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  1. Genjix

    Petals Around the Rose

    i came up with a formula based on answers and extrapolation before i figured it out :) (n - 1)(n % 2)
  2. Genjix

    Travelling to Ukraine

    sounds like you never travelled before.dont be such a girl check out wikitravel
  3. Genjix

    What games do you want to see go open source?

    Tomb Raider: Legends to see how that climbing engine works. Great character control.
  4. Genjix

    Pickup - your views?

    A lot of these simplistic views of "just be yourself" makes me laugh and is the worst advice to give anyone to do pickup. PU is not only just getting a girl attracted to you but also dealing with stuff like last minute resistance to sex and dealing with sets .etc many things. I had this problem tonight with a chick who's boyfriend get shouting to call her over and she kept motioning to him to hold on... he's a cockblock and if I had my wing around he would have kept him occupied while I work the girl. Manipulative or whatever you want to call it? If a girl gets what she wants then so what? Traditional dating advice and Hollywood is the WORST advice you can ever get. They tell you to totally supplicate to a girl by buying her flowers, arranging 'dates' (high expectations = more chance of girl not coming or cancelling), put her on a pedestal. Don't take advice, but it's there and it works. Do what you want. I'm not a moral philosopher- I just like girls. I say this because not all men feel that women select their partners based on any logical means- that's not how nature works. Women's selection criteria is a 8000 years old or more. If you're gay/unsexed/afraid/morally opposed then stay away from the Pickup forum mASF.
  5. Genjix

    Pickup - your views?

    Quote:Original post by slayemin Quote:Original post by kevtimc @Genjix: Why the hell are you (literally) picking everybody up? ROFL!! It's called a "Pickup" for a reason! at last, somebody understands! :)
  6. Genjix

    Pickup - your views?

    Oh yeah, and these were all girls I've never met before. For opening I usually use 80% canned material, the fluff talk is natural but repeated stories/one-liners and also the canned gimmicks (graphology, personality tests) and stories are invaluable.
  7. Genjix

    Pickup - your views?

    First up I'd like to say well done to all those who dismiss this without even having read and even tried out the material. I've been doing this <1 month now, the other guy there with green shirt much longer. You learn by learning each of the stages and gradually work your way up. And for sure, this shit works. So either you can learn this tool to pull chicks like the man you are or sit at home playing with the playstation and yourself. :) Quote:Hell, I've even done it before, just turned to a girl and just said "hey, wanna fool around?" Haha, that's not a pickup. If that ever ever worked then you just got lucky. [Edited by - Genjix on August 24, 2008 4:47:02 PM]
  8. Genjix

    Hitchhiking through the EU for a week... (Alone)

    I recommend you check out CouchSurfing.com. Here's a link to my profile if you travel past my part of the world :) It's very cheap way to travel- I've used it in 8 countries before with no problems. ciao
  9. aha, AB is the line segment C is the closest point ^ is for unit vectors
  10. Hi! So right now to find the closest point on a line segment I project the vectors. Then to see if the point is outside the segment I do, c = C - A if (c^ = AB^) { if (|c| < |AB|) => lies inside segment else return B } else return A Is there a way to do it without a sqrt? the one needed to calculate the unit vectors?
  11. you can use matrices. multiply the inverse matrix of one by the transform matrix of the other to get the other's matrix transform relative to the first. Then you can get the pos/rot... whatever from this matrix. ciao!
  12. depends how he generates the terrain :)
  13. Hi! How is this done? I heard it's possible, but how? Thanks!
  14. Genjix

    Checking laptop battery capacity

    well the laptop is basically brand new, so I'm wondering how I can check if the laptop's battery capacity is what it should be.
  15. Genjix

    If you move to America, you better learn English.

    I live in lots of places around the world. Currently I'm staying Kosovo, and I'm not expected to know Albanian or Serbian.
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