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    End of the world may be near - Duke Nukem Forever at PAX

    Quote:Original post by Kaze It will certainly be insult to injury for 3drealms if gearbox can finish DNF in one year. Also, this is one game for which I wouldn't mind reading a book on its history. It has all the epic elements of being a tragedy, a comedy, and possibly an educational project management horror story.
  2. I saw an ad for that yesterday. *shrug* That is the extent of my insight and interest.
  3. Benjamin Heath

    Marriage and New Home!!

  4. Benjamin Heath

    Post your favorite music video (link)!

    What do you get when you combine Rammstein and El Sonidito? Video-editing hilarity.
  5. Benjamin Heath

    So yeah Im quitting my job lol

    Understood, or understandable. However, if I were you, I'd be looking for some way to fund your game development venture. Call it a seed. It could be a part-time job or a side business, but it needs to help you along financially while you work on your game development fortune, preferably without getting in the way. [smile] I mean, if that's really want to do. There are dangers here: You could get used to the income of your side business, and forget what you could be making with your greater venture. Eventually, you've traded the (feasible) dream for paycheck-to-paycheck. The flipside is another danger. You could get so wrapped up in "the dream" without realizing you could be building your side business up to make more money, perhaps in less time with less expense. You're at an exciting cross-roads, that's for sure. [smile]
  6. Benjamin Heath

    So yeah Im quitting my job lol

    FU, while a tasty energy drink that tastes like liquid Nerds candy and will keep you up for an extended period of time, isn't something I've told any company that I've quit. Publicly. (:p) Good luck to you anyway, but reality is going to hit you harder than any words of (dis/en)couragement can. Not to be an ass, but really to catalyze your success if you were my son, I'd be on your case every day. Worked for me. "Try" and all words derived thereof should be removed from your vocabulary. You mention technical skills, nothing remotely about business, and yet you wish to work at home. This will have to change. You think being your own boss makes it easy? Being your own boss may mean you have to be the worst boss you've ever had in order to get somewhere. You mention working with friends. While I can't speak for them or your team's synergy, I have a hard time trusting it from afar. I say that because you didn't mention them anywhere in what success you've had with what games you've completed. What discipline will they bring? Friends can be assets, or they can be flakes. And you're scared. Well, I would be too. You're in a sink-or-swim situation if you wish to make this work. I don't think games will be it if you wish to make an income off of XNA or whatever, because the monetary, willpower, and time investments required often outweigh the revenue. If I was your mother and saw that kind of success, I'd encourage you, but I'd also tell you to look at another venture that would actually pay money. Finally, you will have to answer to yourself: Why did I quit, after all? Wish you well, buddy. You're in for a high tuition in the school of hard knocks. :)
  7. Benjamin Heath

    Holy crap Gran Turismo 5...

    Hmm. Nah.
  8. Benjamin Heath

    You know you've been playing too many video games when...

    A Batman: Arkham Asylum addiction almost had me writing my own Batman story. In truth, that's something I'd love to do anyway, to have my own studio for my own brand of graphic novels. And for a while there, I had everything about Zuma stuck in my head after playing it. Can't get past level 6 though, so that kinda died.
  9. Benjamin Heath

    A Slight Malfunction (story with piktarz)

    Quote:Original post by owl Very nice story INDEED! I also imagined a furious creature trying to get out of your car! lol I microwaved an egg a few months ago. I knew it'd asplode if I didn't break it so I broke it and put the contents in a little cup of coffe and inside a bag. I left it microwaving like a minute or so. I've done this many times and I never had any problems. I took it out and unmolded it on a plate. I always loved the cilindrical shape it gets when done like this. I put some mayonnaise on it and little bit of salt. I was SO HUNGRY. When I cut it, IT ASPLODED INTO A MILLON PIECES. There was egg all over me, all over the roof, the floor and walls. Behind the fridge and the coffe machine. Fuck. I spent the next hour cleaning everything and I was still starving! arrr That's the first time I've heard of someone actually microwaving an egg. Come on, dude, you can fry it in 2 minutes. Why would you microwave that?
  10. Benjamin Heath

    A Slight Malfunction (story with piktarz)

    So my buddies are all standing around a bonfire. The guys' mom is inside, and everyone else is out in the backyard enjoying the flames. One certain individual, who shall pointlessly remain nameless (;p), strolls by the fire, and casually tosses in a can of lighter fluid. "Ah dude!" they cry, expecting some immediate effect. Well, nothing happens. So after a few minutes, they just kinda forget about it and go back to what they were talking about. And then BLAM!! My buddy loses an eyebrow and the ensuing shockwave echoes through the house which pisses off his mom who then comes out raging after him with a wooden spoon. :p
  11. Benjamin Heath

    Duke Nukem Forever Is Back!

