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  1. Hmm. Don't seem to be able to add a fancy link. Not sure if these help but better to provide them than not... (good enough for placeholders?) (great results but a bit of effort) and (for buildings, contents and terrain) Apologies if they're not what you're looking for.
  2. tonyg

    2d sprites/textures help

    Not sure if it fits what you're after but might want to check World Creator
  3. Sorry if somebody has already mentioned it but does this help : Managing Game Stats
  4. I've got a very similar idea to this game idea. I'd planned it to have the world-map, local-map divide suggested previously. I also wanted named units but also large numbers. My thought was to have 'hero' characters. There would be a starter set but others could become heroes chosen from units which had achieved elite status. Each unit would have their named leader who gives 'morale' points but, in addition, that character could be seperated to become a hero (balancing a hero vs lost morale points) or a squad member gets a generated name and is seperated as a hero with a slight loss of status for the unit. The heroes would act as units on their own and carry out quests or could be joined with a unit in large battles (think LOTRs). All in my head at the moment (which is often where these ideas stay :-) )
  5. I know this isn't what you've asked for but maybe check World Creator Even if you don't want to use it to create your own buldings, members on the forum might be interested in contributing. p.s. or check how Wesnoth do it [Edited by - tonyg on December 15, 2010 5:29:42 PM]
  6. I thought this was good : Power To The Kids!
  7. tonyg

    Sprite Making Tutorials?

    It probably need some dedication to get an animated feature/cartoon from it (depending on the style of course) but, for game sprites, it's just a case of have the bone in position a, move it to position B and AS does the in-betweens. I found it easy but... Might be worth trying the demo.
  8. tonyg

    Sprite Making Tutorials?

    How about looking at an Animation program with bones? e.g. Anime Studio. The workflow would be a) Create your sprite in your favourite art package b) Import the image and use Anime Studio vector drawing tools to 'trace' (the tools have been considered 'tricky' by some but, once learnt, it can be very quick c) Create bones for your new vector graphic d) Animate by changing the bones e) Save the animation with the option 'Frame by frame' It's been done before : Can A.S. aid w/ char. design? The Pro versions are quite pricey but, I think, you can get away with the Debut version. Latest version is 7 with debut at £30 but you can find older version available for £15 ($20) or so. [Edited by - tonyg on December 13, 2010 4:37:25 PM]
  9. tonyg

    Suspense\Emotion in music?

    I found this very useful... Film scoring
  10. tonyg

    New to Isometric art, need help

    I am not sure what those games use but highly recommend World Creator
  11. tonyg

    Turn-based RTS AI

    I sometimes think I answer 'Influence Maps' too often. The strategy (for the player) is to move to point B. The tactics is how they're going to do it. By using Influence Maps you can plot a path of weakest resistance , an area where you might want to concentrate a force to create that path or the path of lowest 'visibility if you're doing it by stealth'. At a simpler level this will then translate into 'Destroy building A' or 'Suppress Enemy B'. I might have got who we're playing as wrong but it'd be the same the other way around. You might want to start with this (long) thread : and the search on 'Influence mapping' for more visual examples. One of the AI Programming Wisdom books had a good article and Penny Sweetser is a name that crops up in quite a few of the searches.
  12. tonyg

    2D RPG Sprite Making Resources

    Surely So you want to be a pixel artist
  13. tonyg

    Creating a Map Editor Tutorial?

    Have a scan through the following for Tilemap editors... Old Blitzbasic tutorials If you're after basic 2d stuff then don't get put off by the age or the fact it is Blitzbasic. Apologies if you're beyond that stage though. There are a few Tilemap engines with source code as well. Mappy might be a good start.
  14. This might give some tips for using Poser... Unit making Tutorial Not saying it's the best way... just *a* way.
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