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  1. trager

    My 2nd OpenGL game

    The game over sprite should be deleted before the menu system comes up, could you give anymore details. Does it happen all of the time or under specific circumstances because I can't recreate it.
  2. trager

    My 2nd OpenGL game

    Really sorry about that. The link is now fixed, enjoy. Glad you liked Pong btw.
  3. trager

    My 2nd OpenGL game

    Sorry guys just realised the installer version I post was flawed. You will find that the shortcuts don't work. If thats the case you need to download it again or just set the working folder for the shortcut to the app folder which should be something like c:\program files\the void. Sorry about that.
  4. trager

    My 2nd OpenGL game

    Cool I'm glad you liked it. Too be honest I'm not sure I like the way the keys are setup at the moment either. Have you played our pong clone too?
  5. trager

    My 2nd OpenGL game

    Hey all Back in January we wrote a Pong clone which went down quite well here and I thought you all may like to know that we have just finished our second game. The game is called The Void and is a Space Invaders clone, go download it and let us know what you think. Thanks
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