    See, Axl? You don't have to feel so bad about Chinese Democracy, after all.
  12. Benjamin Heath

    I'm afraid of working in the video game industry...

    One more thing: They tell you to not underestimate people. Going the other way is a big problem, too: Overestimating people. Don't think of others as having some hopelessly superior social qualities than yours. You'll learn out in the world very quickly that a whole lot of people are full of crap. Oh-my-god. We're talking people who can start a conversation, and that's maybe it. We're talking people who espouse the most unethical views, the height of douchebaggery. We're talking about people with no integrity. (Integrity = Words / Actions) We're talking about people whose concept of business is in employment (not necessarily bad, but perhaps), and whose concept of employment is just in collecting a paycheck (BAD!). And that's the narrow extent of it. *sigh* So yeah, don't feel bad, okay? :P
  13. Benjamin Heath

    I'm afraid of working in the video game industry...

    Quote:Original post by solid gear solid I'm the type of guy who will talk only if he is spoken to then I will start talking to you. I'm a real nice and cool guy I think. But I'm simply not social. [...] I know very little about making friends and being social. I consider myself boring because I don't really do much at all. [...] I don't do much for fun either. I just play video games, go to college, and go home and sit on my laptop. I find plenty of things boring and most of the time I simply don't feel like going out when I get the chance. Sounds like you're doing fine. [smile] Do you realize that describes a whole lot of people out there? But I understand, there's something you're not really comfortable with, and there's an itch you want to scratch. Quote:I need female friends too because the majority of my friends have always been male. I believe time is running out for me. I have to take advantage of still being in college where I can meet plenty of friends.You say this, and then you mention high school and some certificate program, and from that I have a hard time believing you're running out of time. [smile] Don't worry about it. Quote:I also kept a very low profile in high school. I was only "open" to close friends. (which is the opposite of who I was in middle school; I had more friends and talked a lot).High school is no measure of a person's capacity for being a nice, friendly person. Graduation is like a baptism; you can let it go. [smile] Quote:And I don't have a job because I really don't need it I suppose. I don't like being this lonely and I'm afraid I'll never find love especially in a career that is full of men.The others have already pointed this out, but why would you look for romance at work? I'm not saying it can't happen, or that it's 100% a bad idea, but in most cases, that's not what you want dude. Quote:I simply do not have an idea how I get meet girls outside of a video game development studio.Now that's a really weird statement to make. :p Quote:Yeah I'm extremely paranoid. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This situation is really stressing me out. Should I speak to a psychiatrist about this?Do you feel you need some sort of therapy? The best I can say is that I don't have enough information. Quote:I don't know what I can do. I literally feel like I don't have a life. I see everyone around me with plenty of male and female friends, doing things that are fun and I can't relate to that at all and I don't know how to get any of that.Okay. Invite some friends over. Buy some beer. And watch the 40 Year Old Virgin. [smile] While personally, I don't put the same kind of value on sex like that movie does, it's fun to watch someone otherwise inept who learns how to talk the talk, and how simple it is. [smile] Quote:I wanted to get this off my chest.It's a legitimate concern, and I think it's clear that something's bothering you, perhaps something deeper than any of us could possibly determine without knowing you personally. But at best, you simply need some reassurance as a first step: You're fine. Are you rude? Do you attack anyone? Snap at anyone? Condescending? Conceited? If not, then take reassurance in your good qualities. Trust me, I'd rather have a good, solid friend who's a good person than some hipster jackass in any setting, ever.
  14. Benjamin Heath

    Proposal before actual help wanted post.

    Just make your own game. Don't set your eyes so high on a venture that leads... nowhere.
  15. Benjamin Heath

    Do movie previews piss you off?

    Wait, are you saying that gimmicks don't work in the long term (or in the short term, in some cases)? Are you actually proposing that people will pay for a 2 hour show to enjoy what it has to offer in terms of story and delivery? Are you to pull my leg and tell me they'd only go see a feature with a gimmick just to say that they did? Yeah, I'd agree. [smile]
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