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  1. I'm with Gage64 on this one, bloom's article has the theory but is a bit outdated with todays hardware. I used Nate Glasser's "Texture Splatting in Direct3D" article to implement texture splatting. In the end I rewrote it all in hlsl, with different a slightly varied blend method. Let me know if you need some help on the hlsl.
  2. SiliconMunky

    New Games look So Sweet!

    agreed. a mediocre engine can look amazing with good artists, and a great engine can look like poop with programmer art :) It kinda sucks, but it's true. That's why development teams can grow into the hundreds.
  3. SiliconMunky

    Question about job placement

    I agree 100% with frob on this one. Tom's site is everything you need to know.
  4. SiliconMunky

    setting sampler states in my pixel shader

    ooooooooh! that makes a lot more sense now :D I'm surprised CompilePixelShaderFrom* would work when having that extra sampler_state stuff in the shader file. Thanks for the help :)
  5. Hello all, I've run into a problem with trying to point filter my texture so that when I display my font texture on the screen, the font is exactly how it looks in the source bitmap. Here is the shader I use to display the font texture on the screen, sampler2D tex0 : register(s0) = sampler_state { MipFilter = Point; MagFilter = Point; MinFilter = Point; AddressU = Wrap; AddressV = Wrap; }; float4 ps_main( float4 inColour: COLOR0, float2 inTx1: TEXCOORD0 ) : COLOR0 { float4 tex = tex2D(tex0, inTx1); //load the texture float4 outColor = tex * inColour; return outColor; } What happens is that the texture isn't being point filtered. Doesn't having the min and mag filter in the sampler_state determine this? I noticed that if I set the sampler state through the device, then it comes out as I expect. mlpDevice->SetSamplerState(0,D3DSAMP_MINFILTER, D3DTEXF_POINT); mlpDevice->SetSamplerState(0,D3DSAMP_MAGFILTER, D3DTEXF_POINT); Could someone please explain what is happening here? Thanks.
  6. SiliconMunky

    How to keep my motivation up?

    Having a programming buddy helps to "pressure" you into keeping on programming. Also keep your eye on the goal, are you hoping to one day get a job in the industry? Edit: Also find people who you will appreciate seeing the programs you write, when you get good feedback from them that will definitely motivate you to start your next program or feature.
  7. SiliconMunky

    Those with software related jobs.

    I've developed two commercial titles, and I'm just about to start a job at a new company doing nextgen console development. Pm me for my email/msn if you still need someone.
  8. SiliconMunky

    Rotation around center

    What are the coordinates of the triangle? Sounds like the triangle is not centered around it's local origin.
  9. SiliconMunky

    First game, your thoughts?

    looks great! The only problem that I was that it was wayy too fast on my system athlon64 3500+. I would suggest you use a time delta to modify how much you move the ball per frame. keep up the good work
  10. I agree, sounds like bogus hardware, or inproperly installed drivers. Maybe try using the reference card instead of the hardware.
  11. SiliconMunky

    Typical hours for game programmers

    At the last company I worked for, it was 40 hours a week for the first 5 months of the project, and for the last 2 months of the project it was 50 to 70 hours a week. No paid overtime.
  12. SiliconMunky

    Video game for the blind

    Quote:Original post by frob Text based games work well, such as a MUD with a braile or TTS interface. I have a blind friend (Brad) who plays in a MUD community. As far as the 3D audio, you better have a high quality surround-sound system hooked up, since the blind are able to use spatial sound amazingly well. frob. I do like the idea of text based games, but unfortunatly this project is for a music class, so it needs to be audio related. As far as how high quality the audio will need to be for the game to be playable, I'm a bit worried that the positional audio techniques used with headphones won't be enough. From my experience, headphones are much better than surround sound systems on computer for determining positions of sounds though. I should have a playale demo done by this weekend. I'll post a link when I'm done. I'd be interested to see if blind people will have an advantage at the game over people with sight.
  13. SiliconMunky

    Video game for the blind

    Hey all, I'm currently taking a music course on Computers and Music, and for a final project I am going to do a video game for blind people (ignore the video part). Currently what I've been working on is a computer version of Marco Polo. Using 3D positional audio, the player has to use the mouse and/or keyboard to capture the players. I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for computer games for blind people. Thanks for any advice or criticism. P.S. I was going to post screenshots of what I've currently got, but there's not much to see :)
  14. SiliconMunky

    Am i doomed to failure?

    Quote:Original post by rimmer91 Sorry for being such a noob. You're not a noob, you already know more than a lot of people out there. Whether you beleive it or not. Even though there is always someone that knows more than you, you have to remember that there's always someone that knows less than you too! :D Sava mentioned in his post, how he had to go back and re-learn a lot of the math that he didn't master in college or university as well. I'm in the same boat, and for me, programming is a method for learning. It helps to show me what I don't know and what I need to learn more about. While the 3d programming does require a lot of math, not all the areas of the game industry require as much math. Level design and quest/mission scripting usually doesn't deal with the math directly, so that might be an avenue for you to explore as well. Math may seem scary when you don't understand what is going on, (I know, I failed many math classes because I never went to class, hahah) but you just have to be patient and take the time to figure it all out. Once you do figure it out, you'll feel so much smarter :) I understand how you can be intimidated by the math. On the front, a lot of math looks really confusing and scary, but if you take the time and walk through the steps slowly, you'll realize that most math is actually pretty simple. I think the key to learning math, and understanding it, is to constantly be working at it. Do atleast a little bit of math every single day. It's like working out, over time your math muscle (your brain) will get stronger. As as with any kind of muscle building, you have to start low and gradually build yourself up, giving yourself a bit of a challenge everyday. Post any of the questions you have on the math forum here, there is always someone who can help you with any math topic you can think of. Goodluck with the learning, but that's what programming is all about, a constant journey of learning.
  15. SiliconMunky

    Release and Debug mode

    hmmm that is very strange, are you able to run the debug exe file from the folder? what actually happens when is crashes?
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