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    Real karma

    Quote:Original post by JasRonq Vanquish, I think you are mixing up karma with reputation. People hate you for killing, stealing, and knocking down old ladies, but Karma will knock you down for knocking down old ladies no matter if anyone else knows. You can kill someone in the middle of the woods and no one has to find out for karma to make a tree fall on you as you walk away. Good point. I see the distinction. I should have known better having played Fallout1&2 so many times. I do agree that the problem may be that you have to create clearly black and white situations so that the whole process doesnt devolve into randomness. Block a bridge with a car and if the character does it KNOWING an ambulance needs to get through that's bad...but if they dont know (it's not seen on the screen, you didnt speak to someone who told you, it's not the result of a quest) then do they only get a 15% penalty as opposed to a 50% penalty? The more "emergent" the rest of the game is, the less the player can predict and therefore be liable for.
  2. Vanquish

    Real karma

    The best way of expressing karma to the play would be in others' reactions to him/her. Now you've got to take into consideration that all of a player's actions wouldn't instantly be known to all NPCs (I hate it when guards know I've stolen something when there's no way they could have seen, heard, or been told that). But if you do enough things publically...kill, threaten, lie, etc. people in a locality (a town, a part of town) would learn more about you as time went on and as you acted more. I think you're right that you don't want it to make things too easy for a player. Depending on the type of game they might just farm karma (even in a sp game) to the point to where nothing can hurt them.
  3. Can you name a few? I'd love to play one.
  4. Vanquish

    Torque vs. OGRE ?

    Sorry. Guess I came off a bit noobish due to the fact I was trying to be a bit secretive. I know that OGRE is a rendering engine (no harm done). Im editing this in hopes of a thread deletion. Thanks for the advice. [Edited by - Vanquish on January 21, 2008 8:25:39 AM]
  5. CONTENT EDITED since I can no longer delete Mods please delete. [Edited by - Vanquish on January 21, 2008 8:40:25 AM]
  6. Vanquish

    Gun Building Mechanic

    Here's a diagram that I'm using for my modular gun crafting...perhaps it will help you too :) Sorry that it's a bit blurry, but you can probably figure out the blurry parts. Gotta love Fallout and Contra references!! ;) Hope you keep progressing...keep us updated!
  7. Vanquish

    Stop praising Halo, it's not a gift from God

    I agree with the OP that Halo was/is given waaay too much praise for what it is. About the only thing it did for the genre was make it easier to play with friends. That's it folks. But when the corporate hype machines get going...gaming journalism blows everything out of proportion.
  8. I must admit I only read the first 5 posts then skipped to the end. Just wanted to help out by alerting/reminding you to the "Urban Arcana" d20 Modules. Basically its was a hip, stylish way of incorporating magic into a modern day setting. These books can be found at any Barnes & Nobles or Books-a-Million. "Explosive action and epic adventure fill the modern world when fantasy and reality collide. In Urban Arcana, heroes armed with swords, spells, shotguns, and cell phones dive headlong into trouble with monsters, mobsters, cabals, and corporations. Take a deep breath, and discover the realms of fantasy within the gritty shadows of the modern world." Here's a link for it. Hope that helps. .
  9. Vanquish

