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  1. merlin9x9

    Bitmaps in console apps

    Um...that's very different.
  2. merlin9x9

    STL or arrays for your path finding

    Don't forget that there's more to the STL than vector, and each facility it provide has certain guarantees for performance. For the most part, code in the STL is better and faster than anything you'd write yourself for the same purpose. So, you need a container that allows random access to elements in constant time, and you rightly used vector. If you're afraid of the cost of repeated reallocation inherent to this particular container, you could reserve the amount of space you know you need before you fill it. If you do this, you'll have exactly the same performance characteristics of an array, but with all of the creature comforts of an STL container.
  3. Well, somewhere, your program is attempting to dereference a null pointer. Figure out where that's happening. You could use a debugger, if you're familiar with one. Otherwise, do it the old-fashioned way. Isolate at least the function where it happens, then comment everything out. Gradually, enable more things, until it breaks. By that point, you'll know which statement causes the problem.
  4. merlin9x9

    L"Some string" -- What is L?

    Some platforms have support for wide-character strings. For example, NT internally uses nothing but Unicode, one of the wide-character standards. The whole reason for using such a standard is to support more languages than the pathetic few, say, ASCII supports. Unicode, for example, supports practically all languages with a written form in existence today.
  5. Diablo 2 had it, if I'm not mistaken. I don't know that simple blending will do the trick for you. Your best bet might be to generate the lightmap per-frame in a texture and use that with multiplicative blending.
  6. merlin9x9

    delete this

    Quote:Sorry, my bad, i was thinking of Objective-C Um...I don't think that it works in Objective-C, either, for the same reason that it doesn't work in C++—certain objects may involve more than just allocated memory, such as pipes or sockets, and it's difficult to guarantee otherwise.
  7. merlin9x9

    Win32 programming

    Quote:In my oppinion, Win32 is not something that can be easily comprehended by reading an online tutorial... Easier that than Xlib! ;)
  8. Keep in mind that any solution to your problem will be platform-specific, practically by definition. You might not care about that now, but at some stage, you will. So, get into the habit of using only what you can guarantee will be available, and trimming frills otherwise.
  9. merlin9x9

    fread/fwrite (a deeper question)

    By the way you're talking about it, I don't believe that you know what a context switch actually is. Regardless, C-Junkie is right about it probably not being worth knowing.
  10. merlin9x9

    Bjarne Interview at Artima

    Quote:First of all, Stroustrup knows what his talking about... So do a lot of language designers, but they're all notorious for having incompatible opinions on such things.
  11. merlin9x9

    why is this happening?

    Quote:Assuming Windows, it is the DOS prompt, the same thing you get by going to Start->Run... cmd<return>. Funny that you should use cmd.exe as your example. When you run it, you'll notice no associated instances of the DOS Virtual Machine, therefore it cannot possibly have anything to do with DOS. DOS is an operating system, not an user interface. Just because Windows console commands are nearly identical to DOS's doesn't mean that it's DOS. Quote:EDIT: You could use getch() in the conio header Never use conio.h in any way, even if it's available. It's completely non-standard, and by using it, you'll reinforce the bad habit for yourself.
  12. No matter what language you choose, I think that the jump you're proposing is too large. I don't know why every aspiring game programmer decides to move into 3D upon completing, say, a text-based RPG. But, take smaller steps. That said, I always suggest that if you intend to use C++ some day, you're better off learning it first because, otherwise, you'll use C++ like a Java programmer. And that just doesn't work well. There are too many kids out there using new on everything, with absolutely no clue why they're doing it or what alternatives there are. So, if the courses are mandatory, stick with them and learn C++ concurrently, focusing on the differences between the two. Otherwise, to hell with Java; you can always safely pick it up later.
  13. merlin9x9

    What is a .avi

    Don't forget that—most likely—you will lose quality in the conversion.
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