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  1. Lets say there is a website that is not mine and in that website there is a table that gets updated every day. Now I want to use that table only (nothing else) in my website. Is there any way of getting only that table from the remote website that is not mine ? And is it possible to do this automatically ? e.g. when the remote website changes something our table also show the updated data automatically ?! Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks a lot for your explanations. I think I will try your tricks and come back with maybe more questions. I will first try to contact those websites directly to see if I can get their raw info or RSS. Thanks
  3. No man, its nothing illigal. honestly I am gattering some common information from different websites for statistical purposes. What are those ways ?
  4. I am going to build a big website and I am expecting to have large number of visitors in the future but I am totally lost to decide which technology to choose from the list here, could you please help me out with your reasons and experience ? I would like to mention that I am very much intrested to use AJAX in most of the places that I could. ok here is the list. 1. PHP as Server side, Dojo framework as Ajax and do the HTML and CSS on a normal editor 2. Use Microsoft Visual Web Development Express ASP .net2 IDE as server side and desingning my CSS and HTML plus using Atlas to have Ajax style interface. 3. Using DreamWeaver to desing the website plus PHP and Dojo as server and ajax. 4. Using Aptanad IDE as my developing tool. I know I have many options but its very very important for me to choose the one that is powerful enough for larg website and will help me to keep a track of my website and keep it secure and organised. Thank you very much.
  5. Very good answers, very informative. Thank you
  6. Thank you for your replies. they were very useful. I heard that ASP .net and in general Microsoft technologies are not very popular and they crash a lot when there are too many users using it. How do you compare Microsoft technologies against PHP and MySQL? If Ajax is so problematic why Google and Microsoft is using it all over its new websites ? Gmail, etc Sorry, this time I used spell checking software :) Thanks
  7. Thanks. Ok, let me explain my project a little bit more. I am going to work on a cummunity website where people will join and exchage ideas, photos and some heavy multimedia content. I am the person who will start designing the website initially and I am hoping as time passes I can attract more people helping me, so it is basiclly me who will decide which one is good for this project. I have used PHP, ASP (not .net but I know VB and C#) and I have developed website with lotus note (IBM) and sometimes for smaller website a simple note pad for javascript, PHP, XHTML and CSS. So I hope you know where I am comming from. the reason why I need to use Ajax is because I want to reduce the load from servers by just taking the chuck of information I need and desplay it to user. but there is a speciall future that I can not mention it here as its my website advantage over others. it has to use Ajax or somesort of vector graphic or flash. well I should say I have not decided this yet. based on my experience with Lotus note I would say it was very nice in terms of security and management. I want something similar to Note but maybe free as I have bascilly zero budget to start (my own money). So now based on above, what technology would you recomment. It would be nice if you open up the matter why as I really need to know the detail. Thanks
  8. Hello, I have a question. imagine I have a XHTML website and I want to load some news from MySQL and show it on that XHTML using PHP. how can I do this ? is it possible or I have to do that entirely on PHP ? I am not sure if my question is clear. Thanks for your help
  9. Here's my extremely simple code. My table currently has 10 items in it and since the primary key is set to autoincrement, you'd expect that it would return the integer 10 , but Noooooooooo........... ----------------------------------------- <?php include ("db.php") ?> <?php $sKey = mysql_query ("SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID() FROM reginfo") ; ?> <?php echo "Key is $sKey"; ?> ----------------------------------------- This should return the primary key of the last entry into the table but it doesn't. The output from this is actually ---------------------------------------- Key is Resource id #4 ---------------------------------------- This means that the query is returning "Resource id #4" instead of an integer. I have no idea why this is happening. When I try running the query against mysql via Navicat, SQLyog, or EMS MySQL Manager, I get a "0" for each entry in the table. I don't know for sure, but that leads me to think that something may be wrong mySQL itself. Since I'm running Windows XP for a dev environment, I installed the MySQL binary. I'm unable to get the Windows version of MySQL and PHP 5 to return anything like a logical response. Is anyone else seeing this? Thanks,
  10. Ok, I am going to read them all. but now how can I find the next auto_increment number that I have to use during Insertion ? Thank you.
  11. I wanted to do that because I already made a index.html I didnt want to put them all on a Php file. I think I am going to do that because that is the only way, isnt it ?
  12. This is exactly what I mean. Imagine I have a index.html as my main page. then I have a news.php that can read news data from a MySql database. now I want to populate my index.html with those news data that my news.php has queried from MySql. Is this possible ?
  13. Hello everybody. I am trying to create a news website using PHP, MySQL and XML. I need to know your idea about my plan. it would be great if you give me your opinion about my plan. I am thinking to keep the user's acount in a MySQL database and keep the NEWS deatail in an XML file. 1. What do you thinking about the above idea ? and second question is that how can I learn about serializing my news in a XML file using PHP ? I tried to find a tutorial that show me how to serialize data in XMl but they were not very simple to understand as I am beginner. I am looking forward to hear from you.
  14. bargasteh