    FPS Hand-to-hand Combat

    I actually came up with a HtH system for our game which we have yet to code in and evaluate. 1. Tab to or use scrollwheel to move to desired weapon (hand, axe, etc) 2.Press left or right mouse button (left is punch, right is kick) and hold 3.Tap a 3 button combo from a 4 button selection (RGDF which are the movement keys) 4.Release the attack when ready. The 2 mousbutton, 3 button, 4 choice selection yields 128 combinations for one weapon alone :) These moves will be customized for various weapons of course, like giving axes slash, jab, and throwing attacks. The moves themselves will come from 3 disciplines: brawling (focus on damage), martial arts (focus on accuracy), and submissions/holds. Players will be able to mix and match these or choose all of one discipline. Many moves will requires quests and exploration to receive. Moves will be categorized into 6 categories: damages, stuns, drops, blocks, evades, disarms, counters, and launches. We havent gotten to putting this in yet, but that's the plan. Also a GREAT hth mod used to be caleld Muralis for UT2k4 but Im not sure if it's still around. Their read me is a great discussion of how the whole thing works.
  10. Ok guys. I've worked really hard on this: The Infuzor Installing and Patching System is now available for purchase in the MyDreamRPG store! With Infuzor you have an all in one Installer & Updater application. Infuzor is written to be completely crossplatform.It will run on Windows, Linux and Mac and should be able to run on anything running Java 1.5 or above. It's primary purpose is to aid in the distribution and update of games. However it can be used, for any situation where you would like an easy to use installer and updater solution like keeping your entire development team up to date! Infuzor is a highly customized and automated subversion client application. Subversion (a form of version control)* is a fantastic way to perform installs and updates since it only pushes changes, so if you only changed 3 lines in a 1000 line file, it only pushes those 3 lines of changes to the client and it does this regardless of if the file were text or binary. Because of this you should easily see big savings in bandwidth over other installer and updater solutions. In fact compared to rsync, ftp or even bittorrent updater solutions you might see as much as 500% savings. Infuzor is also highly customizable, and uses *.cfg files which are just plain text you can quickly edit in a plain text editor The primary configuration file is Infuzor.cfg This file can contain any one or more of the follwing variables: - Name (Username to repo it will prompt the user if not present) - Password (Password to repo) - EULAAccepted (set this to true if you do not have an End User License agreement you would like people to accept) - WindowTitle (Use this to change the title at the top of the window) - repoURL (This is the fully qualified url of your repository) - EULA (This is the URL to your current EULA) In addition there are OS specific configuration files to handle platform specifics. The OS.cfg files override anything in the Infuzor.cfg file as well However an OS.cfg file is not autogenerated for you at first run, unlike the Infuzor.cfg which is. Here are some variables that belong in an os specific .cfg file for instance "Windows XP.cfg" or "Linux.cfg": - WorkingDirectory (Where to download the application to or where the application is present) - appName (What application to launch after the update is complete) One final thing about all the config files; any, all or none of the variables may be present in your config file they are all optional, however if present they ARE case sensitive so please use caution when editing config files by hand. The app will have ongoing support of course. Thanks for reading this and I hope many of you find it useful! I've already gotten some great encouragement. Here's where you can get it! Vanquish / Spetsnaz - VooodooFusion Studios
  11. Since I didnt get much response in the other thread, I was hoping you brainiacs could expound on my request: ------------------------------------------ There was a thread awhile back about self-creating story engines that created dynamic content. One of the links I posted was an article by the designer of one of the best roque-likes, GearHead. In my current project, Im separating quests (story-driven adventuring) from missions (action-driven adventuring). I would like for our missions to be based on elements that could be recombined on the fly over and over, but still be fresh. I really think it depends on the sheer number of categories and options that you pull from. Here's what Ive come up with...please add more if you can think of any: Enemies # of enemies spawn location difficulty weapons weaknesses Objectives # of objectives placement difficulty skills required Dangers/Obstacles Bombs Traps fall, locked in Pits Locks Rewards amt of money weapons ammo wearables information faction changes Location Starting location Other locations involved Faction Involvement Formal involvement Informal invovement Faction fighting with itself Scripted Events Cutscene NPC animation Methods of Achieving Main Goal Science Force Persuasion Stealth Map Variables Size of Map Number of wings to building Number of rooms ...im sure there are more, add some :)
  12. Vanquish

    MMORPG macro plots - observed???

    Since we've drifted to mobile spawn mechanics, Ill talk about how we're doing it. We're taking a 4 level approach: terrain, weather, animals, players 1. The terrain determines what kind of resources, plants, and to some degree weather will exist in a location 2. Weather patterns, independent of terrain are another consideration 3. Animals work off a food chain of course, and as one set drifts, so will another 4. Players - as they kill animals may or may not move, but its of course important to plan for and script a reaction of the animals to such actions.
  13. Vanquish

    MMORPG macro plots - observed???

    Wow. If Im reading you right, I entirely disagree. I dont think that you have to have an end to a story for it to be an enjoyable read. In fact, I enjoy lots of television shows (yes they have hour long plot arcs too) that I dont see the series finale for. MMOs will never progress if NPCs are immortal and static. Dynamic NPCs with lives that change and have symbolic or direct meaning lead to the enrichment of the influence of the environment.
  14. Vanquish

    MMORPG macro plots - observed???

    Saga of Ryzom is the only one I know of that has already done something similar. It was designed to be episodic from day one. You can read more about it on their website.
  15. Vanquish

    Permadeath and why and how it can work

    I hate to say this...but someone will just try it...and depending on if they get the right people playing and tweak the risk/reward and rules...it might set the stage. I dont think a theoretical discussion (fun as it is) will decide this topic.
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