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  1. Hello GDNet, it's been a long time. I'm working on a project that requires file manipulation/creation, not something I've had to do in the web design world for some time. It's a consulting gig for a local company that wants to create picture labels for all of its parts, but making the templates for these by hand will take more time than it's worth (A label for each of over a thousand parts). I need to write a program that will batch-create these labels by: *Pulling a list of part numbers from a spreadsheet *Allowing a user to select which parts to create labels for *Pulling information for the label from that spreadsheet, based on the part number *Inserting and automatically resizing a .jpg image to the bounds already determined by the template for each size of label *Exporting each label as a .pdf or other workable file type *Compiling a list of parts that do not have all the required information to create a label Now, before chastising me for asking someone to do my job for me [smile] let me be clear - I am more than willing to program all of this, just curious which language I should use to develop it in. Several options bring their own merits to the table, but I am most familiar with Java (which may not be a particularly effective choice for work of this nature). Which language would you use?
  2. Well in that case, coming to an apocalypse near you:
  3. Out of curiosity, would you model yourself into one of your games? A possible player, an NPC, a billboard, etc.? I'm working out a war story right now and was running short on ideas for characters - so as an exercise i started finding pictures of people/peoples' faces and trying to come up with back-stories for them. Without too many embellishments I suppose I could model a character after myself, but then there is always the temptation to be biased towards that character.. [smile]
  4. hm, sounds like the table they are on is overloading your database. Have you considered dropping the table, altogether?
  5. After pursuing game design and programming since I've been here at GameDev, I've realized I like design. Since most game designers seem to start as coders.. its not a path I can take, as a career. But I still like design. Just to make ends meet for the summer (the common plight of the college student) I've taken on a few local web design projects with a friend of mine. He'll be working on the back end, I'll be doing the site layouts, original content, and writing. Here is a link to a screencap of one of the sites. Any feedback on the design so far? It's a bit raw, still. I'm adding a gradient fadeout to the background on the left and right sides, and haven't decided what to do for the navigation bar, yet. Anyway, thanks guys :) Embarrassingly I didn't start learning HTML until I came to this site, trying to figure out how in the heck to post images and links..
  6. I started college as a Computer Engineer. I wanted a job that would involve working with people. I switched to Management Information Systems. I wanted to do web design, and work with people. I took a job teaching computer basics classes at college, and loved it. I'm working at my internship at Microsoft this year.. and am not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Its late in the game, as my 4th year of college is half-way complete. However.. I feel like I'm on the wrong train. I'm considering a change in career plans. It has been my dream to work abroad for as long as I can remember, but teaching English hadn't occurred to me until more recently. I've loved learning programming languages as much as I've enjoyed working on German and Russian, and feel more accomplishment in front of a class room than I have ever felt from behind a desk. I know this is probably the wrong place to ask.. but any ideas how could I make this happen? I've already spent some time looking into TESOL programs.. it seems almost deceptively simple. I'm just wondering if anyone has advice for what to do when you feel like you're doing the wrong thing. Thanks. [smile]
  7. Welcome to 6 months ago?
  8. I have horrible eczema on my chest, arms, and legs. It forces me to control my level of activity, so that I don't start over-sweating and have a worse breakout. I go out when I can, but its preferably to do sitting or standing activities, like grabbing lunch or going shopping or watching movies. Around this time of year I can be a bit more active because the weather is colder, really I should just move somewhere that the temp stays between -10 and 10 degrees C [smile]
  9. I thought it was ok. Told like a classic ghost story. Anytime I hear anyone go "OMG THE SCARIEST MOVIE EVARR!!!!!1" I tend to believe the opposite. Actually that's true for most things, I hope I'm not really that smug. I'm a fan of the movies like Blair Witch and this, though. The acting is mostly improvised, and just seems more.. natural. I find scary movies to be worth watching when I can put my shoes into those of the characters. These ones strike me as 'realistic' enough for that.
  10. I just picked up a keyboard yesterday, and it happens to be in Spanish. For those that are wondering what the differences could be, it squeezes about 8 more keys onto the standard keyboard, and some extra buttons elsewhere (The parenthesis and equal sign above the num pad, for example). I bought it, and am going to pick up a set of Russian letter stickers pretty soon to cover the current ones, since I'm learning Russian. I know I can remap the keys manually, to something more comfortable, but I was wondering if its possible to set up keyboard profiles using the favorites buttons on the top of the keyboard?
  11. I'm wondering if the people who didn't get this might be some of the people that would also be offenders? It's generally considered a taboo to disgust the person you're interviewing, or to waste their time. Sending them erotica most people would find uncomfortable, or even *asking* them to swamp through every piece of paper you ever touched a pen to, would certainly make me lean towards a more.. "with it" candidate. It's all about selling yourself, really. Give the company only what they're looking for, and nothing that they're not.
  12. my branch at Microsoft is completely casual. Kind of disappointing, really, I'm graduating college soon and I would rather have more clothes hanging in my closet than folded in dresser drawers at this point.. but I'll go with the grain on this one.
  13. Quote:Original post by zedz Quote:Ever get the feeling that Owl's a virgin? possibly though Ill say its more likely he lost his virginity to some prostitute (then again perhaps the deed was not done), He does however have an unhealthy obsession with sex. Obsessions are never goodhe's not smoking anymore, what else does he have?
  14. Quote:Original post by laztrezort Yeah, it seems like an outrageous amount to charge for those "in the know," but I suppose any sort of technical service is going to have to charge a lot to make up for overhead. For example, liability is usually more costly than what people realize (although I have no idea if or how this would relate to Geek Squad). As a side note, I did recently have an argument at a local BB over the price of their HDMI cables. The salesman was convinced that $75 HDMI cables were necessary for "the best possible picture" on a TV, even though I tried to explain otherwise. I left the store and ordered 3 cables for $3. This seems more like a rip-off to me: blatantly lying to customers in order to gain an incredible profit margin (the misinformation this salesman was spewing out was unbelievable). Granted, BB is not the only culprit -- a while ago some other electronics store tried to tell me that their special (expensive) optical cables were shielded better from interference (wah?!), and a cheap optical cable would make my sound system sound like crap. Yeah, sure. Ugh, sorry, almost turned into a rant there...Worth ranting about.