    [web] PHP and XML

    Thanks for your ideas, they were very useful. I think I am going to use MySQL to store news and then I will create a RSS feed from MySQL database to learn how to use XML in PHP. Is this what you precisely saying ?
  15. bargasteh

    [web] PHP and XML

    Thank you Mark for your comments and ideas about XML. The only reason why I like to use XML is only because I want to learn how to use them in PHP (that is the only reason). But yes you are correct I think MySql is fast and almost unlimited, but what if one day I decide to use my data in a ASP .net2 website ? Isnt XML easier to use in that regard ? Hearing your opinion.
  16. bargasteh

    OpenGL OpenGL using C#.NET

    Or you can have a look at this framwork, the basic version is free: http://www.csharpopenglframework.com/
  17. That was great, but the licence was very expensive for me and the job I am thinking to do. There were few people on this forum few years ago who were trying to run OpenGl on FireFox and they succeeded. but I am not sure how. Is there any other ideas that you might think could be usefull? I appreciate that. Thank you
  18. Hello everybody. I want to write a mini plugin that can show my litte openGl demo (very simple box with Shadow) on FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. At this time, I do not have any idea what so ever about how I should do this and from where I should start. Could you please lead me to the right direction ?! Also, I would like to know how difficult this task would be ?! Thank you
  19. Thanks, it is a really cool thing. I tested that example of firefox and internet explorer and it was working better on internet explorer. Is there any similare thing on .Net platform using C# or similar ? I am investting so much time to learn .Net platform because I thought it is neater than Java but Java has so manythings that .Net never had.
  20. I found out that Firefox's canvas will support OpenGl ES (portable one) in the future : http://wiki.mozilla.org/Canvas:3D but I need it now, I probably cant wait till they release the final stable version. Do you have any idea how I can use Java to show OpenGl on my browser ? Is this possible at all (not Java3D) and without using java Web start. A solution that show the content straight on the web browser's page. Thanks
  21. Hello. I would like to learn how to use data bases using JDBC but my favourit formats are mySQL and odb (Star Office format). I prefer odb because staroffice has a nice GUI to creat tables. is there any good tutorial that help me with this ?
  22. Hi. I am a C++ programmer who started to program Java recently. I am using Netbean and it really looks cool to me. I placed a textarea, a button and Jlist. Now I want to do something really simple. I want to add the text in text area to Jlist. I did this but does work: String a1; a1 = jTextField1.getText(); jList1.addElement(a1); for some reason compiler doesnt know addElement. Error is : init: deps-jar: Compiling 1 source file to /home/raha/JavaApplication1/build/classes /home/raha/JavaApplication1/src/javaapplication1/NewJFrame.java:202: cannot find symbol symbol : method addElement(java.lang.String) location: class javax.swing.JList jList1.addElement(a1); 1 error BUILD FAILED (total time: 0 seconds) by the way I am using linux :) any idea why this is happening ? Thanks
  23. Thank you Son of Cain. Now I am more encouraged to go and read the Java book I bought 4 years ago and never touched it apart from when I had exam :) One of the reasons why I never liked Java was because of our bad lecturer while back ago. I started learning C++ after Java and the first program I wrote was a COM server and data bases with a remotly controled mp3 player. The project was so good that I got 89%. Java is very poor in multimedia and because I like multimedia and 3D programming I didnt bother to touch Java again. Now I have decided to refresh my memory. Some people like you just make me dislike Java again. I just said I am reading some books to refresh my memory. I never said I am going to continue this for ever :( Thanks for your help anyway.
  24. Quote:Original post by bargasteh Ok, I did this and it works but there is a problem: DefaultListModel model = new DefaultListModel(); final JList jList1 = new JList(model); ((DefaultListModel) jList1.getModel()).addElement(a1); jScrollPane2.setViewportView(jList1); When I type something new in my jtextfield and press the button the Jlist change too, I mean the old value disapear and the new one show up in Jlist. What would be the solution ? Dear son of cain, I already did this. I am not that stupid :) The only problem I have now is that I declared this in my jbutton action listener! I have to declare this out side some where but I will have conflict with the Auto generated code (I tried that). If you do it yourself then you will see. the other thing is that Netbean prevent you from deleting the auto generated code so I couldnt modify anything. If you do it on Netbean and tell me what you did then we can resolve this problem quickly. it wouldnt make much time, just use GUI editor to add a jtextfield, Jbutton and Jlist.
  25. I only need to know a simple answer. How would you add a model to jlist in NetBean. That is all. I already started reading a Java Book and I am getting a grasp of it but the problem I have right now is that why such a simple thing was design to make you confuse in the first place by SUN ? I would appreciate if you explain how it would be possible to add model to Jlist. BitMaster was a lot more useful in this regard. instead of telling what I should do you could just explain this a little bit more so someone else also get encouraged to use Java. BitMaster you are correct I do that in my click action listener all the time so it over write it every single time I click on button. I need to declare it some where outside. I tried that but because of the way Netbean is structured I became confused. I am sure you all use NetBean or have it installed. it would be great if you add a textfield, button and Jlist and then try what I just said. I appreciate this. Thank you
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