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    Are all these comments really necessary? Last time I checked, english is not the native language of the rep. of Yugoslavia.
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    Also be aware that some MFC classes will throw a CMemoryException. The CString class is one example, since it allocates memory internally. So, something along the lines of CString temp temp = "Test String"; could generate a CMemoryException, though unlikely.
  3. You're right, didn't think that one through too well. That's what lack of sleep does to you...
  4. A small variation on method A which would not require you to store the plain text password on the server would be to a) server issues challenge: random 32 byte string. b) client computes MD5 hash of password c) client computes MD5 of (MDG(password) + challenge) d) server has MD5 of password stored, and computes same and compares. This makes your server a little more secure (ie people can't hack and get passwords).
  5. If you are running under XP, I believe you can just check the amount of memory available before you launch your application, and compare it with the amount remaining after you app terminates. If the value isn't the same, you likely have a leak...assuming you don't have any other apps running that may be dynamically consuming memory.
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