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  1. Hey all, i'm in the process of looking for a replacement screen for a DIY repair on a macbook pro and I had a quick question. Most listings fall in the low $200 range but there are some $130-$150's floating around. But there rarity kind of sketches me out a little bit.. And they all tend to be glossy screens. Cheap Screen Less sketchy screen What could be the backdrop reason for behind this? Is it a cheap low quality grade [carcinogenic] made somewhere in the depths of Malaysia or something like that? Hmm....
  2. Eat Paleo Change your life in 30 days The basic idea is eating only what cavemen ate, due to the fact that our body naturally developed to process a certain type of food. It may seem outlandish by it's 'ban' on grains (partly because it's man made) but it has been scientifically suggested that cutting out grains can help you (at least for all you adults who have already developed a processing means for gluten and stuff so you don't have worry about growing up with intolerance e.g. if you were a new born infant still in developmental stages) and a lot of people have raved about better sleep, better [athletic] performance, etc. etc. Cut out the crap like boxed meals, 'unnatural sugar,' soda, grains [pasta, rice, etc.], limit your dairy, and shop ONLY in the perimeter of the grocery [minus the spice racks and oils]. If you want more info, google Paleo Crossfit - Crossfit has a huge database of articles and messages on the boards about it. Eat until your full, NEVER starve yourself. If you're not COMPLETELY sedentary, 2000 calories is the absolute MINIMUM you should be eating, especially for males. Eat meats, vegetables, and fruits! Seriously, log EVERYTHING that you eat on fitday.com religiously for a week. See what you're doing to yourself.
  3. Spintwo

    [web] MySQL database

    So does that consist of amending a file before compiling or does the fact that you merely compile with two sources at the same time already take care of this?
  4. Spintwo

    [web] MySQL database

    What is the purpose of compiling the code on your own machine as opposed to using binary packages?
  5. Hey all, I currently find myself in a maddening frustration with trying to get mySQL to work properly with php/apache. So for awhile, I was trying to install the package on my OSX Leopard, and kept running into mysqladmin/mysql not being recognized as commands in the shell. I modified my PATH pointer and got it to start working and set root passwords and everything. But, according to phpmyadmin, I seemed to be getting some weird errors so I decided to wipe everything and install mysql again. Just to check that everything should be 'gone' I attempted to log in to phpmyadmin with my set root and my password I set a little bit ago before wiping down everything. Somehow, it still logs in which seems to point to that there's some other rogue mysql stuff roaming around.. And this error in particular Your PHP MySQL library version 5.0.67 differs from your MySQL server version 5.1.36. This may cause unpredictable behavior. is boggling my mind. Any help guys?
  6. Spintwo

    [web] PHP vs CGI vs ASP?

    I am manually making sure to add the .html file at the end and with TextEdit, I thought to address that problem by unchecking "Add .txt to end of text files" and still didn't help me out any.
  7. Spintwo

    [web] PHP vs CGI vs ASP?

    Another quick question: I'm trying to set up Apache to run on Mac OS X Leopard, where apache is already all installed and all that jazz so you only need to 'turn it on.' When I try to write a simple html page with text as a test, for some reason, I'm getting a page with the source code on the page rather than the rendered page when I use either Word or TextEdit, the standard text editor... But when I use a fancier tool, like BBEdit, and try the same thing, it works with flying colors. Why is this? [Edited by - Spintwo on July 16, 2009 3:01:07 PM]
  8. Hey guys, I've been away from the whole dynamic pages deal and kind of rusty... Could you guys explain what the differences between each are and what the pros/cons might be to each? My general ideas are PHP is very user oriented and easy to use, especially in conjunction with SQL pages and can be used to develop message boards, dynamic pages, form based web maintenance, etc. Security is pretty tight too assuming you make sure to use database checks (against attempted command inputs) and salts for password applications CGI is Perl based and thats' about all I know.. I don't understand what the wiki is trying to tell me ASP is based on C# and gamedev uses it.. Obviously, you can see I've only really worked with PHP/SQL before.. Thanks in advance guys.
  9. Hey all you of the lounge. I know there are some avid photographists out there, and I was wondering if you could point me to a web resource or something that would teach me as to what are the things that the professionals consider when purchasing a camera. What do they have to consider in buying the camera and their use? If you can answer these questions yourselves, please do, because I"m sure it'll help me find the right direction in my research. Thanks!
  10. Spintwo

    UEFA Euro Cup 2008

    Ahh tschüss Österreich!!
  11. Spintwo

    For High School seniors...

    Well I have been lurking these forums for awhile now and I've burned out on gamedevíng personally but still like to peruse the articles and interesting topics that especially come out of the gdnet thread... Imma headed to Northwestern University for pre-med concentration. But I really think it would be interesting to further some programming background as a really useful and applicable skill even in that field.....!
  12. Spintwo

    At a crossroad?

    Ok here it is: It's getting closer to closer and to beginning my undergraduate years but I have one big problem--(I've lost most of my big drive towards computer science, I think I burnt myself out a little going too hard a little too soon =]) I'm wrestling between a pre-med (which I basically have been bouncing around for probably the majority of my life) and business directed learning. Now since this is a game development forum, I assume a little that there is a business side to things and you guys might have some idea about the subject (not to mention an immense number of college alumni probably roaming these boards as well). What exactly is business? I know there are so many different branches of it but the only two that I really even know exist are investment banking/strategem or insurance financing. I think my ignorance on the subject is part of the indecision I'm facing. Thus, I want to at least be able to find a book or two on the subjects and/or even fill out an internship position at a local firm but I have no idea what I'm looking for!? Help please. Thanks!
  13. Spintwo

    A Really Random Question...

    Also, make sure you're locking your shoulders and elbow (arms) for obvious reasons. A small thing I've found is that when I try looking straight down as I do my handstands, I feel the similar thing as you (although not really anymore since I've grown accustomed to that position from practice) but if you look out.. like you would standing right side up, that might help.. Otherwise it's just getting used to it through repetition and using the help of a wall. A helpful word to balance: your hands do not just support your body in the air.. you need to "grab" the floor for balance, with your fingers acting basically like the front part of your foot's arch and toes. Your inner knuckles (the opposite side of your knuckles) should not really be touching the ground if you're doing it correctly. That might alleviate even some more strain in keeping yourself up.
  14. Spintwo

    A Really Random Question...

    2 things: 1) You might not be breathing when you're getting into or holding the hand/headstand and the whole strain of holding your entire body weight up may be causing you to have all the blood rush to your head 2) You might not be quite strong enough yet or have the right muscles developed to hold yourself up. Assuming you're not obese, that kind of muscle development should come to you in a couple days But the main point is to get used to breathing, even if it is a little hard to.
  15. Spintwo

    Learning a new language?

    Freiburg eh? I know someone from there... and also Zell too... not too far away
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