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  1. Benjamin Heath

    Snipes clone: "Cripes!"

    That's great. <3 Snipes. Mind showing the code, possibly open-sourcing it? I'd like to help out.
  2. Benjamin Heath


    Wow. I'm very sorry to hear this... My condolences as well.
  3. Benjamin Heath


    Sounds great!
  4. Benjamin Heath

    Watch out...

    Wow, you can do it in 50? Shit, I thought I was the man with 73, but you, you got it down!
  5. Benjamin Heath

    Here I Am...

    Hey guys, I'm still around. I recently started a myspace account here, so feel free to drop by. --> I got the job. I am now a paid-on-call firefighter for Holtville, California. I also passed the written exam for full-time firefighter, though I don't expect to have that position for some time. I took the exam for reserve firefighter on Saturday, and I'm pretty sure I passed it. It was the same as the test I took to get into the academy. Let the good times roll, man.
  6. Benjamin Heath

    My GDNet+ Subscription... meow

    Well, I originally subscribed to GDNet+ because I planned on making some games and releasing them on my webspace. I failed at that objective, and my schedule will be too tight for me to try again for the time being. Hence, it will not be cost-effective for me to subscribe again for some months to come, and it may be that I won't resubscribe until I have a mostly-finished program to offer here. It's just a matter of priorities.
  7. Benjamin Heath

    My GDNet+ Subscription... meow

    Well, my subscription runs out next Friday, and I won't renew it until much later on, so this'll be it for a while. Oh well. Aside from that, the end of my semester is, what, a month away now? Finals are coming up in the next several weeks, so it's time to study. I'm also being hired at one of the local departments as a "paid-on-call" firefighter. That's a very entry-level position, and I plan on doing it for six months or less. It's not much. I will also be testing this weekend for being a reserve firefighter at the department I've been volunteering with, and hopefully that will turn out well. Bye bye for the time being, GDNet+. It's been fun.
  8. Benjamin Heath


    Well, I've completed my only 6-week class of this semester: Hazardous Materials for First Responders. It was a weekly class that would go for 5 hours at a time. It wasn't really hard, but it took a good bit of studying to pass the tests. We had to learn how to recognize the presence of haz-mat/dangerous goods and how to deal with such an incidentmeow. (Hold life safety above all else, isolate and deny entry to the scene, make appropriate notifications, etc.) It was boring at times, like anything, but we got through it. Actually, I think I'll take some chemistry later on so I'll be better prepared for this at work. All in all, I'm happy now that it's over. [sigh of relief] PS: SIN is a responder's acronym for Safety, Isolation, Notifications. [evil]
  9. Benjamin Heath

    Find the hidden meow.

    Quote:You still in training or are you a fully fledged firefighter now?I'm in training. While I'm still volunteering, I'm also going through the fire academy (which will last until next June because it's through the local college). And here's 10 meow points to Rob. :P
  10. Benjamin Heath

    Find the hidden meow.

    A strike team was sent from my department to the wild fire around LA last Wednesday. From the news this morning, it seems the fire is getting under control, so they should be back by tomorrow or Tuesday, if they're not already. I was called in at 0400 last Thursday to fill in as a volunteer, and apparently I was the only one who responded to the call. (The other volunteers meow and reserves didn't answer until 0730.) And yes, it is really really cool now to use military time. [rolleyes] By the end of October, I'll be a certified Hazardous Materials First Responder in two levels: Awareness level (where I identify the materials involved, isolate the area, deny entry and call for backup) and Operations level (where I carry out Awareness procedures and follow up with defensive operations). I've also put my applications in for two firefighting positions at my department: Reserve, and Firefighter I. A reserve is just that, and a FFI is a full-time position with better pay. I'm applying for both to see which one I get. The written exam is on October 19, so let's hope I get the job. I'm instituting something new for my journal: I'm going to insert the word "meow" at someow random location in every journal entry from now on, and you guys will get points if you find it. And it's just to be fun, I just want to put something extra in there. (I mean, heck you can use CTRL-F and it'll be right there.) And yes, I got the idea from Super Troopers. [grin] Take it easy guys
  11. Benjamin Heath

    The Search for More Money.

    Well, I was cut from my old position because of conflicts with my school schedule. I was in the receiving dock at a department store, but now I'm just "on-call." That means I don't have a schedule, but they'll call me into work if someone is sick. I might keep it for a few extra bucks now and then, but I may quit just as well. Meanwhile, I'm applying to be an entry-level firefighter at a nearby department where several other cadets work. They'll have me come in every five days for 24 hour shifts while I attend the academy, so it should be a pretty nice gig. It's a small town department, though, so I don't expect much from there. It'll be alright.
  12. Benjamin Heath


    Let it be known that I am sucking no sour in that picture. [smile] And I actually was wearing my uniform, but I held the camera myself, so that wasn't in the frame. Anyway, thanks guys, Dad's doing fine.
  13. Benjamin Heath


    I went ahead and added a mugshot to my webspace, and posted it in this thread. Here it is again: Regarding my blocks game, my schedule didn't allow for it yesterday, so I didn't get any coding done. I think I'll follow a process over the next week to finish it, following methods from Game Architecture & Design (by Morris & Rollings). It'll be alright. Some good news about Dad: His tumor has shrunk to a third of its old size, and the doctors are giving him a much longer life expectancy of 12 to 24 months. We are hoping, of course, that he'll last even longer, because the guy's just too stubborn to give up like that. [smile] We're all happy here.
  14. Benjamin Heath

    I love C# :)

    Wow, MS really laid it down when they made all this. I am thoroughly enjoying C#! [smile] Okay, SDL.Net is all up an running, and it's just great. Rob Loach and jendave have been of huge help over on the SDL.Net forums, so here's a shout out to them. What I really love is VS's code exploration, which makes this really easy to learn. It's a huge help. On Monday, I'm going to make a little blocks game. It's not Tetris because I'm sick of Tetris, but just a little game involving building blocks. If my schedule allows for it, I'll finish it up and post it next week. Again, thanks guys.
  15. Benjamin Heath


    Well, in my case, I'm just learning C# now, and it's going very well. The language is very clean, and VC# makes it really easy to learn.
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