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  1. Mattman

    At long last... after 6 months

    Well I gave my iPod Touch to my girlfriend a few days ago, so I can't try it, but I wanted to say congrats. :) I hope I can get my Android game to the same level of graphical detail that it appears your game as achieved.
  2. Mattman

    Post something awesome from your childhood

    Quote:Original post by HappyCoder OMG SKYROADS!!!1!1@!
  3. Mattman

    [web] PHP w/mySQL problem

    What happens if you change the line to this? $db = mysql_select_db('hughie', $connection) or die('Can't find to database');
  4. Mattman

    [web] Lua in PHP?

    Quote:Original post by ID Merlin Scripts can be considered data like anything else. In my current project, I've built a script system that uses a "mini" programming language, with actions that are converted directly to PHP and evaled. The variables that can be used correspond directly to game values. For instance, a valid command would be to SET the PLAYER MORALE to 50. Or, ADD ITEM '+1 Sword' TO ENEMY. If you are careful with your design, it should be maintainable. Build a good editor that validates the data, and you should be able to keep this under control. Thanks Merlin, I was thinking of something along these lines as a possibility. I built a script parser/interpreter a good 7 years or so ago, and I was thinking about revamping it for this project. Appreciate the input! :)
  5. I'm trying to find out if there's an easy way to implement Lua in PHP. Google is useless for searching anything like "Lua in PHP", as the results are just generic "Lua" located at sites/pages ending in ".php". If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm also open to alternative methods you might have for implementing quests into a web-based RPG. :)
  6. Mattman

    [web] Lua in PHP?

    Quote:Original post by Sander Quote:Just wondering what you guys would recommend in this regards. I'd recommend a decent plugin system of some kind instead of data-specific eval'ed code. The system you're discussing sounds like a maintenance nightmare to happen. Do you have any recommendations, or could you point me in the right direction of a tutorial or something? I've never utilized plug-ins in my applications before. All the solutions I could think of seemed like maintenance nightmares, which is why I came here. Thanks for the help :)
  7. Mattman

    [web] Lua in PHP?

    Thanks guys. I was thinking about the eval function too, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Would it be considered poor practice to include PHP scripts for quests in database records? My reasoning is that quest scripts reference item data, spell data etc...these pieces of data have auto-generated ID's, and I don't want to hack anything data-specific into my code. I suppose I could create specific scripts like "leave_room_###.php" that I could then include() or require() into the currently running script, but I don't really like that option since it still feels like a hack to include data-specific code with app-centric code. Just wondering what you guys would recommend in this regards. Hope my questions makes sense. :P Thanks again!
  8. Mattman

    [web] Free .com ?

    www.apache.org Get the HTTP Server
  9. Mattman

    [web] google ads

    Yeah, they do
  10. Mattman

    Where to incorporate?

    Delaware. PS: I didn't read your post.
  11. Quote:Original post by templewulf Quote:Original post by irreversible I'm also being actively probed from inside out (I have no idea what that means... I don't know what that means either, but it sounds way hot. lol...
  12. Mattman

    Need some logo work? Salsa is your flavor.

    Hey Salsa -- Just curious if you saw my post on the second page. Is it too hard to do? Let me know, maybe I can come up with a simpler concept.
  13. Mattman

    Need some logo work? Salsa is your flavor.

    Hey Salsa, I'm working on a website relating to alcoholic beverage recipes and locating bars/pubs/clubs in the area. The site's name is "Crunked Monkey", but it hasn't been created/uploaded yet. I'm programming the site on my laptop now. Basically for our logo we were hoping for a cartoon-ish monkey to be drinking/holding a mug of beer with some whacked out drunken looking eyes and some squiggles over his head, as if he was drunk...possibly hanging from the "Crunked Monkey" words, as in a combination of the sample images below. Another idea would be to have the monkey sticking out of a circle with the logo written on the logo...somewhat like how this cigarette is sticking out of the circle while still behind it, if that makes sense... I'd be happy to throw some cash to you through PayPal for it, and $10 sounds like a pretty good deal. :) Let me know if you're interested, I'll bookmark this thread. Oh, and if you want to contact me directly, shoot me an email at mhuggins@udel.edu EDIT: I forgot to mention, we're looking for an icon to have in the top-left of the page, kind of similar to the logo size found here. Sorry I can't provide the exact dimensions, but we'll probably end up designing the rest of the page sizing based upon the logo size.
  14. Mattman

    Super Mario Brothers 3 remake

    Is it just me, or is this thing still squares with the update?? I dunno what's going on here.
  15. Mattman

    Wii specs leaked at last

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes One would hope it would have been measured (however that is) as 2 to 2.5 times faster and stronger than the GC, as opposed to a slight improvement. Graphics != great games; Gameplay != great games. But Graphics && Gameplay == Great games. Sorry if this leads to offtopic discussion. I disagree. Gameplay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Graphics. Graphics can eat my ass.
  16. Mattman

    Microsoft ist krieg.

    One band I've heard of that sucks, and a whole bunch of others I've never heard of. Well done, everyone involved.
  17. I miss the good old days of games like Pacman where you have a pizza shaped wedge trying to eat pellets while avoiding ghosts... Characters like Mario who are attempting to avoid walking mushrooms and geese with wings in an attempt to save a princess from a spikey-shelled reptile... Crazy aliens like Toe Jam & Earl attempting to gather pieces of their spaceship shattered over the earth while avoiding crazy people and mice in those rolling balls... Walking, talking, shooting earthworms named Jim. It seems like all games nowadays are trying to be life-like, full of realism. Nothing seems original to me, but instead just a copy off existing concepts or previous creations. Is it just me? Does anyone else feel this way?
  18. Mattman

    Time Paradox

    Your post sounds exactly like the concept of the Terminator movies, namely Terminator 2. The concept of the terminators (the advanced chip that makes it possible to create them) was derived from a piece of a terminator that was left behind. This inspired the terminators to be created, which like your example is a perpetual loop. As per your idea, there's nothing to say this isn't possible. The only part that must be a tautology for this idea is that EVERY piece on the time machine MUST have been replaced before it went back 15 years in time. Otherwise, the pieces of time machine that were not replaced would become perpetually older rather than only being 15 years old (or however you worded it). The time machine inspired him to get it working, and in the process, he had to replace all the pieces, therefore making it a "new" time machine. This new machine aged after brought into the past, thus being the same machine that the past version of this man encountered.
  19. Mattman

    One of the best gaming websites to come

    OMG I can't wait for the day to come when this forum opens so all this fun can start!!
  20. Mattman

    Is my Distance formula right?

    Quote:Original post by Bluseed Isnt it something like: Ball.x += cosf(Angle_in_Radians) * whatever Ball.y += sinf(Angle_in_Radians) * whatever Yes, where "whatever" is the total distance the object should move...you will probably just want to use the speed of the ball in a simplistic scenerio.
  21. Mattman

    Please, test my mobile application

    I think he means he can't read whatever language that site is in. I can't either...
  22. Mattman

    Noah's Ark Found?

    I don't really know the story of Noah's ark. It's something like some dude named Noah got 2 of each animal for them to mack it after everyone else is killed in a big flood or something, right?
  23. Mattman

    That's it, I'm buying a Nintendo

    Quote:Original post by Maega Who says that we want more and more complex games? Sure, they look pretty, but I've never demanded a graphically stout game. I'm perfectly happy playing 2D games and such. Seconded. I prefer games like the original Mario Brothers (up to and including 3), Uniracers, Toe Jam & Earl, Earthworm Jim, etc. All the 3D games, while fun, don't even compete with these older games.
  24. Mattman

    any girls here?

    This post is awesome.
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