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    [web] Recommend a Web Chat Server?

  2. jumpjumpjump

    Running a process (job) in background.

    Try "nohup command &"
  3. jumpjumpjump

    Never fails

    Quote:Original post by Deranged Quote:Original post by Mushu What we all really need are firm-breasted artistic girlfriends who both enjoy having dirty dirty hot sex all the time and making top-notch high quality artwork for our various ventures. And some more hot sex. And some artwork depicting said hot sex... *siiiigh* Thirded. to the fourth power.
  4. This one is going to be hard to top. :X I was taking a Java course with my neighbor (He didn't want to take it alone, so I took it with him) and at the end of the class, we had to do a project. We chose to make a simple tilemap based unit battle game. (Screenshot below) So I go over to my neighbor's house to finish up the game with him. A few hours later his girlfriend stops by. Being the nice guy that I am, I didn't say anything. So we were sitting in their home theater with the lights out (You can see where this is going) and I'm working on the unit building system shown in this screenshot: Well, to say the least, I got extremely zoned coding on that and listening to di.fm. So zoned that I missed the chick with her shirt off 10 feet away from me. I would have never even known about it until my friends, that were there, told me about it. (Yes, I really was only 10ft away) So here I sit, wondering how this can be topped. Let's hear your stories.
  5. jumpjumpjump

    Macbook Pro oppinions

    Thanks for the reply. May I ask what the specs on your system are? I was looking at the model with 2gb of ram and the 2.16ghz processor, since this is the laptop I will only be able to get for the next few years.
  6. jumpjumpjump

    Macbook Pro oppinions

    So you aren't having these heat and whine issues then? I can deal with a warm laptop, just not one that burns me.
  7. jumpjumpjump

    Linux or vista?

    Quote:Original post by Talroth I would love to see major studios start to produce games that are crossplatform. I understand that testing for all the different builds of linux out there would be a pain, but even if they just picked a fairly basic system to get them to run on, and put a warning label "May not run on all Linux Builds. Patches may not be made for some OSs" should be enough to cover themselves legaly. But of course, how do you convince them that going cross platform is worth it? How much harder is it to design something, from the ground up, to be crossplatform anyway? compared to picking a single OS. I would say it's more of the build enviroment than anything. On windows, you can't build the same way at all, and if you go with cygwin you have to distribute the DLLs with the application. Plus, most of the companies are running VS of some type and there is nothing even remotely close to it for *nix. Kdevelop has the basic features, but still doesn't offer everything VS does. Then you have the whole issue of setting up the same libaries on *nix and windows. They have to setup the IDEs differently, link differently, and it could easily be a hassle for large applications, but when you try to tell them the market that it would open up, they may listen. That hasn't seem to have any effect as of right now though. Just my 2 cents.
  8. jumpjumpjump

    Linux or vista?

    You would also be surprised at what is running in wine these days. When I used to run WoW in linux, I used to get 10-14FPS higher than running it natively in windows. So, go with what you want. I still think you should do as the guy above me says and build solid cross platform titles.
  9. jumpjumpjump

    Macbook Pro oppinions

    Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking of purchasing a Macbook Pro of some sort for my first Mac. They are lighter, faster, and nicer than my current laptop, plus OSX has a good BSD base. The reason I'm thinking of the move to OSX is because I need access to certain proprietary applications that just do not run in wine. (specifically Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and the like) Now I know that Photoshop CS2 does not run extremely fast on them because the binary has to run through Rosetta, but what about Photoshop CS or Photoshop 7? I would also like to ask the people here that have them what their oppinions are and how the heat is. I asked the salesman at the Apple store what he thought they would do about the thermal paste issues discovered over at SA and he said, "I have no idea what you're talking about. If it's an *internet fueled* problem, I have no clue." That's funny, for someone who doesn't know what it is, he knows where it came from? So how does this effect you guys, I don't want to void my waranty on a laptop. I am also interested if any of you have gotten an AppleCare certified shop to fix the issue for you so that it was still under waranty. Apparently someone over at SA did. Thanks for any help, Cody Join my irc network: irc://irc.thewildcard.org/main
  10. jumpjumpjump

    Desktop Screenshots! =)

    Ubuntu Breezy running 2.6.15-ck1 and gnome. Yes, that's a PHP6 cvs checkout you are looking at. I'm developing my new Web 2.0 site with it. RAWR Click for full size.
  11. After many hours of toiling, we now have the network linked up and running stable. We run four servers and a fifth test server that isn't in the round robin. Please visit our site, www.TheWildcard.org. If you want to skip the hoo-haw, irc://irc.thewildcard.org/main. Join #main and let me know what you think of the site. Please feel free to hang around and found your own channels if you wish.
  12. jumpjumpjump

    Nerdy desk contest

    My desk: Laptop- athlon64 3200+ - Ubuntu: My main gaming/win32/freebsd box.Even a unix person needs win32 for photoshop :( Case'o bawls is required... Books: My custom build 16U 19" Server rack. ^_^ From top the bottom, KVM, Custom built mini-itx freeBSD 6.0/Pfsense firewall, SGI 1100 dual 1ghz p3 I'm restoring.
  13. jumpjumpjump

    Beautiful Pictures

    Not sure if anyone else here does bonsai, but you should. It's quite a challenge and it's rewarding. Just a very, very slow process. And here is what inspires bonsain: P.S. Join #main on my irc network ;)
  14. jumpjumpjump

    FreeBSD X11 Which packages to install?

    As root $ cd /usr/ports/x11/gnome2 $ make install clean ...wait ~10 hours To learn how to start it up and to use some of that time http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/docs/faq2.html#q1
  15. jumpjumpjump

    [web] Need help promoting Web Site

    Quote:Original post by cax3000 From all that I read, I have to pay google so my web can be ranked in search engine. No other good way ? Need answer from trully webmaster who have experienced promoting a site. No one from you ? Not quite sure how you got the idea you have to pay google to get your site listed, but...you don't. http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl
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