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  1. The Rug

    First Post!

    Hurray for Mephs! Maybe you could see if tehre's any interest in a gathering group for Notts? Cheers for that stuff btw [cool]
  2. The Rug

    ## Blocky Man goes to Space

    that's cool.
  3. The Rug


    I know what you mean about the IOTD. Hey, if you want to feel better, it's unlikely I'll be getting my image on there any time soon... [grin]
  4. The Rug

    Official GDNet desktop wallpapers anyone?

    Awesome. Though it seems to me there's a kind of (very faint) grid pattern on the white background- is this intentional? It just caused me a moment of major panic, because I've seen a similar pattern on dying monitors [grin]
  5. The Rug

    Melee Combat

    This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen on GameDev... is there any possibility of a higher quality movie? Pleeeeeeease? [smile]
  6. Sounds interesting, keep us updated!
  7. The Rug


    When you find out what you did, you'll tell us, right? [grin]
  8. The Rug

    Some more fire

    The palette makes a major difference, I think that's the hardest part to making this fire effect more convincing. The city fire is basically lots of little randomly generated fire spawns close together, rather than one big one (which results in the single flame effect lower down.) I wrote it a while back but I think my fire is based on this or some similar tutorial, but I don't know how relevant it is to your effect because its specific to 2d. How does your effect work btw?
  9. Is that the new Dr. Who? I'm going to watch it for the first time this week simply because it has a Dalek in. Daleks = ownage.
  10. The Rug

    Some more fire

    Nice, fire generators are awesome. One thing though, shouldn't the fire be white in the centre and fade to yellow, then red? I made one here, but its in SDL so it kinda sucks [grin] Edit: Pictar, if anyone cares:
  11. The Rug

    My new Terrain Engine

    Hmmm... *looks at calendar*
  12. The Rug

    GDC..i wish.

    Yup. A good book it is. I've almost finished it though, and I've been wondering what to do next; I heard mentioned an Advanced Opengl Game Programming or something, does anyone have any more information on that?
  13. The Rug


    Yeah, first time I saw one I thought it was a posh biscuit tin.
  14. The Rug

    New algo

    Lookin' good
  15. The Rug

    Ols - turning the corner

    I know what you mean about the joys of programming escaping you... What I used to do was try to finish up the piece of code I was working on and get started on something else (even if that meant leaving a few loose ends... I mean, the player will never find out, right? [grin]). Having a short attention span doesn't help, heh. Good luck with your game B)
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