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  1. MidnightMonkeyprog

    ATL sdk

    where to get it, or if...
  2. MidnightMonkeyprog

    Any OpenSceneGraph resources

    Is there any OpenSceneGraph gamedev resources?
  3. MidnightMonkeyprog

    SDL Tutorials in C++

    1.Where did you get the code from? 2.Add a new line. Just hit enter after this "}".
  4. MidnightMonkeyprog

    How to make a 3d modeler tutorial

    I have blender. Any tutorials on managing from 3ds max/gmax?
  5. MidnightMonkeyprog

    conv3ds tool

    This will work! http://safariexamples.informit.com/0672325969/DirectX%20SDK/Extras/Direct3D/Old%20DXUtilities/
  6. MidnightMonkeyprog

    How to make a 3d modeler tutorial

    Well... I'am desperate. After using gmax, blender (hard to learn gui) and so on.
  7. MidnightMonkeyprog

    How to make a 3d modeler tutorial

    Are there any tutorials on how to make a 3d modeler? I think the answer is none!
  8. MidnightMonkeyprog

    DirectX 9 and Visual C++ Express issues...

    It works! step 5 can be hard do, So... 1.File, new project 2.Project Type: Win32 Template: Console Application(win32) 3.Click Application Settings 4.Application Type: windows app. 5.Finish 6.Hit F5 You are done!
  9. MidnightMonkeyprog

    3D modelers

    I'am making a modeler in c/c++, opengl or directx9. Thats one idea. A vertex array or vertexbuffer is a idea. But how to do it in realtime?
  10. MidnightMonkeyprog

    DirectX 9 and Visual C++ Express issues...

    I try this before and it did't work. You will need more than the platform sdk and reconfigure the ide to support win32 api. http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/express/visualc/usingpsdk/default.aspx
  11. MidnightMonkeyprog

    if I were to make a 2d game in openGL...?

    What about fmod?
  12. MidnightMonkeyprog

    3D modelers

    How do 3d modelers store vertex and uv points in C/C++ and renders it in Opengl or direct3d? How do they work? [Edited by - MidnightMonkeyprog on December 29, 2004 6:35:52 PM]
  13. MidnightMonkeyprog

    One viewport modeler

    One viewport is easy for the programer, but 4 viewports in win32 api and using window spliter like 3ds max. It's hard... but nice. Now how can i do this.
  14. MidnightMonkeyprog

    One viewport modeler

    Is it possible to have one viewport for modeling?
  15. MidnightMonkeyprog

    open source direct3d or opengl modeler

    Thanks ,I have blender. I was hopleing for a 3ds max or gmax clone or something. Are they any tutorials for making one, i guess not.
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