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  1. ViLiO

    Back in Classic Black

    This is so very awesome!
  2. ViLiO

    Portal Vids

    Quote:Original post by Demosthenes That looks really, really good in motion. :) The only thing is, maybe the portal could be bigger, in the last part of the video it seems hard to get Squishy in. Agreed, maybe even a slight change of shape would be enough, like a square with rounded corners or something [smile]
  3. ViLiO

    Melon Golf

    Just purchased it from the App Store and I must say it is very addictive. I'll be playing it on the train to work in the mornings [cool] Also looking forward to seeing what you've done with Milkshake [smile]
  4. ViLiO

    I am now a DirectX MVP!

  5. ViLiO

    Minimal Initialization

  6. ViLiO


    Fantastic idea, looking forward to further instalments [cool]
  7. The book is a fantastic resource. Many thanks to yourself and all the other authors [smile]
  8. ViLiO

    Well that didn't last long...

    Sorry to hear that [sad] I was in the same situation myself recently but I was fortunate as I had made it a fair bit past probation before being made redundant. Best advice I can give is to act fast. Get your resume out to as many studios as you can and see if any of the people you worked with at TransGaming can give you a contact at some other studios and maybe a reference (even something as small as a LinkedIn recommendation) From a quick look, seems that Rockstar Toronto and Silicon Knights are hiring ...and I reckon both would be ace to work for [smile] Best of Luck, ViLiO
  9. ViLiO

    Hey everybody! We're all gonna get laid ...off :(

    Cheers Rob [smile]
  10. Towards the start of November you may recall reading something about THQ cutting back on their "core gamer" games and cancelling some of their higher risk unannounced titles. One of said titles was the one I was working on, and as a result I was made redundant [sad] This came as a massive blow to me and it took ages for it to really settle in that I wouldn't be working at Juice again, with a team I really enjoyed working with and on a project I had put a lot of hard work into. Since then though I have been sending out CVs, doing interviews and trying to get another job in the games industry. During this time I have been to some really fantastic studios and seen some awesome projects (that needless to say I can't tell you anything about) and I have managed to land a great job at a Liverpool based studio that I won't name directly ...for now [wink] I am really excited about starting at a new place and thankfully even a few guys from the team at Juice have also got places there. Lastly, one of the very few good things about getting laid off is that it means I have a bit of spare time on my hands before starting at a new studio in which I plan to get as much coding done as I possibly can. Hopefully I will be able to catch up on some of the cool new(ish) things that I see hobbiests working on and get green with envy ...so might even have some screenshots or vids to post if things go well [cool] Regards, ViLiO
  11. ViLiO

    Modular Material System

    Is it.... 1) right 2) left 3) bottom 4) top
  12. ViLiO

    A Preview of My New Sample

    Looks ace [smile]
  13. ViLiO

    Working build

    Gave this a quick blast and the engine it is running on sounds quite nice [smile] Seeing this has inspired me to reinstall the pspsdk and try my hand once more at making something [cool] All the best, ViLiO
  14. ViLiO

    Real-Time Rendering

    My copy of Real-Time Rendering 3rd Edition arrived today, and from what I've read so far, it is awesome! [smile] The whole book is printed on glossy paper with colour pictures throughout and I got it at a steal from Amazon UK (pre-ordered it for only GBP35 ...it has since gone up to GBP52!). Even at the new price it is still a bargain though [cool] Now I can finally retire my copy of RTR 2nd Edition to a bookshelf instead of sitting proudly on my desk. All the best, ViLiO
  15. ViLiO

    Memory usage

    Which plugins did you have installed?
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