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    A couple questions about C++ code

    It's technically still possible to create a C++ function that takes any number of parameters using '...'. void x(...) { } void Main() { x(); x(2.3f, "???"); }
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused about how BSP collision detection works. I understand that the individual nodes in the tree are seperated into brushes - which are essentially lists of individual planes. I also understand how to determine which node is containing the an object. But my question is this: if each brush is a convex collection of infinite planes, how can a game handle doorways? Wouldn't any object passing through a doorway simply collide with one of those planes? Thanks for any explainations!
  3. Hey everyone, I have a bit of experience using DirectShow to play .avi movie files in my application. How can I go about doing something similar to this using OpenGL? Thanks!
  4. Dominicds


    Quote:Original post by Axiverse wow.... I must be out of my mind... I'm working on a 3 month shooter all by myself... from scratch.... i guess mine will suck... ( school physics project ) Hey, good luck. The worst thing that will happen is that you'll learn a lot about game production. :\
  5. Dominicds


    Hi everyone, I'm a member of a six person group who has just begun pre-production on a three month game project. We are planning on creating a first person shooter for the PC using OGRE for graphics. Does anyone have any tips, warnings, or other useful info about making games with OGRE? If so, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Dominicds

    Knife scratch and bullet holes in CSS

    Quote:Original post by jyk ... Smart stuff... So is this a multi-texturing effect rather than a texture mapped quad?
  7. Dominicds

    Knife scratch and bullet holes in CSS

    Quote:Original post by Boku San I'm not sure what you mean by that, Dominicds. Yeah, now I realize I wasn't very clear, maybe these images will clear things up a bit. The bullet hole decal is mapped onto both sides of the pillar. The "No War" spray paint is mapped onto both the ground and the stump.
  8. Dominicds

    Knife scratch and bullet holes in CSS

    In CS: Source, the decals such as bullet holes and spray paint can be stretched accross multiple quads. How is this effect implemented?
  9. Dominicds

    Physics Engine Selection

    What exactly is the difference between an "exporter" for a physics SDK and a model loader? [Edited by - Dominicds on September 21, 2004 8:22:25 PM]
  10. Dominicds

    Portals vs. OC

    For a FPS with indoor levels, what are the advantages of using portals over hardware occulsion culling? If I understand correctly, both techniques perform basically the same action. Occulsion culling however, is hardware accelerated, wouldn't that make portals virtually worthless?
  11. Dominicds

    Game Engine Advice?

    Quote:Original post by jimmynelson Use tokamak it is fast and efficient, that guy either hasn't used it or used it incorrectly. I thought this may be the case, I've heard some good things about Tokamak. Although at this point we could possibly be considering using Newton or ODE instead. Quote: How long do you plan to build this engine? Right now we're in the very begining planning phases, we're planning to ramp up to full development at the end of Oct. and be finished by the end of January. Quote: I see how you already have planned out what API's you are using, which definitely makes it easier than an API independent engine. But it still requires some structure designing for how each component will work together and the overall integration into the engine. When alot of people work on it sometimes it is better just to "wrap" these objects. For instance, someone could be implementing directsound, while someone is integrating into the engine. Using a set of polymorphic classes and some callbacks you can do this fairly easy. This seems like a very good idea for creating a modular game engine. Thanks! Quote: If you need an example I have a little site on tutorials in which it is setup to render opengl or DX without the engine even knowing which one is used (it just clears a buffer and render black, but it is structures themselves which are useful). Thanks a lot! I haven't had a chance to check out your site, but I'm going to put it at the top of my to-do list.
  12. Dominicds

    First Person Shooter Shadows

    Thanks! I've seen that site before, but I lost the link at one point. This should help a lot.
  13. I am part of a group of six students working on a game project for my school. We have decided that we will be creating a first person shooter and are in the basic design stages. We will be designing our own engine. I have recently been researching various methods for creating shadows using modern 3D hardware. The two techniques that seem to be the most popular are shadow maps and shadow volumes. I know that both can be used successfully for the type of game that my group is making. Does anyone have any advice as to which might be better or easier for someone with limited experience working with 3D graphics? Any tips/links/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Dominicds

    Game Engine Advice?

    Quote:Original post by silvermace dont use tokamak, its terrible for FPS's maybe Newton Game Dynamics (Free) or Novadex (Free for Education, and you only have to pay a licence fee once your game is released) i'd recomend Novadex (I'd even say its better than Havok) Why do you say that? What about Tokamak makes it a bad choice? Our primary focuses are that the SDK is reasonably easy to use and that it will not hog a large amount of the system's resources. Thanks! Also if anyone has any useful information about any other aspect of game engine design, please post! [Edited by - Dominicds on September 19, 2004 6:07:56 PM]
  15. Dominicds

    Game Engine Advice?

    Thank you! Does anyone else have anything useful?
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