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  1. Zerosignull

    Opcode colision detection help! _

    Its not a linking error or executing/running error. Opcode is a collision detection libary http://www.codercorner.com/Opcode.htm
  2. Zerosignull

    Maximum value for Far Clip

    ide be carefull about drawing anything further then a 32bit number distance away. The depth buffer on most hardware is only 32b-ati/24b-nvidia
  3. Hi, Straight forward question, and i hope answer, how do i get Opcode to work in my project's? I have built the lib's and put them in my VC/LIB dir and linked to them in my progject and i have included the opcode/opcode.h in my files but when i try to use any opcode function or types i just get undeclared identifyers when trying to compile. Help! Tnak's P.S if this is the wrogn froum sorry. Just seems like the most likely one
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