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  1. Normalmaps from high resolution models

    I have no problems with Melody. But I use the plugins for Lightwave to make my maps, or ZBrush.
  2. 3DS Max is too expensive!

    Yeah, the software will time out after one year. I'd plunk my cash on Maya or Lightwave. Cheaper by far.
  3. Well, the above technique is valid, but it's take a bit further with applications that control the colour pallet and actually do animation. http://www.webtech.co.jp/sstudio/index.html
  4. Best looking 2d game

    I say Street Fighter 3rd Strike... or Guilty Gear.
  5. Game development+Maya

    Artist who know scripting are good to have. They can work more closely with programmers to get tools the other artist need to simplify the workflow.
  6. www.dstorm.co.jp There is a DirectX File export that supports bone animation.
  7. maya exporter

    Go to Alias.com.
  8. Game Art Tutorials??

    Another good place to see and learn things would be CGChat: http://www.cgchat.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=58
  9. Normal mapping tutorial for Lightwavers... PDF http://www.digitalweapon.net/tutorials/lightwave_normalmaps.pdf
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