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    Merry fucking christmas!

    Man o' man! You haven't lived until you've come close to death. About two hours ago I came near to a comatose state here at home. I can hear the bells, uh, uh ... nope, sorry. For those of you that don't know I have a very unique disease called Emery Drifuss Muscular Dystrophy. It alone is a very powerful stranglehold on all muscles in the body, this includes the heart and lungs which for myself are those I have to keep a constant eye on. They can be naughty... For Christmas my buddies whipped up a block of chocolate (AERO bars) with a special treat from the non-forest floor bed. According to the vaults of erowid I have broken one of my personal all time goals. Experienced EXTREME time dilatation. * makes the check * Not only that, when everything took effect I found nothing I felt ... felt. Slowly over the progression emotions were blown up and silenced. Senses crossed hugely, as things I saw were being processed directly in to words without thought. Sentences contained jangled words slapped together without frame of reference, as if my brains digital system malfunctioned so they had to dust off the old switch board. I'm sorry sir, it will take just one second. Sorry sir, I plugged you in to the wrong line. One moment please. Yes, hold. Yes.. yes , I know you've been waiting. *unplug* The worst part was when I found out that because of my rare condition, my trip as not only powerful but it came without oxygen! Taking 8 huge gasps of air every minute, personally because I couldn't feel anything anyway I wasn't sure if I was getting air. If I had stopped thinking about breathing I would have stopped completely. What creeped me out the most was the time dilatation. Minutes took so long, or no time at all. Like somehow my video card blew a capacitor and just encountered a bottle neck, then suddenly dropped off all the frames and I was fast forwarded 5 minutes a head. How, what, hunh? It was 4:10 for a good 30 minutes, I swear. ... Now I'm just downstairs watching Dots Data Cafe on late night TV while typing this. Whats even more amusing is that after all this all I can think about is how the guy on Dots Data Cafe is just as pathetic as he was back when he started ...
  2. A weird turn of events happened this week. For thanksgiving my parents came up to Ottawa for dinner. Only this time around I cooked the turkey, and good I might add. I can cook anything as long as I have instructions. Yesterday really threw my mind off, my 19 year old cousin died in a car crash earily in the morning. My mother came in all teary-eyed, but I guess I didn't feel the same way since I usually live 5 hours away. I had only seen her a few times, so I'm a little relictant to go to her funeral. I want too, but I don't feel good about it. Poor girl. In other news, I'm working more on that RTS but most of my time is being deticated to my assignments. My only problem is coming up with a good method to handle all the map data. The articles here are very resourceful, a little old but they will do. My problem is handling tiles that span multiple cells, how I would add them to my array of link lists and how I would be able to destory those tiles that span many cells in an efficient way if need be.
  3. This past month I've in some cases let myself go, as if all my original plans went to hell in a hand basket. Before I came back here to University I wanted to start working out, getting my body in to shape and not letting it fall in to the pits. But everyone in this house insist on buying nothing but garbage! Carbohydrates are a big part of the meals in this house, and the only thing here of nutritional value are fruits. Am I stuck to eat fruits for the next few years? I've been eating more plain Yougert and Raisins, which are better for you then hot dogs, bread, crackers, and canned saturated fats. I've had a couple assignments to do this week. I got my C++ assignment done in an day, and handed that in quickly. I have an assembly assignment due on Thursday and another written one due on wednesday. I screwed up the one today. For the past few days I've been trying to catch up to this course on algorithms, but in the end the assignment kicked my ass and I didn't hand it in. Fuck. I really haven't had much time to work on my stuff, been playing way too much network Starcraft and Diablo II to focus. But I've been layout out the foundation for that small tank game I was planning. The sprite, quad, and physics manager are kicking my ass and I don't really want to have to deal with those classes. So the game is going to have a grid based birds eye to it. I got to get up in 6 hours. I really don't want to go to sleep, but I must. Sometimes I wish life was simpler, and always went my way ...
  4. PumpkinPieman


    I'm pretty damn tired right now, and I've slept through one of my classes. Last night was a blast, I went to see Bad Religion and Dropkick Murphy's in concert. It was a fucking amazing show, a whole crap load of great songs were played. The downer of the night was that I wasn't shitfaced drunk. But I still had a great time.
  5. PumpkinPieman

    Microsoft Can Lick my Balls

    Well, I'm still having those god damn ACPI.sys errors. The ones that make your CPU speed drop to 10% and lag your whole god damn computer. Well, I phoned microsoft today because I haven't been able to figure this out, neither can anyone else. It fucking pisses me off. So apparently being a good guy and buying their proucts out of the question. I have Windows XP OEM and they don't support the OEM version of Windows XP unless it has been bundled with some of my hardware. That having been said, this is a drawing of a Microsoft rep sucking on my cock. This will cost me $600 fucking dollars to get fixed. I'm throwing away my A8N32-Sli Deluxe and AMD 4200+. Fuck AMD, fuck Microsoft, fuck your god damn bullshit. I can only take this shit for so long. I'm going for an intel core duo.
  6. PumpkinPieman


