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  1. Big ol' change to the site. Now Digg-like and a bit more community driven. Please add your news/game(s) if you feel the urge!
  2. [quote name='Mussi' timestamp='1305196405' post='4809730'] I actually quite liked the news you've posted. Not very fond of the site colors, but that's just my taste I guess. [quote] I used wordpress for the site as I really don't have the skills to create a new site from scratch. You will see little changes here and there over time as I customize the css, php, etc. From the "About" page:[/quote] I can help you out a little bit, like making an e-mail form for your submit news page. I just hate it when outlook pops up . [/quote] Thanks for the offer man...fixed. I need to know how to do that anyway.
  3. [color="#284b72"]LainaLainnn I am not sure what you are saying. I'm guessing you replied to the wrong thread?[/color]
  4. Hello all. Several years ago I ran indieinfo.com but military obligations kept me from keeping it up to par. I have since settled into real life, created [url="http://www.indiedevnews.com"]www.indiedevnews.com[/url] and feel things are put together well enough to go public with it. I used wordpress for the site as I really don't have the skills to create a new site from scratch. You will see little changes here and there over time as I customize the css, php, etc. From the "About" page: "IndieDevNews was created solely to bring any and all news about independently developed games to the masses. If you are a developer in any way do not hesitate to submit your game for posting. Make sure you include a screenshot(s) of your project and a good writeup with a URL if possible. News about in-progress games (unless it’s in alpha or beta), game ideas, etc. will not be posted." I would love to spend the better part of my day posting news . The more the merrier. I don't expect to make money from the site...it's just my way to give back to the community.
  5. linked
  6. Added a 'Job Board'. Registered users can post jobs, search and apply for game-related jobs. Also many more tweaks here and there. Please feel free to stop by, register and get some comments going. Everything is free of course (notice I rotate banners and host downloads. how's that for a good deal?).
  7. If you have a banner (flash, jpg or gif) and fancy some FREE advertising, send me an email with your banner attached or a link to it at stayne (at) indieinfo (dot) com. I'm also looking for news posters.
  8. I've done a heap of graphic updates to speed things up. As always, I'm open for suggestions to enhance the site and make it more user-friendly. Take care all, Stayne [Edited by - markdeaton on April 20, 2007 6:19:57 PM]
  9. Thanks. Look up at the top right, there's a color chooser. The image... hmm... I'll check it out. edit: fixed. now defaults to wide/grey. [Edited by - markdeaton on March 17, 2007 9:41:24 PM]
  10. www.indieinfo.com IndieInfo was created for the sole purpose of bringing news of independently developed games to the world. You'll also see news concerning dev tools and apps, but mostly about games. Feel free to stop by, and devs please submit news of your game(s) in development. I can only scrub the 'net so much for news! Mark [Edited by - markdeaton on April 20, 2007 6:59:24 PM]
  11. "Dawnspire Beta Sign Up Sorry, there are no accounts are available for" That's what I see...
  12. Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster hplus0603: We're really sorry for this mistake and hope it won't affect anyone's decision to join the beta. How can we join? Your site says there's no more slots?
  13. Torch
  14. sheesh
  15. is this your project too? http://boa.spidereye.com.au/boadoc/devintro.boa