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  1. Hi Darookie, Thanks for supplying the code. I am quite sure you have got it right. There must be something else I have done that screw things up. The last thing I haven't really tried is checking the device cap... Thanks again...
  2. Thanks for answering. That's exactly what I was doing, trying to change the alpha without actually touching the pixel alpha values. The idea is to apply a single alpha value to the material or the vertex color alpha, hoping that this value will affect the texture. I had tried various combinations or alpha and color OPs (Texture Stage States), using different combinations or texture arguments, but it seems that it has no effect at all. (Only stage zero is used). On the other hand bitmaps (with no alpha) will be affected directly by the material and vertex alpha. By the way I am (still) using DX 7 , so DDS is the easiest way to get the alpha into the texture. I am not sure if it has to do with DX 7....
  3. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if I can control the transparency of a texture on the fly? If I use a bitmap, I can easily do that by changing the material transparency (diffuse color transparency), or change the vertex color transparency. But when I am using a DDS texture (I am using DXT 5), then the above will no longer work. With DDS the alpha always remain the values you have set when you created the texture. The effect I expect is to take the existing alpha values and multiply it with the alpha values of the material (or the vertex colors). I tried to use D3DTSS_COLOROP or D3DTSS_ALPHAOP but they have no effect. On the other hand, using bitmap will work perfectly. The DDS texture was created by importing a PNG file (with alpha values) and compress to DXT 5. Is there any thing I can do? Thanks a lot.
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