    Well, I recently got settled in to this place and I'm already not doing much programming. I recently got addicted to Diablo II after I bought the expansion with the pack. I've been playing network Unreal 2k4, Diablo II, and it looks like Counter-Strike soon. To be real honest, I think I've lost interest in writing Hollow Halls. I'm just more interested in war RTS games then I am side-scrollers. I'm also sick of writing classes for wrapping other classes together to make one task more easy. Creating a sprite from a resource can now be done in 1 + x lines. One for loading the XML file and the other for creating the draw entity. It makes me cringe that in this one class I use XMLLoader, QuadManager, and PhysicsManager to wrap up creating sprite objects. Blah. I got a new laptop for school. I didn't really care what was it in, just as long as it's light and works. I have a lot of time between classes so this is why I bought it, so I can sit in the library and work on my programs. I told myself that no games are going to be installed, and the only ones that are loaded are those that I'm working on. I feel a D2 urge coming on. Gotta run.
  7. PumpkinPieman

    Moving Right Along

    Well, this is the first week in the new place and it's quite nice. There is one small room in the 5 room house and at first it seemed as if it were going to be chosen when everyone arrived, but that slowly changed to first come first serve. I was the second here so I got one of the big rooms, which was then painted and pissed in to mark my territory. The only real downfall is that I have to sleep on the couch downstairs until by bed and matress arrive tomorrow. The internet isn't fully up yet, we have someone coming here on the 11th to hook it up. For now we are just using some of the available networks around the neighbourhood. Is this evil of us? Yes. But were needed addicted fiends. Ben says he isn't addicted, but he's going through a case of denial.
  8. PumpkinPieman

    "I can see", said the blind man.

    I finally got my optical prescription filled, and according to the guy who made the lens I have a very mild stigmatism. So I got the glasses back yesterday, and to be honest I don't ever remember seeing things this clearly. Tree's before looked like a shape with multiple colours, but with the glasses each individual leaf is defined. It's pretty weird. I can even read without stopping to make out words, which has always been a problem with me. I thought I was just retarded. This is my last day here at the company for the summer school student position, and tonight I'm making a 5 hour trip up to Ottawa to get settled in to the new place. I came in this morning and I got a whole bunch of cards wishing me good luck at University. I get a feeling I'll do better this year now that I'll actually be able to see the board this time. Anyway, they also got me a small Bamboo plant with three stalks meaning "happiness", which I thought was great. How did they know that my favourite animal is a Panda? Voodoo I tell you. Hollow Halls is coming along, even though I have been taking breaks I found out how to weed out unwanted events by sifting through the docs. It also passes a message structure telling me if the button is up down or down repeated, which is good because I don't have to keep track of the state. So what I need to do is finish the Draw class, which uses the Physics, Quad, and XMLResource classses. It will allow me to build a sprite list and to create new copy sprites defined in the resource on the fly. What I also have to do is look more deeply in to Flatland callbacks, just for collision detection. Since it returns which Flatland::Object* the collision came in contact with, I'm going to take a nasty approach to avoid looping to check which object is where. Right now I use a vector to store the objects, because flatland needs a container and I need to get an object based on position. However since the callback deals with colliding Objects and not positional data, I'm going to have to create a class that inherits Object and tacks an ID on it. Nasty yes, but the alternative is looping through the vector.
  9. PumpkinPieman

    Chooo Chooo... All Aboard!

    Recently I've been a bit more tired then usual, with my computer back I should be loading back up visual studio but I haven't. I should be working on my application, but I'm not. I just don't feel like working on it. I don't even feel like posting this message. It's either that I've just become more lazy, or I'm just running out of ideas and I've overshot my deadline. Sometimes even the smallest issue can halt all thought for me. Hollow halls is supposed to be a e4 entry, but I haven't nearly as much done as I've wanted to. Which is to say that I could get more done then I have, I haven't necessarily overshot my deadline. The concept of events is driving me nuts, I often find myself in a corner when dealing with input. If the user holds down a button, in my current model it calls the code every frame. So if the character is moving to the right they're constantly being changed to the right every frame. In order to change this I would have to find out when the key was pressed and when it was let go. Even then there is a chance that the proper animation won't be changed.
  10. Well, there has been a slight issue that this ACPI.sys stuff is far from over on my machine. What I'm actually thinking of doing, because I believe these problems are related to drivers and or IRQ conflictions is steer away from on-board devices. Right now I use both on-board network and audio. I don't think is a very good idea, even though they work fine. This may be causing most of the problems I've been having. I'm going to be calling microsoft as well, and see what I can do. You know, for a company that has such a huge cash reserve as Microsoft. I don't see why they charge for customer service.
  11. PumpkinPieman

