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  1. if you only knew ...
  2. I have a link problem in one of my projects which contains one exe and several static libs in a Visual Sutdio 2013 project. The executable name is exec.library and rely on several static libs (intuition.library and graphics.libray to name a few). Intuition.library calls functions in graphics.library and of course, exec.library calls functions in both graphics.library and intuition.library. This little drawing will help in understanding the interdependences :                   +------+           +-------+ exec +-----+           |       +------+     |           |                    |           |                    |      +----v------+       +-----v----+      | intuition +-------> graphics |      +-----------+       +----------+     I have the following (french) error : 1>intuition.library.lib(OpenScreen.obj) : error LNK2019: symbole externe non résolu _ScreenToFront référencé dans la fonction _OpenScreen 1>D:\dev\MimicOS\SysCore\Debug\kernel.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 externes non résolus ScreenToFront() and OpenScreen() functions are from intuition.library. When I compile intuition.library and graphics.library, everything is fine. On the other hand, when I compile exec.library (which uses intuition and graphics library), I have this error. What is confusing is that these two functions are derived from the same static lib (intuition.library) ... From what I understand, the problem lies in the fact that intuition.libray (a static library) and graphics.library (which is a static library too) calls each others. In my fruitless search on the net, I came across several articles that may be may be related: - - For those who have the courage to download the project (500KB), everything is available here: Someone would have an idea?  
  3. Hi, I can read whole texture image with a call to glGetTexImage. Is there any command to read only a portion of the texture ? The worst scenario would be to use glReadPixel()...
  4. No, you misunderstood my post... I want to make a remake because I think this was a great game. What I want to know is if this would be possible to add something to this game. I have my vision and I would have others one.As I said in the title, see this post as a request for ideas.
  5. Hi I'm making an open source remak of Eye of the Beholder II. The project name is Dungeon Eye. you can have a look at the project at and download the latest release. For the fans (if any ??) you have a SVN access. The game is based on a home made engine in C# and OpenGL. Pictures are better than words, so : This is for the technical part. I'm looking for new ideas, wishes to add in futur releases. One think I would like to add is a kind of multiplayer experience. But any way, here's a short list of ideas : Coop : 2 players can player in the same dungeon. For example, one player pull down a lever, stay on a floor plate while the other player pass through the opened gate. Player vs Player : Each player must kill the other one.Capture the flag : One player must have in his possession an object and keep it as long as possibleTower Defense : One player is The bad one and send his minions. Each player must destroy monsters and then kill the evil monster.[Your idea here] : ... But I'm open to any other ideas, such as : Merchant : You can buy/sell itemsCity : Add city mapTavern : enrole new hero, find new quest[Your idea here] : ... I'm open to any suggestion, criticism.
  6. iliak

    Developing Map Editor

    You can give my map editor a try.
  7. iliak

    Texture issue

    PolygonSmooth was activated and as I draws each sprite as two separate triangles, each triangle was smoothed... Solution found, but the question is still pending, why thoses glitches were not apparent with the old card and apparent with the new one... ?
  8. iliak

    Texture issue

    Quote:Original post by karwosts Have you entertained the possibility you just have a defective piece of hardware? Have you tried running other games on it to see if there are problems? That certainly seems bizarre. On Dx games, no problems, but on other OpenGL demos, I have the same effects... I'll try to change it this week end... I tried the latest OpenGL beta driver, and no changes ;(
  9. iliak

    Texture issue

    No mipmap used... I tried with and with out, no changes.... Even for full 3d mesh, like the tunnel effect below : but this time, you can see the mesh, it shouldn't...
  10. iliak

    Texture issue

    I have a report that under a GTX260, no problem... - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 : Driver name : nvoglv64 Driver version : Driver date : 1-11-2010
  11. Here's my OpenGL problem. On a GeForce 8800 GTS (Driver version : on x64) and on Quadro Fx570M (Driver version : on x86) my game output is : > On the *same* computer, with a GeForce GTX 460 (Driver version : on x64), here's the output : Here's some debug output for each config: OpenGL informations : Version : 3.0.0 Shading Language Version : 1.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler Forward compatible mode Everything is rendered as GL_TRIANGLES in the VBO. For more information about my SpriteBatch, have a look here I don't have any clue about this issue... I bought a new GTX460 to replace my "old" 8800GTS on my Windows 7 x64 computer, and now I got this bug... At first sight, it seems to be a texture issue (HorizontalWrap or VerticalWrap parameter), but I tried several values, no solutions...
  12. You can have a look at the SVN for the full source code. What kind of help could you make ?
  13. Don't know, but I use ZipStorer to process zip files (don't know the real difference between zlib and zip...). Another hint would have a look at System.IO.Compression maybe...
  14. I'm currently making a clone of Eye of the beholder II called Dungeon Eye. I'm looking for a rest algorythm (when the party is sleeping, they mages/clerics can heal team members, clerics / mages can gain new spells...). If you have any idea, it would be great :)
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