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  1. how realistic is this prospect, if anyone is well-informed at all, im heading off to uni next year and they offer year out to do work experience my ideal place -staffordshire, do have links to studying abroad but not Japan but said if i can get into contact with them and arrange myself, they're more than happy but does anyone knoe the realistic likehood that a Japo firm would take on a UK student for a year work experience??
  2. visual studio .net

    right, i been using this lately but i miss some features of my ol' visual studio 6...firstly.. when i used to type int WINAPI WinMain( my visual studio used to display the parameters of the function automatically to be simply copied and finish with it. now im having to write it all out, call me lazy but i appreciated the other method and secondly.. wheres the complete word tool, that was SO helpful its gone missing to, can anyone help a lazy guy out and try clear this up please...appreciate it.
  3. pretty new..so help

    msdn thats the help file in visual studio yea? as the microsoft site with that looks identical so i presume thats right. as for man utd, there no newcasle utd..souness the best manager thats come out of scotland lol, how i'd love to believe that
  4. pretty new..so help

    ah cheers for your help, can you recommend any reference books or free stuff available on the net that would help us struggling beginners. ..yes nufc does stand for newcastle united aka: the best team in the world! :D
  5. pretty new..so help

    right basically i know most of standard c++, i created dos programs and so on. basically my problem is this, i can just about make a window with windows, i'm learning openGl i currently have visual studio express 2005 beta, visual studio 2003 trial coming to me. DirectX 9 sdk, opengl lib. ..but when i start a program i find it soo hard, like how am i supposed to memorise every function and the help files are always irrelevant, surely there must be some reference as i know what im doing it just i can't apply the proper function i need as i dont know the function names!! also, if u cant compile a program as its got errors, how you supposed to debug it. and please o please dont give the link to the beginners section, numerous posts previously ended up with a link to it...but anyway cheers and i hope you can help me out :D
  6. I personally believe this is 'the best' site for the game developement community and only recently had i believed that i have just got past the 'beginner' level..but no thanks to your 'for beginners' section...more of the community forums. i believe you need to completely redo this again, as it didn't help me one bit im afraid and im not trying to knock this site..its actually my hope page:) i feel the information you need to provide to beginners is ..working with the compiler -explain debugging, open source, libaries -i had no clue what i was getting myself into, whats the best out there for free, best for value. explain the differences between OpenGL and DirectX more extensively explain terminolgy that used every day to beginners like STL, OOP, etc etc these are just some of many, but i highly recommend an overhaul of this section, as when i was posting in 'community forums' asking for help..all the guys where doing was sending me a link to that section on this site! So anyway thanks for your time in reading this, what would be extremely useful is putting a topic on 'Beginners' forum' and ask what they would like to see. cheers
  7. space invader attempt

    right, i just started to bulild together a few designs on how i tackle this beast of a game. i have recently completed tetris and was really wanted to start a space invader style-e game, so is there any useful links anywhere on the ol' worldwide web as tetris you drew everything in tiles, whereas Space Invaders a completely different story so anyhelp would be appreciated..thank you!
  8. space invaders...movement

    hey, i just finshed Tetris - my first game, and so i decided i want to move onto a space invaders game. which i figure would be quite non-completed task initially,.. but one issue that puzzles me, is that since i done Tetris which is all done in arrays, how to make the enemy's move about so fluidly.. i haven't done anything like this before, so any help please let me know...thank you