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  1. For a while now, i have decided a career in games development was for me. I failed Maths at AS Level , and didn't bother resitting, instead concentrating on the my other subjects, but i decided i wanted to get into games only after this. I thought my physics could carry me through me though, but i only scored an E, after resiting i pushed this up to D at AS. I realize my mathematical skills would need to be at least competent if i was have any chance of getting into uni to study a computer science or another related degree to games programming. I had arranged to skip uni this year and go to college after finishing 6th form. I have already got an unconditional offer from a college to studying a computing A level in 1 year, thinking it would boost my skills with the use of computer, which are probably much better than the average person. I find myself regularly round my friends houses, fixing problems on their computers, installing hardware, and getting their games to work properly. I done alot of reading into getting into the games industry on sites and buying books, and tried my hand at some simple coding. Are maths skills really so important, could i get away with a D in physics or would i need to retake it and try to score higher. My other subjects are Philosophy and Geography. My philosophy is very strong, this summer for A2 i am expecting to get an A or B. My geography aint too hot, and i am only expecting a D. So by the end of the summer i will probably end up with a A/B and two Ds. I know if i just have the one A level next year i will do well, getting a A or a B in computing. Would these grades be enough? My second dilemma comes from my philosophy exam today, i later realised how well i done. I knew everything and i answered the papers with confidence. I was wondering if there are alternatives to games programming for me. I believe myself as quite a creative and deep thinking person, with my own philosophical theories, and my questioning nature. I'm also a little bit strange. I have designed my own games in quite thorough detail, and was thinking maybe i could work my up the design ladder, starting with level design, or games design, fleshing out details of how the games work. Maybe i could do an English A level instead next year, and get into creative writing coming up with my own ideas for games, creating plots and characters and dialog. Maybe even technical writing, like manuals and design documents. My GCSE English was very strong, barely missing out on an A, and together with philosophy could prove quite good for this area in game development. And of course if i go down this path i am not just restricted to game development, but a whole host of other option, movie/tv scripts, novels, etc Sorry this is so long, but i am at doubts in my life, sort of a just turning 18 life crisis thing. Any information or advice you can will be appreciated. Thanks n3w
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