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    To Python or Perl?

    There is no right answer, but I would say use the tools that works best for you in the current situation your in. It all depends on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, and your comfort level using the languages. For myself, the following is true: For automatic things like startup scripts, BASH is the way to go. For system administration scripts I prefer Perl. I find that Perls libraries more closely match the under lying Unix commands and conceptually its easier. I use Python for coding apps, and PHP for web. I would think that Java would be tougher to use for system administration programs, but I don't have much experience outside of school with Java so I cannot be certain.
  2. debaere

    linux/UNIX concepts

    The above is mostly correct. Linux resembles Unix in a lot of ways, and is POSIX compliant, which is a standard that both Unixes and Linux conform to. Unix systems have grown from the Original Bell Labs UNIX into many forms, some of which are Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, and the BSD's. AFIAK they are all either a direct lineage of the original UNIX code, or at one time were rewrites based on that code. Linux, on the other hand, has been completly written from scratch and is not based on any Unix code. It is based on the same standards, which is why they are so similar. I can't speak for anyone else, but I prefer the Nix's beacuse they are a lot more robust, secure, flexible, and feature rich. I prefer to program on Linux for the same reasons. Linux was originally written by programmers for programmers, so it contains a lot of tools that are helpful to programmers. The fact that Linux is also an excellent desktop and server platform is a secondary (but no means a minor one) consequence. To quote Marcel Gagne: The command line is power, and I like it.
  3. I have not seen a full distro (aside from the run-on-a-floppy varieties) that do not contain python or perl. The only question is the version number. To ensure the most compatible vs newest language versions, I would code to Python2.2 and Perl 5.6
  4. debaere

    getting source of webpages

    I wrote a Java library that handles the functionality that you are looking for. You can download it from my site at: codeforge.org I have only tested it under Linux, but being Java it should work anywhere. Dave
  5. debaere

    Getting local IP

    the command /sbin/ifconfig provides you, among other things, the IP addresses of your connection. Odds are your looking for the IP address associated with eth0 ( your standard ethernet card) or ppp0, your standard dial-up.
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