    Urgh - part X

    Well, I finally got my machine back. I bought this machine I'd say around 2 months ago, used it for a month and a week before it broke on me. Brought it in and it has taken 2 1\2 weeks to get it fixed. I take a look at this thing and notice that the data on my hard drive right now is toast, so I reformat. Load up some software, and much to my surprise ACPI.sys started to act up again. For those of you who don't know, ACPI.sys on my machine tends to cause a lot of defferred procedure calls and hardware interrupts. On some machines it is known to take up all of the CPU cycles, but since I'm running a dual core it tends to only use up one of the cores. Anyhow, I root through the bios settings and come across a setting to turn ACPI off. I do so, but since windows has loaded an ACPI driver it has problems finding that board feature. After much trouble I reformat and it doesn't load the driver. I've been running this machine for 2 days and it hasn't kicked in once. I'm happy. In one week I'm going back to Carleton University to start my second year. We got a place that's around five to ten minutes away, so getting there is pretty quick. This year I'm happy because I'm not in B.Math because of my shitty grades, but I finally got in to B.CS. Now instead of doing a few amount of math courses in "Computer Mathematics", nine out of ten courses this year are COMP courses. So, I need to get visual studio installed. Looks like I've almost hit 2000 views, oh goodie.
  12. PumpkinPieman

    Silicon Sammy Survives Suicide

    I finally got back my machine, boy does that suck. I took it to the repair shop and after 2 to 3 weeks they figured out the problem was the memory and board. Wow, this is the first time in my life where a part has just failed before it was even used. Good by old A8N32-SLI deluxe Good by old OCZ PC-4000 2GB EB Dual Channel Memory Revision 1 I'm getting you replaced, they'll take you apart and reassable you. If the operation isn't successful, well, we'll bury you in PC part heaven (dumpster). So I got a brand new board, and new memory. Revision 1 is stop being made because of revision 2, so they just upgraded the memory for me. Huzzah!
  13. Over the past few years I've tried to develop a way of speaking, or expressing myself in reasonable matter. One of these things is the how to type perfectly logical sentences. I remember back in High School I used to bastardize the English language with internet lingo and a variety of misspelled words. My path as a student has always been a bumpy one, especially when dealing with languages. If there is anything that I'm guilty of it's not caring too much. So over the years I've improved that, but also I'm confused as to what type of speech people respond to. Depending on how things are phrased or structured, some people won't give the idea the light of day. Humour is also some people don't pick up on, I try and lace my comments with lots. But it seems people here follow a different, more mature sense of humour. Where as I personally laugh at the obscure. "Cats deserve food" Well, after being reamed out by a no-nothing colleague I don't feel like typing anything anymore.
  14. I've been working with Flatland recently for Hollow Halls physics code. I've put more hours in to design then I personally think I should have. Although, creating this is another step towards a drawing unit perfect for drawing sprites. The physics code uses a combination of Flatland and Open Dynamics Engine. Since flatland is lacking a few features, I use ODE to supplement these. This seems to work fine, but overall I'm glad this project will be as small as it is. Flatland collision detection doesn't use any tree method to do area testing so all objects are tested. For a 2D sidescroller with little objects this is perfect, but for a space shooter (my next project) I may have to write my own quad tree. The other little problem that I was dealing with is the engine is designed to simulate full physics. In reality of you throw a block, depending on how it lands its angle can change. When dealing with a typical character that stands straight you don't want any angular physics applied to it. This was simply fixed by setting its angular velocity and angle to zero after all the calculations are done. Once the physics code is done, I'll have finished all the necessary pieces to tie together all I need for a draw class. The quad manager is specifically designed to handle animation of quad sequences. So it will be used in unison with the physics class to handle sprite collision and sprite collision layers. With a game like Hollow Halls I want to have multiple layers, so say for example walking past a clock won't throw a collision between the pendulum in a clock and the character. .. I'm so tired. Hollow Halls also has a logo thanks to the ever so talented Salsa. and the inverted version I wonder how much it would cost (if he would) to get the art in my game done by him. *ponders*
  15. Only 24 hours left. I found myself bloated beyond belief, because of this it was harder to walk then usual. Before I went to university I was idling around 160 after losing 25lbs from exercise and wise eating choices. When I got to campus I was forced to eat the food that I paid for at the cafe. The food full of oil, MSG and half of it was carbohydrates. You can understand that people were posting on the boards about their nice, slim and trim girlfriends gaining weight. You know you have a problem when you have people complaining about that, but it wasn't an issue for the corporate swine who owns the company. I walked out of that place with a 32lb weight gain. I shot from 160 to 192, and my the time I got home I couldn't even walk to the end of the street. I was out of shape, unhealthy, had repertory problems, and was tired all the time. This is coming from a guy who eats ONE plate of food a day. Granted, I didn't do a lot of exercise during that time, but I shouldn't have gained that much (especially since I mainly consumed vegetables, meat, and hot sauce). Anyhow, over the summer I have lost 13lbs of that, and this bloating has driven me nuts. So I'm on a 42 hour fast, the only exceptions are coffee and water. The odd thing is, I don't even feel hungry. I feel less bloated after 24 hours. ... And I got Tim Horton coffee at home, I'm so happy. Random Interest (a play on RobLoaches Random Interest) C8H10N4O2
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