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  1. CrunchDown

    ! Unbelievable underground photos in Tokyo

    look at lot more real, that mech, if it was a bit darker otherwise you got it
  2. I have a theory for converting the 2d image you get on a web cam to a 3d image in the computers ram. But I need help with getting that image from the web cam. I've tried using directshow, and had a hard time with it. Does anybody know of an easy way to do it, easiest possible and a way that works. somebody sent me an app recently that was supposed to work but didnt work, saying that the incoming stream was compressed and thus, unreadable. Who knows where source for this can be found? I'm not a c++ vet either, but i can figure it out.
  3. CrunchDown

    why Cstring.h wont work?

    sorry folks false alarm strcpy sure does work
  4. CrunchDown

    why Cstring.h wont work?

    I'm trying to use cstream.h out of this book to copy a string to another string. However it doesn't seem that cstream.h shipped with c++. Here is the function I need to use: strcpy (str, str); Weird thing is, the program still compiles fine with usage of this supposed unknown function that doesn't work. What happens is, when I run the program, it appears to hang when it gets to this point. I'm really not sure. . does anybody know how to copy string to string using what comes with VC++ 6.0. Thank you very much.
  5. CrunchDown

    Game Font

    I have been looking for a game font. Before I start experimenting with an engine, I need some kind of feedback. I'd like to implement a console class that takes care of that for me leaving me a convenient way to print info on the screen. Thing is, using NEHE's tut about fonts his fonts are coming out too big, and not only that, I dont like being limited to crappy windows font. What I need is some cool space age looking font that I can somehow put in my app. Once thats done that font'll be used forever in the game for common use.
  6. CrunchDown

    Using VFW to capture web cam

    I'm sorry, but I have no idea how to do that anybody have any links/ info?
  7. I have been unable to read in my web cam stream. It says that the stream is compressed. Does anybody know how to decompress the incoming video stream? i have source if you need to see it. OR do I have to switch web cam's all together.
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