made this post on also on your wireless network or is it wired? If it's wired, I'd check your router configs to make sure that you're not filtering wireless traffic. If it's wireless...well...I'm stumped there. Since you've said it's not a firewall issue, it doesn't appear to be a problem with your computer's settings as you've posted them. -Jeff
  13. GodlyGamr


    In the US, a suite definitely can mean a luxury hotel room, but it also can be used as a nicer way to describe an apartment or office. -Jeff
  14. GodlyGamr

    Dell Battery Recall....Again

    Hey all, I just found out that Dell is recalling laptop batteries once again. Affected batteries, "under rare conditions, may overheat and cause fire". Check out: Dell Battery Program to see if you have an affected battery. This time around, I did. The thing about it is, last time there was a battery recall, my battery was of the same series as those affected, but when I put in my PPID number, it told me I didn't need a replacement. This time I did though. Same battery, been using it all this time since the last recall. What would have happened if my battery would have overheated since last time, when it was defective without Dell's knowledge? Anyway, give it a look if you have a Dell laptop. Only 20 more business days until delivery... -Jeff
  15. GodlyGamr

    Hottest girl from any game.

    Quote:Original post by Mushu Oh, but more to the point - Seconded
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